Characters Oliver, and Felicity Tommy Merlyn, Diggle, Walter Steele

Summary: Oliver goes to QC one day before telling Felicity his secret and forgets to take his PTSD medication, but she somehow seems to calm him down.

Set: Season 1


He forgot. Oliver forgot to take his meds that morning. He needed to talk to Walter though, and he’d busy with meetings for the rest of the day so it was now or never. Oliver called Diggle and asked him to bring the car around as soon as possible. Then the doorbell rang.

“Its okay Raisa. I got it,” Oliver bellowed.

“Hey buddy. So what do you want to today? Which club should we hit?”

“Tommy. What are you doing here?”

“Trying to figure out what my best friend wants to do today. Do you have anything in mind?”

“I actually have to go to QC today, and talk to Walter about something.”


“Family stuff.”

“Will it take long?”

“No, but I have to go now or he’ll be in meetings the whole day. There’s my driver with the car now. Sorry.”

Oliver walked to the car and noticed that Tommy was following him.

“It’ll on be a few minutes.”

“Alright. I’m still coming with you. Then we can spend the rest of our time figuring out how we’re going to spend the weekend.”

The car drive was short, cause Dig was driving fast. He actually didn’t want Tommy to come, so he could talk to Dig about some Hood stuff, but Tommy was talking away-more than enough for the three of them.

“-This girl though. Man, she’s the easiest chick so far. I didn’t even have to talk to her, and she jumped on me. That was last year though, but I’m pretty sure she’d like to give you a warm welcome back if you know what I mean…”

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baggage reclaim (1/2)

It’s here! The third and final ficlet in my Olicity flying!AU. Thanks to everyone who was so enthusiastic and lovely about this ‘verse.

I’m splitting this into 2 parts because it got long. The second part is done and dusted so will follow in a few days once it’s spruced up a little. This is unbeta’d because I’m still clinging to the idea that it’s a little ficlet and not a 6000 word behemoth over all. Also I’ve had wine right now so apols if I missed any typos. It’s Saturday, y’know?

Previously: 35BIn-Flight Entertainment 

Felicity considers her reflection in the mirror and groans.

Wow, long flights are gross.

It wasn’t the red eye, but apparently no-one told her eyes that. They’re bloodshot and watery behind her glasses. And her skin! God, it’s like something leached all the moisture out. She paws at it, frowning at the cruelty of airport lighting, before rummaging in her bag for some moisturiser and a tinted lip balm.

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This is the Way You'll Remember Me

Inspired by Pride and Prejudice. “It is a truth universally acknowledged that no one touched or breathed the same air as Felicity Smoak’s computer, unless it is Felicity Smoak herself.” Girl meets boy, girl dislikes boy. Boy meets girl, boy starts to like girl. We all know the story, right? Olicity, Modern AU. 

A/N: This has been a long time coming! It’s my first multi-chapter Olicity fic, so bear with me. :) Like I said, the story is inspired by P&P, so things will be different. I also want to thank nocturnalwrites and awriterincowboyboots for being tremendously helpful during this process. Both of you are amazing, and this wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for you two! 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy :D

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Chapter 1

It is a truth universally acknowledged that no one touched or breathed the same air as Felicity Smoak’s computer, unless it is Felicity Smoak herself. 

However, it’s a truth only a few people know about, and when she comes back to her apartment only to find her laptop on, she’s livid. Perhaps not exactly livid – it’s more of a panic inducing moment followed by extreme nervousness and rage, coupled with an irrational fear of the computer running away and trampling over her, most likely stemmed from her kangaroo phobia.

Regardless, it’s her computer and unfortunately her roommate, Laurel Lance, clearly forgot how much it means to her. Her baby is more important than food and sex, providing her such comfort and intense feelings she knows no dish or man can ever give her.  Nothing could compare to how safe and dangerous she feels with her trusty laptop on hand, and Laurel’s body hovering over it absolutely terrifies her.

“Sorry!” Laurel exclaims, softly shutting the lid and flopping back on their shared sofa, a look of innocence plastered on her face. “It’s – I left my charger at Starbucks, and I had to apply for jobs, and I thought I could maybe guess your password?“ She sighs and collapses on the couch, warily looking at Felicity. “Please don’t be mad.”

“Oh, I’m not mad.” Felicity steps forward and dumps her house key on the table, slowly inching towards her computer and snatching it away as fast as she can. Hugging it close to her chest, she eyes Laurel and points a finger at her. “This is your first and only warning.”

Laurel rolls her eyes and smiles as she raises her right hand and promises, “This will be the one and only time I’ll touch it.”

Felicity sighs in relief and sits next to Laurel, the couch dipping from their combined weight. She opens the lid and quickly types her password, asking, “Still haven’t heard anything?”

“No,” Laurel groans. She covers her face with her hands and sighs loudly. “I never thought I would be an unemployed lawyer for eight months.”

“They don’t know a good lawyer when they see one,” Felicity reassures her.

Laurel scoffs. “I wish that was the case.

A grin creeps up on Felicity’s lips once she relaxes on the couch. As she begins surfing the Web, she can’t help but reminisce about their time spent together. It’s been nearly six years since they’ve met – Felicity was a simple nerdy MIT girl who chanced upon a cool group of kids who had friends at Boston University, one of which was named Laurel Lance. They didn’t start off as friends, but as they got to know one another their friendship solidified into something much better, and here they stand, living a decent life together in Starling City.

Felicity’s grown quite close to Laurel’s family, the Lances; Laurel tends to have a big sister complex surrounding her, and she took her under wing. Laurel’s father, Quentin, is loud and caring, an extreme softie when it comes to his daughters, while his wife, Dinah Lance, is a refined and polished lady, her warm hugs reminding Felicity of the mother she could’ve had. Laurel’s little sister, Sara, is an absolute firecracker, always getting into trouble but continuously providing laughs.

They’ve made her feel like she’s a part of the family, and for that she’s forever grateful. There are times when she feels she’s imposing on their shared moments, but they always make a point to include her, no matter how awkward it makes for her. She’s slowly coming to accept this is going to be her life now, and it makes her happy in all the ways she never thought possible. 

As for Laurel, she’s the confident and friend, dragging Felicity along to parties and networking meetings whenever they have the chance. When it comes to these two there’s no backing down from anything, a sentiment they share. It feels good having someone on her side, and the emptiness Felicity had grown accustomed to dissipates as she spends more time with Laurel.

Currently, Felicity works as a computer consultant at Queen Consolidated, traveling often and visiting QC’s various branches in different cities and countries, advising and teaching its employees how to use the programs she and her team designed. The gig pays well, and she’s happy with her current situation.  Her skills made her climb the ranks in a short amount of years, and by next year she might get another promotion, one which may bring her salary up to six figures. There aren’t many things Felicity’s proud of, but this is one of them.

Life is … good.

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Holiday AU 3

We both wore ugly sweaters to this Christmas party because the invitation didn’t say it’s formal AU

Oliver stood near the bar of the holiday party, nodding politely as he sipped his drink and attempted to avoid conversation.

The invite didn’t say formal. If it was supposed to be formal, why didn’t the invite say formal attire, or black tie, or something to indicate to that Oliver should be in a tux?

But no, the card literally said Holiday Party and the time, date and location. No theme, no dress code, nothing. Who doesn’t include the dress code on a party invite?

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