Monster Melons

This Jet Jockey Never Skips Leg Day!

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(Ed. Note: It Appears That This Fellow Is Shy. His Account Is Now Set To Private. Never Thought That A United States Military Man Would Be Afraid Of The Admiration Of Guys, Straight Or Gay!)

Actual things Wally West had said in his very first appearance alone [Flash v1 110]: 

  • “Wait till the cats back home hear I’ve actually shaken hands with The Flash himself!” “The cats?” “Oh, that’s just the way we kids talk, Mr. Flash!”
  • “Mr. Flash”
  • “Mr. Allen” 
  • “Jumping jets!”
  • “Jeepers weepers!” 
  • “This super-speed is the coolest – the most!” 
  • “Gosh!” 
Anton lives on for a further 10 years after the events of Pandora’s Box, using his fortune combined with Mr. Beluga’s wealth to rebuild Folsense. When he passes away, Katia has become mayor of the town and commissions a statue (depicting Anton’s younger self) to be put up in the plaza.
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Très Beau Mec

Eric Decker…One Of The Most Beautiful Men In Professional Sports.

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The Best Of Paul McCartney: A collection of my personal favorite Paul McCartney songs in chronological order from their release dates, including his popular and lesser known work. Enjoy listening to his evolution as a solo artist.

Every Night | Junk | Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey | Smile Away | Another Day | Love Is Strange |  My Love | Band On The Run | Jet | Bluebird | Mr Vanderbilt | Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five | Let Me Roll It | Magneto And Titanium Man | Letting Go | Call Me Back Again | Listen To What The Man Said | Junior’s Farm | Let ‘Em In | Silly Love Songs | I’ve Had Enough | With A Little Luck | Getting Closer | Arrow Through Me | To You | Coming Up | Tug Of War | Wanderlust | Say, Say, Say | Angry | Figure Of Eight | How Many People | The Lovers That Never Were | Get Out Of My Way | Flaming Pie | Beautiful Night | All Shook Up | Run Devil Run | What It Is | Rinse The Raindrops | Too Much Rain | This Never Happened Before | Only Mama Knows | The End of the End | Dance Tonight | Only Our Hearts | Save Us | Early Days | New



Hump Day Hunks

Love When A Tight End Humps His Quarterback. Love It, Too, When A Quarterback Humps His Tight End!

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Okay… This looks bad.

a clint barton fanmix


Point/Counterpoint Streetlight Manifesto / You Only Live Once The Strokes / Don’t Ed Sheeran / The Good Times Are Killing Me Modest Mouse / Huarache Lights Hot Chip / I Wanna Get Better Bleachers / Say It Ain’t So Weezer / All These Things That I’ve Done The Killers / Lonely Boy The Black Keys / Are You Gonna Be My Girl Jet / Mr Brightside The Killers