Original 3D Render by Mumble_Koala aka CodaKarasu

I saw this on my dash and immediately thought: “I WANT TO MAKE A 2D VERSION OUT OF THIS…” So, here it is! Hope you like it! :)

Feast your eyes upon the only list that has ever mattered.

Television: MTV Fandom Award voting mixed things up.

The 100 earns a perfect score at No. 1.
Mr. Robot’s second season premiere gets the show back to No. 12
☆ Proving Gleeks will never forget him, the anniversary of Corey Monteith’s death lifted Glee to No. 14.

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Movies: Turns out women can be funny, in case you didn’t hear. How novel.

Ghostbusters and its perfect cast is No. 1.
⬇︎ Zootopia might have left the big screen, but it’s still holding strong at No. 3.
Rogue One reappears at No. 5 after the cast revealed some no-longer-secrets about the film.

Music: Breaking news break-ups.

Rihanna worksworksworksworksworks up five spots to No. 5.
Britney Spears makes a comeback at No. 10 with a single from her ninth album.
Calvin Harris says hello to No. 15 after saying goodbye to Taylor Swift.

Celebrities: It’s all about the women this week.

⬆ Tumblr favorite Alycia Debnam-Carey jumps fourteen to No. 2.
Kate McKinnon makes a well-deserved debut at No. 3.
Leslie Jones is also killing it at No. 8.

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Games: New dudes in old franchises.

Pokémon Sun and Moon climbs to No. 3 after introducing us to our new favorite Pokemon, Mimikkyu.
☆ Still playing Neko Atsume? They’ve introduce new cats. Meow it’s back at No. 17.

Web stuff:  All the WWW news you could possibly handle.

AmazingPhil is back at No. 2, restoring all normalcy to the list.
Filthy Frank makes a clean return to No. 14.
⬇︎ Bo Burnham topples eight spots, but is still holding strong at No. 19. Stay safe, Bo.

DIY Halloween Mummy Tutorial from Mr. Kate. $18 wood manikins are used in this DIY. You could use this tutorial for a full size mummy costume. Instead of muslin I used an old white sheet I tore up in strips and “aged” for a costume.

If you want to go the cheap Dollar Store way and still get an equally creepy mummy using wire, see this tutorial at Family Chic.

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