httyd2’s success is more or less dwa’s last chance to stay as a company. If you like their movies, go watch them in the theaters. Show them that their movies are great by paying for it. Please do not only watch online/pirated versions.

I’m seeing people telling others to just watch httyd2 online. I’m begging you don’t do that. Please do not let others do that. That makes it seems as if you dont think httyd2 is good enough or deserving to be watched in theaters. do you want to know why httyd2 isn’t going to be shown in IMAX? Why Pixar is making finding dory to come out on the same day as httyd3? It’s because they have no faith in httyd or dwa. Prove them wrong. Make httyd2 super successful in the box office. Show Hollywood and critics that we care about the quality of a movie not who made it. DO.NOT.ONLY.WATCH.PIRATED.VERSIONS. Please. I cannot emphasize this enough.

This is not about the stupid frozen/httyd war. Stop that. This is about supporting a company that has been giving us their best in all their movies. Do not try to counter my argument with turbo and the bee movie. I will fight you on how they are still good movies. Just weird. Since dwa began, their animation had been top quality. For 20 years they’ve given us amazingly animated movies that no other company can compete against (details guys). Please support them. Let dwa continue for many more years. Watch httyd2 in theaters.