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Maya: You chose me. It’s you and me forever right???


Girl Meets World 3.21

Ok,so yesterday was the taping of Girl Meets World Episode 3.21 and it’s the season finale.Still no word from Disney whether If it’s renew or cancelled.


- The production title it’s Girl Meets Ilha Das Flores,but it’s been said,maybe they change it to Girl Meets Goodbye.

- This episode at the moment,it’s the season finale.

- It had pre-taped scenes.

-There is a massive number of guest stars: Both Morgans, Both Jossh, Mr. Turner, Shawn, Eric, Amy, Alan, Stuart, Harley and Feeny.

- The Turner/Shawn reunion didn’t dissapoint,in fact it was an amazing scene.

- The main reactions were focused on Maya and Farkle.

- No one is leaving the show.

- Neither of the couples broke up.

-  Corpanga was very sweet in the episode



- School Hallway
- History Class (this is the one they did ten takes of)
- Matthews’ living room
- History class
- Matthews’ living room (pre-taped)
- Topanga’s (pre-taped)
- Outside of Topanga’s (pre-taped)
- Bay window
-Topanga’s (pre-taped)
- History classroom
- Topanga’s (pre-taped) STORY LINE


- Rowan and Sabrina holding hands and twirling around between a take
- Auggie had Michael Jacobs sign his script.
- There was one classroom scene that legit had 10 takes.Jacobs was very particular about getting certain camera angles and reactions (particularly from a certain character).
-In a later scene, Riley was wearing the burgundy jacket Maya wore in GMNY.
-The scenes with the guest stars were pre-taped but we did see them in the first introduction of characters.


From our stacks: Cover detail and illustrations from Beautiful Gardens in America By Louise Shelton. Second Edition. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1916.

2. “”Mariemont,” Newport, R.I. Mrs. Thomas J. Emory. After an autochrome photograph by Miss Johnston-Mrs. Hewitt.”

3.-4. “”Fairlawn,” Lenox, Mass.  Miss Kneeland  From autochrome photographs”

5. “An outer walk  The author’s childhood garden  From a photograph, colored by H. Irving Marlatt”

6. “At the hour of sunset  Southampton, L.I.  Mrs. Peter B. Wyckoff  After an autochrome photograph by Miss Johnston-Mrs. Hewitt”

7. “”Glen Alpine,” Morristown, N.J.  Mrs. Charles W. McAlpin  From a photograph, colored by Mrs. Herbert A. Raynes”

8.-9. “A rock garden  Roland Park, Baltimore, Md.  Mrs. Edward Bouton  After autochrome photographs”

10. “”Fairlawn,” Grosse Pointe Shores, Mich.  Mrs. Benjamin S. Warren”

Liebesträume no. 3 in A flat

Based on this post where I was tagged by @pahndamonium to write about TJ

One-shot - Characters TJ Hammond & Steve Rogers

This made the fourth consecutive time TJ had played, or tried to play Liszt’s Feux Follets. He was awake, suffering insomnia for the fourth night straight. He had lost count on the number of times his brain tried to tell him that all he had to do was take a pill, which would also unravel everything. TJ had been out of rehab for 9 weeks, clean for thirteen. Insomnia was his latest penance for quitting, or for starting in the first place.

Ok, then, fifth time. TJ counted as he missed a note and sent himself back to the top of the number. Maybe if he could complete this number, he could go to sleep. He couldn’t imagine anything else keeping him up, just his inadequacy. He turned his phone over, 3:48 am. Missed Text: Douglas; Missed Text: Mom.

He turned the phone back on its face on the piano and launched into the fifth ‘performance’. There was a click, a rattle and a clatter, all of which came from the front door. TJ looked up to see a paper folded in half, the corner of it flipping with the air coming through the vent. He sighed; he wasn’t going to finish this, which meant he was never going to get any sleep.

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