Neither of them had meant to make their feelings so transparent, but somehow these Amestrians knew (Edward, Greed, Mr. Hohenheim, Alphonse, Dr. Knox… they all had a way of seeing straight through them)

maybe it was something in the way they spoke of each other, or perhaps in the way they protected each other, or in the way they each admired and valued the other

Perhaps the people of this country just have a way of recognizing l o v e when they see it.

Lingfan Week - Making it Public

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For those who just got over the feels from the newest chapter spoilers, I AM SO SORRY. 

For those who didn’t know yet… WELCOME TO THE SIDE OF PAIN AND FEELS. 

But yeah. I was listening to “Balloons” by MandoPony and I feel it suits the Reapers really well now. The deaths seen here are based on my own headcanons, considering IDK what is in canon yet for how each of them died. I did try to base some of it off what was shown in the spoilers though. 

From far left to right:

William - “bite the bullet” (I think that’s what it’s called?)
Grell - slit wrists
Ronald - shot himself
Alan - blunt object to the head… or walked off the building based on the shoes in the picture
Eric - drowned himself
Sascha - hung her/himself
Rudgar - poisoned himself (I think I saw a poison bottle or something in the spoilers? IDK)

And Undertaker I am not sure on so I’ve left that up to the imagination. 

anonymous asked:

If you are still up for the AU's... Royai in High School perhaps?

“Where are you off to next,” Roy threw over his shoulder as Riza closed the locker next to his and began to walk down the hallway.

She stopped and said, “AP Bio. We have a quiz today on the components of the cell. You?”

After he had shoved the textbook for his next course under his arm, Roy slammed the door to his locker shut and said, “Calculus. Mr. Knox is going over derivatives again because he said our exam scores seemed to reflect that the entire class had forgotten the most basic principles of math.”

“That’s a bit harsh,” she said as they walked down the hallway together.

Roy shrugged. “I can understand where he’s coming from, though I think it’s mostly because his homework is frying our brains. Just the other day Havoc asked me how to find the angles of an equilateral triangle.”

Riza cringed. “The work he’s been giving you is that bad, huh?”

“It could be worse,” he said as they slowed outside of the room Riza’s next class was. “We could have a test next week.”

“I’m glad you don’t,” she said with a small smile. “I’m really looking forward to this weekend.”

Feeling his cheeks warm, Roy nodded and said, “Me too. It’ll be great actually getting to spend time with you again. Between college applications and sports, I feel like we’ve hardly seen each other.”

“We’ll make up for it,” she promised as the 30-second warning bell rang. Raising her hand, she gave him a small wave and said, “I’ll see you later tonight.”

Roy stole a quick glance around and, deciding he would be quick enough, leaned forward and pecked her on the cheek before drawing back, leaving Riza with ruddy cheeks. Giving her a playful wink, he said, “I’ll see you tonight,” before turning on his heels and half-walking, half-jogging to his next class.