Chameleon Circuit Songs That Don't Include Alex or Ed

A little late, but I’ve made a list of CC songs that don’t feature Alex Day or Eddplant as prominent vocalists, for anyone who wants to know which songs to keep in their iTunes and such.

Chameleon Circuit

  • Gallifreyan History 101
  • Count the Shadows
  • Blink
  • K9’s Lament
  • Friends of the Ood

Still Got Legs

  • The Subwave Signal
  • Nightmares
  • Travelling Man
  • Mr Pond
  • Big Bang Two
  • Eleven


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Imagine...Being A Princess And Being The Eleventh Doctors Friend When He, Amy And Rory Visit Your Planet

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Eleven: (Y/N). (L/N)! Haha. *Hugs you.

(Y/N): Hello, Doctor. Thank you for visiting my planet. You know you are always welcome here. Who are your friends?

Eleven: These are my companions Amy Pond and Rory Pond. 

(Y/N): It’s very please to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Pond. You’re just as welcome as my good friend, The Doctor.

Everybody Needs To Watch Out For Forests From Now On...

Remember when everybody’s name had something to do with water? River Song, Amy Pond, Jackson Lake (aka RTD telling us that the next Doctor would be “Mr. Pond”), etc, and it all led up to the River-is-a-Pond plot twist?

Now, it is forests. Everybody Watch Out For Forests!

We had Courtney Woods…

and now it is PC Forrest

Not to mention the fact that the only water in the forest is the river or the fact that Clara blew into this world on a leaf (and about a trillion more mentions of forests throughout Moffat’s era and even before that). I still don’t quite know what it means, but there has been a forest theme for a loooong time and I have written about it before. Forests are important and apparently they will become relevant soon.