To solve their marital differences between the Marvel and DC rivalry, Mr. and Mrs. Pond have issued a dance battle. It’s safe to say Mrs. Pond has learned well from her time guarding the galaxy with Starlord, while Mr. Pond looks a wee bit out of his time.

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Hellooooo! Can I please request 50 - "Well I never thought I'd hear you say that!" For the Jonsa prompt? 🤓👍 Thank you!

I really shouldn’t have done this, cos I am prepping for finals in 10 days. But I had fun doing this too. So thank you @amymel86 .

This is bigger than prompt fills usually are… or not? Anyways, I hope you like.

Title is from the song Tell Me Why by Wynnona Judd.

Won’t You Tell Me Why

“Just forget about it, Sansa!” Jon half commanded, half pled.

His hair was dripping with water and Sansa was relentlessly following her from the basement where Jon, the Stark brood sans Rickon, Margaery, Theon, Gendry and Jeyne had been getting sloshed playing truth and dare while Mrs. Stark’s annual Christmas party raged on in full swing upstairs.

“Hey!” The angry warning in her voice made him stop at once and Jon turned with a resigned sigh, frustrated at himself. “You don’t just say- say- something like thatAnd then you don’t get to just leave!

Jon looked at her flushed face and her heaving chest and he was sure she was minutes away from getting dizzy. “Drunken slur, ok? Can’t we just chalk it up to that?” He even held his palms up in an effort to calm her and this fucking escalating situation down.

Asshole!” Was all the answer he got for his diplomacy as she folded her arms under her breast and turned her face away from him haughtily. Jon’s fuse shorted, “Ok, what?”

She turned her neck and Jon could swear he had seen some bloody swan in the hot springs of Winterfell Park do the same gesture when she got annoyed with some small children throwing tiny pieces of loaf at her.

“Since when?” Jon averted his gaze quickly, “Seriously, Sansa, just… I don’t even know how that came out! Just- you were intimidating… You still are! Why can’t you drop it?”

“Fucking coward!” Sansa called him out and Jon fired right away, “Oi! Quit with the name calling! Doesn’t suit you!

Sansa put her own palms out and gestured dramatically out of frustration, “Oh! Keep acting like a chicken! Suits you!

Jon could almost respect her for her tenacity… almost.

“My 19th birthday? You probably don’t remember-”

Of course I do! That was two freakin’ year ago!

Two Years Ago

Sansa knew it was her fault; she had just expected it would be easier to break up with Joffrey if she did it in her own house, in a party thrown by her own big brother who Joffrey was terrified of, for the same brother’s best friend who her soon to be ex-boyfriend was very wary of.

But then Robb had shifted his party to the basement stating ‘the adults needed privacy from the children’, while Theon ushered the girls down the stairs and Jon carried the keg which Ned Stark had only agreed to in the first place because he trusted Jon to keep Theon and Robb in check.

Left upstairs with only a couple of Sansa’s friends around, Joffrey had started singing his same old tune and Sansa, exhausted and beyond fed-up with his bullying and ham-fisted attempts at seduction, had locked herself in her bathroom to gather the courage to have the first showdown of her young life in front her friends. Only when she came out, he was nowhere upstairs.

Sansa blindly ran down the stairs of the basement. A drunk Joffrey was an even worse Joffrey who didn’t even know his own good. Sure enough, she heard his thin, taunting voice before she saw him, “Aw! She really did?! That’s..! That’s fuckin’ messed up, Snow! I mean, who even breaks up with their boyfriend the day before his birthday?! You-” Sansa came down just in time to see Joffrey snorting so hard he squirted beer out of his nostrils. Robb immediately noticed her and glowered pointedly.

“God, this is some fucking funny shit, Snow! But then maybe she thought ‘what’s the difference’? Like, what’s the point of a bastard celebrating his birthday? It’s not a joyous occasion, is it? Nothing to be happy about! Thank God, I came down here or I’d have missed the Lamefest of the year! No cake, no one to sing, no one to kiss… Pathe-”

Robb had just extricated himself from Jeyne and Theon’s clutches to launch at Joffrey when Sansa pushed Joffrey back from Jon, placed her hands on Jon’s shoulders, took a big breath and as she saw Jon’s previously narrowed eyes get big with dawning understanding, she closed her own lids and kissed him on the lips. Not just a brush, not full-on French; she placed her lips on his in a firm kiss and then kept it there until she heard Joffrey splutter and Robb curse.

Sansa swiftly turned and threw over her shoulder, “Uncle Benjen dropped off a cake from Archie’s earlier… in the fridge! Black Forest!” While she ran back up the stairs, she heard Joffrey’s angry shout of her name getting drowned out by Theon’s laughing voice, “Damn, Snow!… Well, thankfully that just leaves me to sing for you! Happy fucking birthday to you! Happy fucking birthday to you! Happy fucking birthday…

Joffrey snagged Sansa’s wrist forcefully and Sansa turned while shaking him off like an annoying bug and saw Robb doubling over with laughter and Jon smiling right at her while biting on his lower lip to contain his mirth and failing.

He got back with his girlfriend the immediate next day. Robb told her and Arya how Ygritte had made some big gesture or something.

Joffrey though was never seen around Winterfell again.

Jon looked at Sansa running her hands over her arms to fend off the cold and this time she was the one averting her eyes. He started walking towards the koi pond Mrs. Stark had installed in early this year and that he, Theon and Robb had already taken upon themselves to fill with cigarette butts.

“It’s too cold for a walk, Jon!” She complained after silently trailing after him for about five steps.

“Go back inside. I need to clear my head.” He muttered gently.

The silence that followed was obstinate like a mule.

“It’s really late! Mom would throw a fit if she knew I was out in this cold this late!” Jon could hear she was closer now.

“She really would. You should go back in.” He even meant his soft advice.

“You could clear your head even standing on the front porch!” She accused after four silent steps.

“Why are you following? Your Mom would end up blaming me!”

Sansa stumbled to a stop and glowered at him. Jon chuckled and shook his head while he made the rest of the way to the pond.

Once he stood on the edge, he looked at Sansa approaching. As soon she came closer, she cocked her head questioningly again. Jon looked up at the sky and cursed; of course she wasn’t going to drop it.

“Robb took a lot of convincing, ok?” He whined defensively.

“Robb or yourself?” She looked unimpressed.

“No- Promise! Didn’t you watch the video Theon made of his drunken whining with that KISS song?” Jon was desperate for her to believe him because Robb did take a long fucking time to come around.

“Wait, ‘Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?’ is about this? Us?” Sansa had difficulty containing her astonishment. That video of a wasted, but still pretty, Robb Stark crying in his boxers with ridiculously animated topless Victoria’s Secrets models flying over his head had upwards of 100 thousand views on Theon’s channel!

Jon just shrugged with a too innocent look on his face.

Sansa looked down at her feet. “You were still dating Yvonne after your birthday. So it’s not like Robb held you back or anything.”

She was still rubbing her arms. Jon took his bomber jacket off and held it out to her.

Sansa gave him the mother of all sarcastic glares. “That’s such a stupid gesture. Here, get warm and let me freeze to death!” The last part she said in a hilarious imitation of Jon’s low baritone.

Jon laughed and when she joined in he looked out at the pond. “Ygritte made a grand gesture. Right there in front of all of our friends. Threw me cheesiest surprise birthday party ever! Apparently, she broke up with me so that she could properly surprise me.”    

Sansa looked at him for a still moment and then lifted her left hand and twirled her index finger while pointing at her temple. Jon shook his head too. “Yeah, she could be… extreme?… sometimes.” His voice squeaked lamely at the end.

Even then, Sansa knew they had been broken up for over a year now. Yes, she kept tabs! “I didn’t come out here in the cold to talk about Yondu!”

Jon doubled over in loud laughter. There it was! The light in his dark! The one constant that kept him hoping in the face of polite indifference and formal pleasantries. The whole logic behind the JonSa meta texts Arya keeps sending to the JonSa : Endgame group chat including Robb, Theon, Margeary, Gendry, Jon and herself.

The ever polite, socially proficient, affable and amicable Sansa Stark could not be bothered to ever remember the single most unique name anyone of them has ever heard in their lives.

But that didn’t stop her from inquiring about Ygritte. Nope! According to Robb and Arya, Sansa was very, if a little bit too much, curious about Jon’s ex. Always has been.

But, she could never seem to remember the name properly. Poor Sansa Stark indeed.

Jon slowly stepped towards her as his laughter subsided. “We all just caught Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday, you nincompoop!”

Sansa arched one auburn eyebrow prettily and took one step towards him challengingly, “No? Oh, was it Yvette then? Or Yanna? Or-”

Jon grabbed a hold of her pretty gray lace shirt’s collar and pulled her up so their noses bumped, their breaths dampened the other’s lip. Sansa slowly lifted her arms and circled his neck. They both chuckled at the same time which made their lips brush. Sansa’s breath hitched and Jon’s laughter faded.

Just before he took her lips in his, he roughly whispered, “No… It was Yolanda.”

Two Hours Ago

Sansa glared at Arya as she yet again picked on Jon. She couldn’t understand it. Normally those two were thicker than tar. But today she watched Jon broodily turn down yet another Truth challenge of Arya and take yet another shot. He was plastered.

The next time she caught Arya manipulating the bottle from Gendry’s direction to Jon’s, Sansa took pity on the drunk soul, “Here! I’ll ask the question!”

Both Arya and Robb looked alarmed by her claim; Jon gave her a toothy grin. “Ok, um… What did Marge ask you during the last round Theon? Oh yeah! That’s pretty easy. Jon, tell us the cheesiest pickup line you’ve ever used on a girl! Like cheesier than a fondue!”

Jon took a big gulp of breath as if he was pondering on it and then he turned to grin at Sansa with twinkles in his eyes, “I haven’t used this line on anyone yet. But it’s so cheesy… and it’s for you!”

Jon cleared his throat dramatically, Robb cursed, Arya warningly slapped Robb’s arm as if to stop him from stopping Jon and Theon started recording Jon on his phone. Sansa groaned inwardly. Oh no, Jon was going to be Theon’s next victim and she had just unwittingly lured him in it.

Jon leaned into her, “You!” His index finger bopped at her nose, “You look like my only wife, beautiful!” Sansa scowled at him, because… stupid! “But oh no! I am still a bachelor!” And he legit made puppy eyes at her!

Theon snorted and whispered in glee, “150 thousand views confirmed once I add naked white angels on this!”

Margaery looked dumbstruck and whispered to Robb. “You weren’t kidding! But… this is so much worse than no game!”

Jon curled his index finger around Sansa’s chin and turned her around to face him, “Get it? No? Cause Imma marry you!

Sansa emptied her water bottle on his head and he blinked slowly. “Why?” When Jon scrunched his face confusingly, she slowly repeated her question as if to a child, “Why you marry me?”

Jon smiled sweetly her, “Cause Arya says you love me and-”

Arya emptied her and Robb’s whole water bottles on his head. “Sober up, idiot!”

Sansa shoved Arya away irritatedly and pulled Jon, who was rubbing the water on his head and face with both hands, up by the collar of his jacket, “Jon, tell me!”

“Cause I love you, you damn brainfart!” He pushed her hands away… and as he looked at her realization slowly dawned in his eyes.

Jon stumblingly stood up on his feet and ran as fast as his shuffling feet would go… which was slower than a brisk walk.

Sansa sat there frozen until he had almost reached the top of the stairs and then she turned around and shouted at him in a gleeful voice, “Well I never thought I’d hear you say that!”


Say hello to ‘James Pond’, my newest little rescue betta. He’s a secret, hence the name 😂He’s just moved into his very own cycled, heated and filtered 3g tank. He’s an idiot and chewed his fins so I’m keeping an eye out for finrot. He was in such a state when I found him that I didn’t think he’d make it through the night when I brought him home. They gave him to me for free because he was so sick. 5 days on and he’s my little miracle boy. Keep up the good work Mr Pond, let’s get you fixed ❤️

What Just Happened?!?: No Future in the Past (S2E08)

TACOS ARE TASTY! TACOS ARE TASTY! Holy freakin’ balls. My emotions. My feelings. Holy shitballs the angst. Holy backstory.

New-ish Character(s)

By that I mean now we know concrete things about them.

Father Juan Carlo, curiously called Padre by others but he refers to himself as Father: Owns a chop shop, he’s who you call if you need your car towed, and the Chief of the Volunteer Fire brigade.

Robert Svane: A friend of Wyatt Earp who delivered messages between estranged BFFs Doc and Wyatt. 

Sheriff Clootie: A madman, the unhinged Sheriff of Purgatory with three wives and fathered Constance Clootie’s two demon sons that were killed by Wyatt Earp. Oh. He was the one who cursed Wyatt.

Monster(s) of the Week

It’s apparently my feelings because it has been utterly destroyed by this episode and I’m not sure I have made my peace.

Final Thoughts (before I get into it, because oh boy! do I get into it.Some spoilers? IDK at this point I think everyone knows what went on, in general)

Holy storyline and so much information! I watched it live. Watched it again immediately after. Watched it a day later. And then I watched it again and took notes. So much notes that I felt like I was in a vision quest back to my Organic Chemistry class.

This episode gave us a concrete How the Earp Curse Began 101. In Season 1, they did say how and why, but as with Wynonna Earp, things move quickly and people may have missed it. It’s interesting to point out that there may be episode parallels between the seasons. For instance, S1E07 and S2E07 are both major Wynaught episodes; S1E08 and S2E08 are both Wynonna learning more about Earp history (S1E08 she learned Ward wasn’t exactly the heroic Earp heir and S2E08 she learns about the origins of the curse); S1E09 and S2E09 are both written by Alexandra Zarowny (AKA Wayhaught Whisperer) so I think we’re gonna have a major Wayhaught moment this Friday. Of course, it could all be nothing. But, it could be something.

Anyways, what I found interesting in this episode was how it showed us different sides of characters. How the paragon of all things good and moral and just can actually fuck up because she’s only human and can make mistakes. Or, how the evil demon who let’s be honest seduced a young girl in captivity and called it love was once a good man, meek but loyal to his friend. Is it a thing that it’s these two characters? Maybe. And if you follow that road you can come up with so many theories and speculation that it’ll be hard to climb out of the rabbit hole. Did that happen to me? LMFAO OF COURSE! It really is probably nothing and just a coincidence (I suppose we’ll see by the end of the season, I hope).

Continue reading for…well, hopefully, at this point you know what you’re gonna get if you usually read these “What Just Happened” posts. Why do I have no picture? I got lazy. Again.

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@buckysl3ftarm (Thanks, man!) tagged me to name my ten favorite female characters from 10 different fandoms and tag ten people to do the same, so here goes…

1. Lord of the Rings: Eowyn. I can’t count how many times I’ve read these books, from the time I was nine to now, and every time I find more of myself in her. A lot of feminist fantasy writers have spoken against the ending Tolkien gave her, but marrying Faramir and living in peace and among growing things was what she needed. I have struggled with depression almost my whole life, and her finding hope in evil, despair, and “the end of all things” has given me hope.

2. DC: Wonder Woman. Just…Wonder Woman. 

3. PJO: Annabeth Chase. Percy Jackson does not deserve this girl, and he would be the first to admit it. She’s the Odysseus of the series, the wily, ambitious strategist and unparalleled fighter, and she looks fabulous while she’s doing it.

4. Arrowverse: Sara Lance/White Canary. Man, I did not realize how badly I wanted to see a kick-ass bi woman until I saw her. She’s snarky, one of the greatest fighters on the planet, and an awesome leader.

5. Young Justice: Artemis Crock. This woman literally went back into the life she swore to leave behind, in deep cover no less - if she died there, Kaldur wasn’t going to break cover to return her to Wally. We don’t see anything of how she proved herself to Manta’s organization, Deathstroke in particular, but whatever she did worked because both Manta and Deathstroke speak to her with nothing but respect. And by the way, who took the latter out so M’gann could impersonate him in Summit? Probably Artemis.

6. Harry Potter: Narcissa Malfoy. Oh man, Narcissa is such an awesome example of Slytherin House and witches in general. She cares about so few people, but those few she loves with a passion strong enough to move mountains and overthrow regimes. 

7. Sherlock: Mrs. Hudson. I want to adopt her to be the grandma that I drink with.

8. Doctor Who: Amy Pond. She’s quirky, she’s tough, and she believes so deeply. I loved her arc with Eleven, and I love how much she loves Rory but doesn’t define herself relative to him.

9. Hamilton: Angelica Schuyler. “Some men say that I’m intense or I’m insane. You want a revolution? I want a revelation.” “And when I meet Thomas Jefferson, I’mma compel him to include women in the sequel. Work!”

10. Voltron: Katie Holt/Pidge Gunderson. In the ten episodes I’ve seen so far, this girl breaks every rule to do what she believes needs to be done and kicks major ass doing it. 

Honorable mentions: Circle of Magic - Daja, Tris, Sandry, Evvie, Rosethorn, Lark, Empress Berenene. Song of the Lioness/Tortall - Alanna, Mrs. Cooper, Daine, Buri, Thayet, Kitten (kind of), Kel, Shang Wildcat, Lalasa, Aly, Dove, Ochobu, Shang Unicorn. White Collar - El Burke, Sara.  

I’m tagging @imnotafan@camsthisky, @obaewankenope, @alyss-spazz-penedo, @fuyunoakegata, and @galahadwilder.

We’ll Build Our House and Chop Our Wood

This bit was an unplanned but much requested bit of GFFA that demanded to be written: Han asks for Bail and Breha’s blessing. This fits between ‘Headaches’ and ‘Forever’ and is unbeta’ed and terribly out of character, but it’s cute and feelsy and if you’re that bothered by it, please change the names in your head and let it be about Joe and Suzie. The title comes from the operetta Candide by Leonard Bernstein.

Also, because I don’t plan on getting in to any backstory, Han’s parents were killed in some tragic accident just before Han graduated high school. He was already accepted to school and managed to push through to make them proud, with the help of his godfather, Chewie.

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Chameleon Circuit Songs That Don't Include Alex or Ed

A little late, but I’ve made a list of CC songs that don’t feature Alex Day or Eddplant as prominent vocalists, for anyone who wants to know which songs to keep in their iTunes and such.

Chameleon Circuit

  • Gallifreyan History 101
  • Count the Shadows
  • Blink
  • K9’s Lament
  • Friends of the Ood

Still Got Legs

  • The Subwave Signal
  • Nightmares
  • Travelling Man
  • Mr Pond
  • Big Bang Two
  • Eleven


Also check out my newest playlist? It’s songs by YouTube scumbags, covered by ladies.

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Leaves him a note that says 'Please stop messing up my koi pound. My fish are very gentle and are now scared of you'


     He takes a moment to piece two and two together. While he’s not once threatened any of Mrs. Kujo’s fish, he… Hadn’t taken into account that Magician’s Red might have peeked out from time to time and scared the poor things. Whoops.

     Avdol makes a mental note to leave Mrs. Kujo’s koi pond be–unless asked to help with something, of course.