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Freddy & Bonnie: REVENGE



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Rebornica (Retired from the fnaf fandom)

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With the clang of the bell above the door to his shop, Mr. Gold didn’t cast a glance upwards. No, instead he was busy tinkering with the intricate inner workings of a classic pocket watch. Perhaps the changing of the time on the clock in the town had inspired him in to taking on this task today but he was occupying himself with attempting to fine tune the mechanics as they grew weaker through the years, losing a few seconds over time.

“We’re closed for lunch….” He spoke up, not wanting to tear his attentions away from the watch to see who precisely was there. 


Rami Malek photographed by Taylor Jewell for Bloomberg

He was the one to suggest to the show’s creator, Sam Esmail, that his character’s look be a little austere.
“They initially came to me with sketches from the designer that included this very loud and colorful backpack,” he says. “And I’m like, ‘I can’t wear this. This guy wouldn’t wear this.’ I kinda had this mild panic attack inside, like ‘This is not the way I see things. Where are we going with this?’”