(Note: Mr. Son is BTS’ Choreographer!)

I met Mr. Son previously in the year as I went to his workshop and there I have heard some things about the boys and thought I’d share.^^

1) It takes BTS only two days to learn a new choreography and only one week to show it to the public. Because they’ve practised a lot in the past, they learn quicker now.
2) Namjoon had a problem with the 3:33 move in Fire. He was moving his entire body and apparently looking like a fish out of the water the first time he tried it. But now he’s mastered it!
3) Namjoon needed five days to learn Danger by himself.
4) Jimin is okay. God bless. He’s eating well and he doesn’t have any health problems atm.
6) Mr. Son said that Hoseok is the best dancer out of the group and that he sometimes helps Mr. Son with choreography moves. He always keeps Mr. Son’s place sometimes and teaches/helps the members and takes care of the performance. #AppreciateAndLoveHoseok
7) Mr. Son said that he chose BigHit out of pride. He didn’t want the other big companies although they called him plenty of times. He said he’s never going to leave Bighit.
8) Bighit and Mr. Son have put their all into creating BTS and making them what they are today, aka a good performance group. Mr. Son said that although he’ll manage more groups in the future, BTS are still going to remain the most dutiful students and the students he’s most attached to.
9) Mr. Son is a perfectionist. He said that the INU choreography was still lacking even after many days of working. He was still happy that it looked fine to the public, in spite of his perspective on it being the other one. He thanks the boys for working hard and following his orders well though.
10) BTS are so busy nowadays that they practise quick when they can and barely talk to the choreographer outside of comeback speaking.

(PS. The 3:33 dance move is the Fire footwork! It’s called like that because it happens at the 3:33 minute of the video.😊)


Who’s the guy? The guy who picked up your phone yesterday. The guy who you saved as “Husband” on your cell phone. His voice wasn’t very attractive. How does he look? It sounded like he’d be very ugly.

Mr. Met Wasn't Always The Giant Face of The Mets

The New York Times, taking full advantage of the extra space during the offseason, have released a great article on the history of Mr. Met, that giant-headed smiling representation of the Queens Nine. However, while the Mets refuse to release any information on the marital status of Mr. Met, stating that he “never speaks,” (fueling Illuminati-level conspiracy theories), the article does reveal that there was once a mascot before the big ole baseball head: 

“Mr. Met, history will show, was actually the Mets’ second mascot. Homer the beagle was the first. Trained by Rudd Weatherwax, who put multiple Lassies through their paces, Homer rooted on the Mets in 1962, their first season. Manager Casey Stengel hated him and refused to let the beagle sit on the Mets’ bench.

Homer was supposed to celebrate a Mets home run by running the bases at the Polo Grounds. According to Roger Angell’s book “Game Time,” Homer performed well in rehearsals, but in his first real test he touched first base and second, then took a detour and raced to center field. He had to be wrangled by “three fielders, two ushers and the handler,” according to the book.

Homer was fired." 

How Casey Stengel could hate this adorable pup, trained by the same man responsible for Lassie, I’ll never know:

(image via Mets Police)



In My Opinion…

I have believed for a long time now that Tom was smitten with Taylor long before Met Gala. I mean… she’s beyond talented… has a brilliant mind and she is BEAUTIFUL! So yes… I think Tom had possibly thought about her before and when he met her… maybe had a ‘What IF?’ moment.

Taylor I believe was trying to figure out what to do with her current relationship and realizing after Calvin didn’t or wouldn’t attend Met Gala with her… she then met Mr. Tom Hiddleston… aka Mr. Charm.

NOW… this is where I believe the moment happened. In the above video you see Tom taking the lead and sweeping Taylor off her feet as he turns and twirls her on the dance floor. 

I believe the EXACT moment Taylor knew she wanted something more with Tom was the moment he swings her out and pulls her right in to him… HARD. You can actually see the moment in this gif…

The look of ‘Whoa’ and as Taylor turns her head… while still in his arms… and looks at him… That is a look I gave myself once… it’s a look of ‘Who are you… What is happening to me, my heart and damn man, you have every thing ‘flowing’ in me right now!’

There is something about a man (especially to a woman who must have so much control in her life) who will take the lead… take command and show you that… well… he is in fact… in control. 

Very big turn on… Very sexy, sexy, sexy… Impossible to resist… Mmmmm…

Have $20 Million Burning a Hole In Your Pocket?

Instead of buying 3 million Josh Labandeira bobbleheads (career .000/.000/.000 line in 14 at-bats with the Expos in 2004), why not become a part owner of the New York Mets. With your minor investment, you’ll gain:

“Access to Mr. Met, the team mascot, although the degree of access is not entirely spelled out. It definitely means you, as a part-owner, can schmooze with Mr. Met at Citi Field. It’s less clear whether you could get him to come to your child’s birthday party without a fee.”

It’s like an on-call escort, but one that doesn’t skirt the realms of illegality! Even better, as partial team owner, you’ll be given a business card that reads Owner” in Cillian Rail type.