So today I am very thankful to say that I met Mr RWB aka Akira Nakai San and got to spend some time watching him put together his two latest pieces of work. Words can’t describe how happy and excited I was just being in his presence and watch him do what he does best. Today was indeed lit

Mr. Met Wasn't Always The Giant Face of The Mets

The New York Times, taking full advantage of the extra space during the offseason, have released a great article on the history of Mr. Met, that giant-headed smiling representation of the Queens Nine. However, while the Mets refuse to release any information on the marital status of Mr. Met, stating that he “never speaks,” (fueling Illuminati-level conspiracy theories), the article does reveal that there was once a mascot before the big ole baseball head: 

“Mr. Met, history will show, was actually the Mets’ second mascot. Homer the beagle was the first. Trained by Rudd Weatherwax, who put multiple Lassies through their paces, Homer rooted on the Mets in 1962, their first season. Manager Casey Stengel hated him and refused to let the beagle sit on the Mets’ bench.

Homer was supposed to celebrate a Mets home run by running the bases at the Polo Grounds. According to Roger Angell’s book “Game Time,” Homer performed well in rehearsals, but in his first real test he touched first base and second, then took a detour and raced to center field. He had to be wrangled by “three fielders, two ushers and the handler,” according to the book.

Homer was fired." 

How Casey Stengel could hate this adorable pup, trained by the same man responsible for Lassie, I’ll never know:

(image via Mets Police)



Have $20 Million Burning a Hole In Your Pocket?

Instead of buying 3 million Josh Labandeira bobbleheads (career .000/.000/.000 line in 14 at-bats with the Expos in 2004), why not become a part owner of the New York Mets. With your minor investment, you’ll gain:

“Access to Mr. Met, the team mascot, although the degree of access is not entirely spelled out. It definitely means you, as a part-owner, can schmooze with Mr. Met at Citi Field. It’s less clear whether you could get him to come to your child’s birthday party without a fee.”

It’s like an on-call escort, but one that doesn’t skirt the realms of illegality! Even better, as partial team owner, you’ll be given a business card that reads Owner” in Cillian Rail type.