Business and Pleasure - Part 3

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 2,123

Warnings: Swearing

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You stared at the ring on your finger, chuckling in a mix of disbelief and hopelessness. Mr. Barnes practically had to force James to give it to you. There was no romantic proposal that you had been dreaming of since you were a little girl. No magical date or walk along the Hudson at sunset. No carriage ride through Central Park. Why would there be? After all, this proposal, your impending marriage – all of it was all nothing more than a business transaction.

Today, two weeks after the dinner, you had met with Mr. Barnes and James again. “To formalize the engagement,” he had said. You met Mr. Barnes and James in the late afternoon at Barnes Enterprises, after most employees had headed home for the day. You sat in the small but lavishly decorated lobby outside his office, like a client waiting for a meeting. When the secretary, who seemed much too chipper for your taste, finally ushered you in, James barely spoke. In fact, he barely even glanced in your direction. He had simply handed you the box, leaving you to put the ring on your finger, and that was that. You were now engaged.

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  • Lizzie: Well, looks like it's going to be just you and me.
  • Darcy: [seductively] Oh, really?
  • Lizzie: Actually, I was talking to my martini.

Yesterday I met Rami Malek. He was so nice. I ran from my practice, almost got hit by a car and i ran up to him and he looked at me. I started shaking. “Did you run?” He asked. “Yes.” I could barely speak. He hugged me and smiled. I stood next to him and took pictures while he held me tightly and shook me a little because i was trembling. “I have a present for you.” I took out my drawing of him. “You really love the show so much?” he asked and everyone was like yes bitch wtf. I handed him the drawing and he loved it. I gave him my notebook for him to sign and he wrote : To Jana, you’re crazy and I love you.
I am dead. He is the nicest human being. He stood and talked to us and the director was also there. We asked him how he got out of Elliot as a character and was he a little emotionally unstable and he said “Aren’t we all unstable?” I was shOok. He said he thought about Elliot 24/7 in the beginning. They laughed and were so nice and polite. Charlie is also a honeybun.

“You used to take your subs there?” I snap. “Some of them, yes,” he says quietly, his tone clipped. “Leila?” “Yes.” “The place looks very new.” “It’s been refurbished recently.” “I see. So Mrs. Robinson met all your subs.” “Yes.” “Did they know about her?” “No. None of them did. Only you.” “But I’m not your sub.” “No, you most definitely are not.” I stop and face him. His eyes are wide, fearful. His lips are pressed into a hard, uncompromising line. “Can you see how fucked-up this is?” I glare up at him, my voice low. “Yes. I’m sorry.” And he has the grace to look contrite. “I want to get my hair cut, preferably somewhere where you haven’t fucked either the staff or the clientele.” He flinches. “Now, if you’ll excuse me.” “You’re not running. Are you?” he asks.

Mr. Fucking British

Let me tell you about Mr. British I don’t even know where to begin. Okay I’m completely smitten by Mr. British he’s so sexy like I’m actually attracted to him. I’ve only been talking to him for a month we had about 2 dates before he went on his ski trip with his kids. Being that his kids were on holiday with him we met at a hotel close to his home. I have yet to go to his home. This morning I met Mr. British for our normal meeting thinking that I was going to the hotel but to my surprise he Uber’s me to his marina in South beach I’m like wtf I was thinking that I got into the wrong uber or the uber driver somehow got the wrong address until British called and told the uber driver to drive out to the boats. In my head I’m like fucking he’s about to kill me and throw me over board. WHEN I TELL YOU HE HAS A BIG ASS YACHT (I hit the jackpot) MY EYES TURNED INTO DOLLAR SIGNS.( like Mr. Krabs ) he shows me around, we finally come to the master bedroom he turns to me and says “and this is our boat ” OUR!!!! Let me tell you when I mean he put it down HE PUT IT DOWN from head to toe. Mr. British left me quivering. But that’s not it after sex we’re just laying in bed cuddled up together he’s just telling me that I’m his girl (his girl?) I’m so perfect for him, I’m his brown sugar ( yes I’m a brown sugar baby)and he doesn’t want to go back to London without me, he’s going to come back in a couple weeks just to spend time with me. Then he handed me my 3K which is all good for me. What makes him different is the fact as soon as he seen me he asked about me, he asked about my situation at home and REALLY cared. I actually have a little soft spot for him.

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Last night I met Mr. Banks for the first time. I picked the restaurant since he’s not from my city. I walked into the restaurant wearing this sexy burgundy dress, and made sure to wear the diamond earrings I bought with the money he sent me. So I told the host his name and she shows me to the table. He saw me walking towards the table and stood up and gave me a hug, pulled out my chair and whispered in my ear that I smelled so good. His voice is so smooth and sexy. I’m so glad he’s attractive. He definitely looks better and younger in person too. So we talked about life, what my goals and aspirations are, if I plan on moving out of Ohio, do I like traveling, what my nationality is etc. He knew I was mixed but wanted to know more because he said I looked very “exotic”. (I’m Dominican and Black so a lot of SD’s in the past have actually given me more money since I’m exotic). He said he loves my curves, and loves the way I dress. Mr Banks made me feel very comfortable. I thought it was going to be awkward but it wasn’t. After we had a few more drinks we began talking about what kind of arrangement we both wanted. He know’s I have experience and I’m intelligent. I’m not going to let anyone “try” to take advantage of me. At the end of the day it’s a business. So Mr. Banks comes to my city on the weekends. We had already agreed a few days ago to seeing each other when he’s here for $1,500 a weekend. If he wants to see me more, which I know he will, then I told him it would be more during the week due to my work and school schedule etc. which is reasonable… (Aim high ladies!) I thought he was going to try to negotiate but he didn’t he just smiled and said ok and he completely understands. Omg his smile is perfect lol. I told him that he has no idea what he’s getting himself into lol. He literally had his hand on my thigh the entire dinner. He wasn’t trying to go up my dress or anything he just kept his hand on my thigh… The waitress looked at his hand then looked at me. I just smiled and so did he. He didn’t even look at her but he could tell she was looking at him. He clearly didn’t give a fuck who saw and I didn’t really care either. I’m guessing he’s going to be the type that loves some type of physical contact because he kept his hands on my waist while I was standing up also. It’s like he’s letting everyone know that I’m his. Which is sexy to me. So I’m walking a head of him and I look back and he has a black bag in his hand. So I’m getting ready to get into my Uber and he kisses me and gives me the bag. I was not expecting that at all, he completely caught me off guard. He told me not to open it until I got home and to call him when I got home. When I got home I opened it and called him. He gave me an envelope with $1,500 in cash and a black Gucci mini chain bag which is $1,400! I told him thank you probably like 10 times lol and told him that he didn’t have to do that on our first date and he said he knows and he was only going to give it to me if the date went well. I’m so thankful it went well.

Going to the Chapel

A/N: “Hey can I get some angsty Steve? Maybe he and the reader are supposed to get married, but something happens? I love your writing!” Okay so I hope I did okay, I had some major Gnash vibes going when I wrote this. I just love their new song. 

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    Planning a wedding with Steve Rodgers was easier than you expected it to be. You had the date picked, the flowers chosen, and the cake tasted. You just needed to meet at the alter, and you’d both get your happily ever after. It was walk in the park, much like your relationship with Mr. Captain America. 

      You met Steve Rodgers two years ago at the park. You were playing with your dog when he took off running after a squirrel before he could get far though the blue-eyed superhero caught him. You couldn’t thank your dog more for taking off after a squirrel that day, which is exactly what you said. Both yours and Steve’s face flushed in embarrassment, but you weren’t let down when Steve introduced you and invited you to get coffee. Coffee that one day turned to coffee once a week, and eventually you were making him coffee nearly every morning after his shower. You learned to deal with the long missions and late nights and while it got hard sometimes he would always make it up to you when he got home. Although his way of making it up to you was spectacular and you enjoyed it, you also loved the late night talks the two of you had.
   You and Steve could stay up all night talking about everything. He would tell you stories about the forties, him and Bucky when they were younger, Howard Stark and even Peggy. You loved listening to the stories, but your heart went out to him when he talked about Peggy. You weren’t naïve; you knew he loved Peggy. You could see it in his eyes when he told you stories, but everyone had that first love and thought that maybe he got that look when he talked about you too. You also enjoyed these discussions because late night Steve was always the most open and honest Steve. Something about the evening brought out his vulnerability which is why during one of these late-night talks that he asked you to move in with him. He was worried that you’d become a target since the press got wind of your relationship and that you could be in danger when he wasn’t around. You were reluctant at first, worried that it was too big of a step for the two of you but Steve insisted, and you soon found yourself involved in the everyday life of the Avengers. While you loved having your girl’s nights with Wanda and Natasha the person you grew the closest to was Bucky. His quiet demeanor matched well with yours, causing a close bond to form. Steve often remarked how happy it made him that the two of you were friends but was quick to detest it when the two of you teamed up on him. Bucky was also the one to push Steve to get the nerve to propose, at least that’s what he told you. Steve denies it, though.      

    You were thinking about everything when you felt Steve approach behind you. His arms wrapped around your waist and he pulled you to him as you looked out the window towards the New York skyline. He kissed your neck causing you giggle and turn around. 

“Hey, stranger.” He smiled at your greeting before kissing your lips. 

“What time are you and the girls going out?” You were so wrapped up in his kiss that you forgot that tonight was the bachelorette party. 

“Mm, nine I think, what about you guys?” Steve’s bachelor party was being hosted by Tony, but he promised to have all the men at the wedding sober tomorrow night, so you weren’t worried. Okay, you were a little worried, you’d witnessed firsthand how wild Tony’s parties could get. 

“The same I think. Any idea where you all are going yet?” Shaking your head, you went back to the most important task of kissing your fiancé. His hands trailed up and down your body before resting on your lower back and at your waist. His lips trailed kisses up and down your neck before finding your sweet spot causing you to moan in pleasure. 

“You sure you want to go?” His smugness pulled you from your bliss, pushing him away you laughed. 

“It’s my last night as a free woman Captain Rodgers, or course I’m going.” His eyes darkened at you addressing him as Captain, and you smirked knowing just what you were doing. He stalked towards you until your back was up against the wall and gripped your hips. You were flush against his firm body and the solid wall and very tempted to explore solidness of him. Before you could give into that temptation, though, Natasha cleared her throat by the door. You laughed out loud at the defeated look on Steve’s face and pushed him away.
“Sorry old man, you can have her tomorrow.” Natasha threw a wink his way before ushering you out the door. Before you got on the elevator, you turned to Steve and shot him a smile.
“I love you!” His answering grin sent butterflies in your stomach. Natasha laughed at how bad you had it until you got to her room to get ready for the night. 

   You were having a blast with the girls, laughing and dancing until your feet gave out. You wanted to continue to dance the night away, but your feet weren’t into it, and you knew you needed to get some sleep if you were going to be awake for your wedding night. So, you and the three other girls all piled into a cab and made your way back to the Tower. Each one departing on their floor until you were alone on the elevator with your thoughts. This time tomorrow you would be Mrs. Rodgers. A thought that never would have crossed your mind a few years ago. You were smiling to yourself when the elevator dinged, and you were released on yours and Steve’s floor. As you made your way to the bedroom, the sound of male voices caught you off guard. You snuck towards the voices and peeked around the corner. Sitting in the living room was Steve, Sam, and Bucky and judging by Bucky’s face the conversation they were having was pretty serious. You couldn’t see Steve’s face, only his back but you could hear him with ease. You shouldn’t have listened; you should have just walked into the bedroom and fell asleep. But you were nosey, and when heard Steve say your name you wanted to know what they were talking about.
   “Y/N, she just isn’t like Peggy, you know?” Was that a good thing? Why was he comparing you two?
   “Y/N’s amazing Steve, you love her.” Steve shook his head and took a deep drink from his beer.
    “I’m not sure I do Sam. Sometimes I think that I’m with her only to forget about Peggy. But I can’t, all night long I’ve been thinking about how it should be Peggy and me.” His hands tiredly rubbed down his face, and your heart pounded in your chest. You couldn’t breathe, why would Steve say this? Jesus, he didn’t love you, he still loved her. He would always love her. Your breath hitched at the realization, gaining the attention of Bucky. His eyes lifted towards you and widened in surprise.
   “Man you just have pre-wedding jitters.” Sam was leaning forward while Steve just shook his head no. Tears fell from your eyes as Bucky gripped Steve’s arm. It was clear Steve didn’t get the message though because he just kept talking.
   “Tonight when I kissed Y/N, I wished it was Peggy. I was even going just to tell Y/N but-“You stepped out and finally had the attention of all three men. Bucky looked at you sadly while the other two looked shocked.
   “Were you going to tell me at the alter or three years from now, Steve? How long were you going to let me live this lie?” He didn’t answer, still stunned by your sudden appearance. He watched you with shaking hands you pull your engagement ring off your finger. Your hands were shaking so bad that the ring fell to the floor, the sound of the white gold band hitting the marble floors echoed throughout the room. You went to pick it up but Bucky was already there, he left the ring but put his arm around your shoulders, pulling you towards him he guided you out the door and down the hallway. You didn’t register Steve calling your name only the sharp pain in your chest and Bucky’s gruff whisper on the phone. When you got the elevator, you began to process what was going on around you.
   “Nat I need you to handle him. Yeah, no I’m with her. Okay. Okay, bye.” He hung up his phone and turned his attention back to you. You looked up at him and began to panic.
   “Bucky I-I don’t have anywhere to go. Oh, god, all of my stuff is up there. Shit, shit, shit.” Your breathing sped up, and your chest began to feel like it was on fire. You sank to the ground and tried to get your breathing under control. Bucky crouched in front of you but kept his distance; he spoke calmly to you telling you to copy his breathing. After a few minutes of doing what he said you regained a regular breathing pattern, and your heart rate slowed. Once he was sure you were okay he offered you his hand and helped you up.
   “You’ll stay with me.” You only nodded. Your attention focused on your reflection in the steel doors of the elevator. Your mascara was smeared under your eyes, and the veil you wore to go dancing with the girls was askew in your hair. You looked just as bad as you felt but the worst part of the reflection you stared at wasn’t the messed-up veil or makeup, not even the white sash that said, bride, to be in bright pink letters. No, the worst part of your reflection was the empty eyes staring back at you.

  • Mr. Darcy: I don't wanna be her [Elizabeth Bennet] "husband".
  • Colonel Fitzwilliam: Well, what do you want then?
  • Mr. Darcy: I don't know. I just want to be with her. All the time. I want to hear about her day and tell her about mine. I want to hold her hand and smell her hair... But I don't want to be her stupid husband!