Do you think in Flesh and Stone when the angels were falling into the crack and Amy was holding on so she didn’t fall with them that the Doctor had visions of Rose from Doomsday?

Imagine...Being A Princess And Being The Eleventh Doctors Friend When He, Amy And Rory Visit Your Planet

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Eleven: (Y/N). (L/N)! Haha. *Hugs you.

(Y/N): Hello, Doctor. Thank you for visiting my planet. You know you are always welcome here. Who are your friends?

Eleven: These are my companions Amy Pond and Rory Pond. 

(Y/N): It’s very please to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Pond. You’re just as welcome as my good friend, The Doctor.

I think the trouble is, what we see of River is River on her very best behavior because the Doctor is there. She’s a goodie when the Doctor is around and hasn’t owned up to all the other people she’s married to.

But if you watch the show, she’s always referring to all sorts of other relationships — and the Doctor, he’s not really registering, he doesn’t get that he’s one of many on the shelf. I just can’t imagine her being responsible enough; she’s just so naughty.
—  Steven Moffat, on River Song [x]