Grace, Mamrie and Hannah get an office makeover 


“You need friends. 

Even just hot chocolate friends.”

Mrs. Baker is so underrated she’s honestly probably one of my favorite characters. you really see her change from the past episodes to the present episodes. she’s so happy and she’s glowing but after her daughter dies not only her personality but her appearance goes to shit. she’s been through quite possibly the worst thing any parent could ever go through; finding your own son or daughter dead after they killed themselves. now all she’s gonna be thinking the rest of her life is what did i do wrong. hannah’s parents honestly deserved so much more then they got.

What’s Happening Wednesday:  Drag Con and Creator Summit edition

On Thursday, Mamrie, Grace, and Hannah had their mutual office made over by Mr, Kate.  Look for the video forthcoming on Mr Kate’s channel.  

Over the weekend, Mamrie’s friend Jacob came to visit, so naturally there was a Topless Tuesday reunion with Melissa.  On Saturday and Sunday she attended DragCon with Crystal Mesh.

Currently, Mamrie is in NYC with Hannah Hart for Youtube’s Creator Summit.  She will be hosting the Red Carpet with Gigi Gorgeous.  Also, she and Grace will be speaking at new Fronts with Astronauts Wanted.


YES! Mr. Kate showed me how to turn my empty liquor bottles into super cute lanterns and planters! RECLAIM YOUR SHAME!