mr. 3

Write 6 Facts about yourself and Tag 6 Followers, I was tagged by chibi-nyan and ourfallenillusion ! I was also tagged by lisuje . Thanks you guys!~

1.) I am scared of heights, but I love rollercoasters ((which I find weird))
2.) I absolutely love Eminem
3.) I’m Hispanic~
4.) I have no idea what I want to do when I’m out of school
5.) I am very shy both here and IRL
6.) I don’t have many real friends IRL, so I love every single friend I have made on here. I appreciate you all very much and I would do anything for you all <3


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So I was tagged by: jamkook, bulletproof-society and yayaziny /my little slutyeondan cutie/ for the 20 beautiful people tag! Thank you very much, idek why you tagged me but hey I didn’t feel like being serious so, this is it sorreey I’ll tag: min-yawngi, jiinkibum, head-over-heels-for-kpop, jungkoppa, 100minas, baby-zello, bangtraction, because-old, blue-bubble-v, byunnieboy, carrielikescake, chencake /honey I miss you/, daycha /hheyy/, kimtaehyungruinedmylife, hosigie, im-abookaddict /Mr.3.05/ jeoncutie, choke-me-with-your-thighs /if you ever see this I love the shit out of you please be happy, I’ll wait for you to ride scooters and eat jawbreakers/ and jinprncss

i don’t ever say tony’s my boyfriend or husband or anything because i’m not about that life but as soon as someone is like “just call me mrs. perkins <3″ i’m like WHOA.  WHOA THERE.  WHOA.  HE’S MY TINY PRINCE SON THANKS

Quand A part à Dublin pour une semaine. Qu’on se voit pour le festival, qu’on va manger notre FOUEE annuelle, que je reviens chez moi pour un autre festival comme benevole et que j’ai demandé à S de venir mais que je sais très bien que MR ne viendra pas ( 3 jours de festival y a le temps mais que j’ai promis à L et M de pas relancer ). Que le 23 il vient voir la coloc ( je relance pas non plus on verra si il s’en souviens ) , que je vois M, et que je suis encore benevole pour le Rock’n poche. dans tout ça si je rencontre pas un gentil jeune homme, ça serait dommage…. mais bon programme en vue et charger ça fait du bien !

<3 bisous chaton


“Buggy the Clown, we never would have thought that you were a former crewmate of the Pirate King, Gold Roger. We’ve also received word that you are like a brother to one of the Four Emperors, Red Hair Shanks. I’m impressed that a man such as you would just lie low underwater until this incident came along.”