Neither of them had meant to make their feelings so transparent, but somehow these Amestrians knew (Edward, Greed, Mr. Hohenheim, Alphonse, Dr. Knox… they all had a way of seeing straight through them)

maybe it was something in the way they spoke of each other, or perhaps in the way they protected each other, or in the way they each admired and valued the other

Perhaps the people of this country just have a way of recognizing l o v e when they see it.

Lingfan Week - Making it Public

that-megane-guy  asked:

[Txt]: I already told you not to shove your genitals in the lawnmower, but you had to do it, didn't you??? You can ask someone else to take you to the hospital, because it will NOT be me. ("Dirty" text- to the wrong person xD hope this is ok)

{Text}: My dear William, I do believe you have the wrong number!

{Text}: Though I will say my curiosity has been peaked. 

{Text}: This text wasn’t intended for Mr. Knox, was it? 

{Text}: Because if  this is, he needs a girlfriend.

{Text}: Or perhaps a boyfriend. 

{Text}: I don’t judge ;}