Into the deep - It’s been three years since this scene (aired on november 25th).
Cora smelled it first. 

We have snipers all around the stadium, just in case something were to happen. Like I said, do whatever it is you normally do. But approach the President, and we go for the kill shot. Are we clear?
—  A secret service agent • Warning Mr. Met—the mascot of the New York Mets—not to get close to President Clinton during a 1997 baseball game in which Clinton spoke. AJ Mass, the man inside the suit at the time, wrote about this experience in a new book, because who wouldn’t?

Yesterday I met Rami Malek. He was so nice. I ran from my practice, almost got hit by a car and i ran up to him and he looked at me. I started shaking. “Did you run?” He asked. “Yes.” I coild barely speak. He hugged me and smiled. I stood next to him and took pictures while he held me toghtly and shook me a little because i was trembling. “I have a present for you.” I took out my drawing of him. “You really love the show so much?” he asked and everyone was like yes bitch wtf. I handed him the drawing and he loved it. I gave him my notebook for him to sign and he wrote : To Jana, you’re crazy and I love you.
I am dead. He is the nicest human being. He stood and talked to us amd the director was also there. We asked him hlw he got out of Elliot as a character and was he a little emotionally unstable and he said “Aren’t we all unstable?” I was shOok. He said je thought about Elliot 24/7 in the beginning. They laughed and were so nice and polite. Charlie is also a honeybun.

Incorrect "Pride and Prejudice" quote
  • Mr. Darcy:I don't wanna be her [Elizabeth Bennet] "husband".
  • Colonel Fitzwilliam:Well, what do you want then?
  • Mr. Darcy:I don't know. I just want to be with her. All the time. I want to hear about her day and tell her about mine. I want to hold her hand and smell her hair... But I don't want to be her stupid husband!