#ATFU LIVE - 1/28 - #TheTinkerer Release party. 

Come to the Northside of beautiful #Naptown and celebrate the release of Rusty Redenbacher’s ‘The Tinkerer’ with a great show on January 28. Special guests will include Sleeper Cell Crew, Grey Granite, and Mr. Kinetik & Eratic.

Cover is 10 bucks, which also gets you your CD of 'The Tinkerer’ three days before it is available to the masses online and in record-stores. (So basically, you’re paying for a dope show and getting this highly anticipated release for free. Win.)

We’ll be getting the show started early for you with a 9 PM start-time. Make sure you’re there. We can’t wait to show you what #science has done for us. 

Saturday, January 28, 2010 - 'The Tinkerer’ Album-Release Party, Daddy Real’s 'The Place’ (3855 E. 96th St.), $10 cover (includes your copy of 'The Tinkerer’)

#ATFU - we LIVE.


Here’s a short promo video for #SoundsOfSoul (Sounds Of Soul) that I made in class this evening. We had a tutorial about iMovie so I kind of just tooled around with some stuff I had on my phone and threw a little video together. Get the album here.

Soul Sincere forever! (I’ll explain that later.)

#ATFU as well.

#RustyWrites (7/19/11, 1:14 a.m.)

Folks, this is just a wicked picture. 

Look, man…I’m fuckin skinny. I mean.. ‘Eat a sammich, BOY!’ skinny. It’s just how it is for me. Always been like this. 

There’s been ALL kindsa times in my life when I was like, “Yeah, I’m finna take up more space, yo. Let Russ get big on these fools and it is ON!”, ate more, drank milk shakes and all types of shit. Just don’t stick, man. I’m 'Kid Ectomorph’. Shit, I’m 'King Ectomorph’. 

I’ve gotten over it over the years. It’s just gonna be me. Trips me out, I’d bet 75-85% of my friends would love to have this problem. I hear them talk about 'losing a coupla pounds’ and watch them pat their bellies and they don’t know I’m a wee bit envious. 

Well, my friend of 20 years, Jen Pollack-Bianco and I have been in touch via Twitter. She travels the world and takes photographs of LEGIT rock-stars, man. You can see some of her work at her BADASS blog —> (You might as well hit the link to follow her on Twitter up there too, man. She’s tweetin photos from all over the world that will trip you out…and she’s cool AF)

Anyway, she told me she wanted to shoot me. I half laughed it off and was like, 'mehhhh’ cuz I knew she takes pics of BAWSES. My buddy, Dee hit me up and let me know, “Russ, do that.” I was already taking her seriously (I teased her a lot and made ridiculous rock-star demands though), but Tim made me focus. “Aight, lemme get real.”

Jen and I talked ideas and influences and I was into it. Great dialogue. Then the 'shirt’ request. *siiiiiiigh* NAW, MAN! NOT THAT! NOT THE SHIRT OFF!! I laughed this off again, because well, I get this a lot and I have always avoided it. I did it before and the pic came out beautiful, but I just would rather have on a bawse t-shirt.

I knew my homey wouldn’t make me look bad. In fact, I knew she’d make me look good. I had to get over my shit. Sure, I’ll take my shirt off at a show onstage, but the #swagjackets are getting put on QUICK. I ain’t used to getting a whole buncha pics of me taken with my shirt off, oh…and the last time, they 'Framptoned’ me…you take fiffylebben pics of me with my shirt on and the one you take with my shirt off makes the COVER. HA!

#Swag… *shrugs*

Ayo, I’m over my shit and I’m a chief, man. The base. The bass. The #BASEDRUSTY. I’m all that. I’m over my shit and I’m ready to do whatever it takes to let the world know that not only do I roll with an amaaaaaaaaaaazing team in The Tornado Alley (#ATFU) 

(My dude A-SKY drops later today on #ATFU, Our Tumblr…and it’s free, so check in…)

…but I’m a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad man. Thanks to my great old friends and my good new friends.

I’m out here rockin, man.



(Click the pic to see me and Mr. Kinetik on the road and the stage. We WORK. #ATFU)

Reflections of the Soul

You know for the past 2 weeks while my wife & kids were visiting family & friends back in Wisconsin I had a lot of time to just “be me”. A man with nothing but his thoughts, dreams, hopes, goals, aspirations, wants, desires, and I came to this conclusion…I LOVE MY LIFE!! Now I am not saying that I am a perfect person, I will never be that just like most everyone I have my flaws. I am who I am and I will not run from what has happened to me in my life because each moment has brought me to this point.

My #1 purpose in this world is to do anyting & everything to make my beautiful & precious wife happy & our two beautiful kids. Everything I do, every decision we make, every waking second I want to make sure that they have the world. Now I know that I can’t realistically do that but as a man, husband, father it is what I wake up for & it is my motivation. Some people know the trials that my daughter went through from the time she was born to where she is now & I would dare any of you to trade places with her & I bet 90% of you would have quit. I know I probably would have but now everytime I don’t think I can do something I look into her blue eyes & I see that anything is possible. My family is my rock & I am thankful everyday that I have them in my life….they are my perfect team.

Now, my final piece I would like to reflect on is this wonderful life of hip-hop music. Thanks to my brother & my best good friend Brad Real I have had that honor & the priviledge to see & do things that I would have never in my life dreamed possible. I have recorded songs, I have performed live on stages, I have been in music video’s, but most importanly I have got to experience a life that I would have never gotten to do otherwise.  I have also had the chance to meet people that have been nothing but great to me. People like Rusty Redenbacher, Mr. Kinetik, Eratic, Sleeper Cell Crew, Kal-J, Who is Mojey, ACE One, and every local artist in Indianapolis. These are people that I consider not just my friends but icons and Living Legends. However, with Brad I try my best everyday to repay him for what he has done & I don’t think I can come close but know that when I dawn the “black hat” (head over to & you will see it) that I am about to unleash the fury. That said I keep things in perspective & I know what I am here to do and I will always do it.

In closing I just want to say that these past two weeks have been very therapuic for me. I have really been able to just have time to lock into my soul & figure out what my true purpose in life is…that is to take care of my family, go hard every single day, continue to enjoy this ride called hip-hop music, and last but certainly not least continue to repay Brad Real & 8729 Records for everything they have done for me. The ride is not over it has only just begun folks…#LettersToTheEditor

Mix from my show at @EmancipationRadio. Click the picture or here to listen (Right-click or control-click to download…it’s free!).

The show starts with songs by Yes. So yeah. It just carries on from there. Check it out.

Show airs every Wednesday at Midnight (EST) here. I know a lot of y'all are still awake around then and if not, I post shows from time to time. West Coast folks can tune in just fine though! Tell your West Coast friends ABOUT this!

  • The Needing (Instrumental)
  • Rusty Redenbacher (#ATFU)
  • Tinkerer Instrumentals

#ATFU #TheTinkerer #TheNeeding #ListenHere

I juuuuuust finished this. 

Something wants me to keep making music. It spoke to me through @MrKinetik, @LUNAMusic, @IndyMacHead, @Timothy_Dee, and @WiseGoodness.

#ATFU #SHRUGLIFE I love you all.

‘My Dad’s Eyes (Revisited)’ 6/20/11 - The day after Father’s Day.

You can see em there…in the pic. 

This is the only way you can see em, cuz he’s gone. (I have questions that I will never be able to get answers to…that inspires me A LOT.)

Let’s see what we worked out today. @MrKinetik sent me a crazy track with the working title, 'LovePain’ that I was blessed to have as the foundation for this one. I’m gonna type out the lyrics and hook for you. I dunno what this may be on or when you will hear it, but in light of yesterday’s post, I felt it was relevant that I open up the chamber and let you see what I’m working on right now. 

'My Dad’s Eyes (Revisited)’ - Rusty Redenbacher 6.20.11

(1st Verse)

The 19th, alone in my room/thoughts consumed/“Damn, more day.”/One chance to say what I needed to say/Screamin at a box that I should put away/Navigating my way thru minefields of memories/I stay lookin down/ten toes on the ground/I stay lookin down at the danger I found/I stay lookin down at the stranger I found/Took a couple years to get here/I don’t hate/Good times, I’m tryna to get that back today/Let that marinate/Think of a playa’s fate/Alone, cold, sick in that messed-up state/Cold game, homey/You already showed me/One thing you can never say is “You don’t know me.”/Oh yes, I do/In fact to keep it true/Every time I look in the mirror, I miss you…


I ain’t got my Dad’s eyes/They changed color before they even focused/Can’t see em, no more so I wrote this/I draw a picture in mind, but it’s hopeless/Now take notice/Dad’s eyes gorgeous/Take notice/Dad’s eyes gorgeous/Now they can see anything in the world that they want to see/And I still feel them lookin at me.

(2nd Verse)

Greengreyhazelsumn…/I dunno/He kept a tint on the lens to mask his soul/So much pain, sometimes a loss of control/They saw things I will never know/Held secrets, trauma, and shame below/Those eyes still retained that glow/Beauty in the ones of the beholder, I suppose/I felt a pain in my veins when they would sink low/Pop back up/“HEY, MR. STUPENDOUS!”/But I don’t understand the stupid tinted lenses/I can’t see your natural gift and what I’ve found/Is with those on, the whole world looks brown/Black is beautiful, no doubt, knowhutimean?/Dad’s eyes were bold, full of gold and green/Wish I had seen em much more/I had to stop keepin score/And that’s not what today is for…/


I ain’t got my Dad’s eyes/They changed color before they even focused/Can’t see em, no more so I wrote this/I draw a picture in mind, but it’s hopeless/Now take notice/Dad’s eyes gorgeous/Take notice/Dad’s eyes gorgeous/Now they can see anything in the world that they want to see/And I still feel them lookin at me.

(3rd verse)

I got ONE pic/that’s where you see em real good/I keep it tucked away/that’s for when WE talk/He’s out there in that cursed box/Scatter the ashes, maybe that’ll make it stop/Me and you/One last ride, one last trip/Where you taught me rules that I used to exist/I thought you taught me how to view all of this/Where we talked and you said that you would watch me grow/DAD! OVER HERE! Never stopped, watch me roll/You didn’t see so many things, now we can’t even chill/I close mine when it’s you over my shoulder I feel/I hold mine out in the open so you see how I feel/Now how I’m supposed to feel, cmon, you know the deal/Can’t look into my Dad’s eyes and speak of the joy/They’ll never see whatever became of that boy/But I feel them/I will them/Keep on staring/Long as Dad’s eyes can see that I never stopped caring. 

(chorus)I ain’t got my Dad’s eyes/They changed color before they even focused/Can’t see em, no more so I wrote this/I draw a picture in mind, but it’s hopeless/Now take notice/Dad’s eyes gorgeous/Take notice/Dad’s eyes gorgeous/Now they can see anything in the world that they want to see/And I still feel them lookin at me.


If you made it this far, thanks for reading. I hope to have it recorded soon. Gonna try to master the flow before I record, for real. 

OK, be great… #Shruglife #ATFU #Naptown. Rocking the planet…for Dads everywhere. You ain’t perfect, but you’re worth it.



@MrKinetik / Rusty Redenbacher #ELPEEPLAYLIST …. and if you watch the whole thing, the #TITLE too…

1) ‘Stir It Up…Again (Mumia)’ - [produced by @Thesselonious]

2) 'Magic’ - [produced by @EOM_]

3) 'Already’ [produced by @EazyEDot]

4) 'Over’ [produced by @beatmafiafire]

5) 'Think Before You Speak’ {over a @REALDJPREMIER beat that @kanyewest rejected]

6) 'Maybe One Day’ [produced by @DrKhil]

7) 'It Don’t Stop’ [produced by @shadecobain]

8) 'Boss Playa’ [produced by @MrKinetik]

9) 'Cashin in’ [produced by @TheAxehand]

10) 'Baby’ [produced by @MrKinetik]

11) ’#Shruglife Radio (Burn One)’ - [produced by @EFCUTTIN]

12) ’________’ - [produced by @MrKinetik]

No date on when we’re gonna drop it, still looking for someone to help us with cover art…but as you see and hear, we’re done.

Visit The Tornado Alley’s Tumblr for updates and free music and follow @TheTornadoAlley on Twitter



#RustyWrites #MeAndMusic (Mon. 8/29/11 4:20 a.m.)

Well, music, we have a really weird relationship.

People think I’m important where I live because of music. They give me respect. They listen to what I think. So, I'mma tell the truth about you, music. Lemme tell you guys, I been really going through some things with how I feel about the ‘music game’, 'rap game’ or whatever 'game’ it is that I’m supposedly an integral part of where I live. 

I’ve #prettymuch watched the market for live music dissolve. I mean, totally get pushed to the back-burner. That hasn’t been fun…in the least. I’ve watched my earnings from shows where I live (especially with the closing of The Patio.) drrrop, man. Like, “damb…ah well…let’s give it another run.” I’ve never been the cat to demand more of the door than the other eight cats playing, especially since the focus has shifted from two to five cats traveling and eating and living as an established entity known as Mudkids to seven cats establishing a name for themselves by non-stop hustle and grit as ’#ATFU’ though. I don’t consider myself any bigger than anyone else, but I do know what I have done 'round here and 'round there…and I sure know the work I put into it.

Even when people are hitting me up to book Mudkids (and they still do…consistently. We haven’t played a show or posted anything since October '10, and we’re both doing other things, amicably, as brothers who worked together on the road for years and released five independent projects and who will continue to support each other’s work. Word. Life.), they’re offering something I can’t ask my guys to go on the road for. Shit, I hafta eat too, Mr. Promoter. 

(Please do not contact me in Indianapolis with gigs offering me 'exposure’ instead of money. I find it insulting. I have a massive online profile across numerous sites that I maintain daily, I host a daily TV show, and now, Rusty’s looking to get back on the radio…FOR REAL. The 'exposure’ you offered me is something I already have and you know it, which is why you tried to book me in the first place. Get your paper right, cuz I hafta live. Have a deposit ready.)

But, even then, when all that is explained to some people, I know that the chances of me earning what I think I deserve are still slim and none. My promotion, prestige, and the fact that I believe I am an expense too?…'Rusty just luuuuuuuuv to rap and do his thang.“ I guess that’s what some promoters think, like I just like carrying my turntables around and studying this shit and I make the Youtube videos and posts for my health. Man, I hustle for anything I do or am associated with as hard as anyone I know…and I know my platform is larger than most of theirs because I graduated 2nd Grade math.

10,000 (look around) > most local promoters’ numbers, my gee. I WORKED on that. HARD. And all of that COSTS ME…time, money, sleep (I haven’t had a good night of sleep in years, man)…all to make this music, promote it and live. I just wanna make my music and live a happy life. But, that gets harder to do every year…and I don’t have the energy nor resources to continue thinking that I can afford to sacrifice everything from my financial well-being to my physical well-being to continue trying to do it. I just can’t.

…and most importantly, I don’t want to anymore. In all honesty, I don’t. I’ve given everything I can to the music, in my city, online, and on the road. There is no way in hell I can afford to continue thinking that it’s right, fair, or sensible for me to work for peanuts at ANY JOB at this point in my life. I’m too old for that, I’ve given too much to it already and I’m exhausted.

But, here’s the rub; I get these feelings and then I write a song…or in the case of 'The Tinkerer’, an entire album for next to nothing. And not only did it not really cost me anything, it made me feel WHOLE to do it.

That’s messed up.

Music is all I feel like I am REALLY good at in this world, people swear I’m really good at it, I can do it in my sleep, and to do it, reasonably…I just hafta be willing to put everything I have, EVERYTHING into it. And I have been doing that for most of my adult-life.

*sigh* …and it gets easier to do it, right when I wanna throw my hands up. Today, I met up with my homeboy, who realistically has kept me in and ahead of the game by always looking out for me with tech stuff (Man, I love you, @IndyMacHead, not just for looking out for me, but for always checking up on me. You’re a great friend, brother, and I’m blessed to have you and your family in my life.) I went to let him hear 'The Tinkerer’ and get to taking care of our business. I told him how I produced the entire album on the laptop, how I played all the instruments on the actual QWERTY keyboard and let him hear some tracks, at which point he said, "Hey, I have a Midi keyboard you can take and give a run. I was gonna get rid of it, but if you want it you got dibs.” Blessings abound, man. Crazy.

Then I went to the store and ran into @LUNAMusic. I asked how the store was doing, which in itself is kinda a bummer, because there were two stores to ask about not too long ago. todd told me the store was good, which of course makes me happy because I wanna see EVERY record-store in the world prosper and the last Luna standing is in MY neighborhood. It’s a GREAT record-store, just like the one I’m at every Friday, @VIBESMUSICIndy and I know how much todd has put into it…everything. I drive past the store and I see his truck. I’m on my way early to get coffee and there’s todd, already at the store…and running the website…the dude is all about it…he gave me some great ideas for the release of this album and I talked with him about some ideas I already had. I relate to the brother on a lotta levels, just like I do  the next dude who affected me big-time today…

—-> @MrKinetik. I didn’t talk to the brutha today…but he sure talked to me. I stopped listening to the tracks that I’m working on and listened to 'Sounds Of Soul’ again today. It’s one of the best albums I’ve heard all year, cohesive, inspirational, original, and full of great rhymes and sentiments. I talk to my man, Kinetik, all the time, but sometimes I just have to fall back and listen to his music, because that speaks to me too, man. There’s so many things he says on 'Sounds Of Soul’ that I relate to. As much as he claims he’s learned from me, I have learned from him. Kinetik worked for no less than three years on that album, man, and you can hear a lifetime of passion for the art in the whole thing. He made this album with his heart and soul and it’s incredible. It spoke to me on so many levels today. 

I encourage you to check out Mr. Kinetik’s 'Sounds Of Soul’ . It’s a 'Name Your Price’ release and whatever you spend is money well-spent. This album made my day better today. Here’s the link.

Mr. Kinetik - 'Sounds Of Soul’ (Bandcamp - 'Name Your Price’)

…and we’re opening the Raekwon & Ghostface/Mobb Deep show Tuesday at the Old National Centre. That’s pretty cool. And I’m spinning the after set, not bad…and I was back on the radio again this weekend, on the station that I grew up loving, man. 

Music brought me all this. My love for it, my passion for it. I’ve made every attempt possible to get my own out there as well as I can. We formed @ATFU_ for just that purpose. Our process of making the music and promoting it is like a machine anymore, yo. And I LOVE these dudes, man, and I BELIEVE in their music and their spirits…

…the person it’s hardest to believe in sometimes is me…and it’s really hard to admit that to people sometimes when they think I’m some sort of 'success’ or on top of any kinda food-chain anywhere. 

I make music because it really makes me feel like I’m alive…and sometimes, I feel like it’s killing me. Then…it saves me.

I hafta respect it and appreciate it, but I can’t sacrifice myself for it anymore. I’ve never been able to live off just making music and I never expect to be able to.

(#Also, I like being 'Russell’ and I haven’t dedicated enough time to that lately. 'Rusty Redenbacher’ is a brand as much as it is part of the person writing this long-winded ass blog. I’m 'Rusty Redenbacher’ ALL DAY EVERY DAY out there and I hafta put on the happy face and be ready to take pics and talk tunes when the kids come up to shake my hand, as you can plainly see, that’s not always how I feel. Just as many kids come up and say 'IMC!’ as they do 'I’ve heard your music’, so it’s whatever.  #Maby I’ll drop this 'The Tinkerer’ album and go be quiet somewhere for a while and try to lock in this radio thang. I really wanna do that, y'all. I’ll always make music, but I think I’m tryna refocus for a while. I ain’t quittin or announcing any kinda 'last album’ because I just made an album in the crib in a week. This is what I do…but I am not running 'dummy missions’ and myself ragged for it anymore.)

I’ve got a lotta irons in the fire and I need to make something work…for me. 

That’s all there is to it. I appreciate you for listening and reading. 



The Brothers of The Tornado Alley must salute another one of our own continuing to be recognized for the greatness he brings to the table.

Our own Mr. Kinetik was recognized as one of the ‘Top Tweeps in Indianapolis’ by MetroMix…yup, Metromix couldn’t leave without giving some love to the folks online one more time (signs, signs, everywhere signs)

Click the pic to check out  the photo essay and follow more of #Naptown’s finest. 


#NaptownSlim on ‘representin’

Maybe you wanna hear it and maybe you don’t…and it really don’t matter cuz Naptown Slim got somethin to say and I’m gonna say it. That’s what this word is about;


I represent a lotta different things to a lotta different people. Some know me as a rapper, some as a media personality, some as just a dude they’ve heard about online. Here’s what’s up though; however they encounter me, they will know what I represent. I have no shame. I make my ass very available and I’m not above responding to anyone. 

No one can say they don’t know what I’m about if they’ve checked my profile. I’m out cheah. I’m in the open because I’m proud of all the people, places and things I represent. 

Some of y'all fake so many jacks, you wouldn’t understand that. You ain’t tryna represent nothing; you’re flossy. You won’t represent your own true love. Can anyone question who Muhbababy is? She don’t even get down with me tagging her in pics and statuses, but y'all know I hold her down. Y'all see it, I represent her. 

(That’s another thing, man. Some of these fools are so happy to change their relationship statuses on sites just to get some attention. If you ain’t got a gang of pictures of you and your boo doing thangs, big and small, a gee gonna think you faking jacks. Just know that. A lotta y'all just wanna be with someone and you ain’t down to represent them. Shameful.)

My point is this; if you’re proud and happy with what you’re doing and where you are, you gon represent it. I can’t stop telling y'all about what I love because those things and people represent what is important to me. I’m happy to show it. 

Now, as you can see from the logo on my chest, I stay fresh. I’m outta here cuz I gotta see my people, Mike and Diana and maybe cop some new gear. 

Y'all be cool out there and know that every move you make…or don’t…represents those around you. 

Another funky cold blooded Naptown Slim production, representing Naptown, Muhbababy, the fam and #ATFU.



#ATFU. Mixed by me, Mr. Kinetik. #ATFU on Tumblr. Peace to @alphaisforever @asky84 @eazyedot @beatmafiafire @sonnyparadise7 @rustymk2. Follow them and @TheTornadoAlley on Twitter.

Click the picture or click here to download.

#ATFU all together for us.

Song Order: “Put Love (MFU)”

A. Sky “Summertime Feel”

Son Of Thought “Welcome To Paradise”

Feeray aka F.I.R.E. “Fly Away”

E Dot Spencer “Phresh & Fly”

Rusty Redenbacher “The Refinery (Rusty’s Bars produced by Mr. Kinetik)”

Mr. Kinetik “Free For Takeoff”


This Friday, July 1st, Mr. Kinetik & Rusty Redenbacher will celebrate the release of ‘The Professor And The Hustler’ with a show at The Jazz Kitchen in Indianapolis.

Limited-edition CD’s will be made available for the first time at this show. You will also have your first chance to rep The Tornado Alley in the streets; the first-run #ATFU shirts (two colors) will also be made available this night. (We’ve BEEN taking it off the timeline and to the stage. Now y'all can too.)

Appearances from the brothers of The Tornado Alley, sets from Scoot Dubbs, and Whitney Coleman

Click the pic to visit the Facebook Event Page for Mr. Kinetik & Rusty Redenbacher, Live at The Jazz Kitchen, Friday, July 1.

#ATFU - All Together For Us