never ending math equation by liquidmeasure on ao3

Niall’s told him all about the winter. The way the snow creeps in through the cracks. The way the winds make you feel like the entire continent will be ripped up and away and tossed into the void. But that’s the bad days. Niall says on the good days, everything is still, save for the ice, and the stars flash like strobe lights and if you look up, you can see everything. You can see right through the universe.
So that’s something to look forward to.

Or…Louis does science, Zayn is an enigma, Harry studies penguin poop and Niall fixes radios. Nobody knows how they feel, but Zayn knows how everyone feels.

zayn/louis, shades of niall/harry, lots of everyone/mr. frosty

((graphic by shimmeringarmour, who is AMAZING. I am SCREAMING into the void about it FOREVER))