Mr. Selfridge - 41/? times Lady Mae Madame Rennard acts like a boss (4x04) 

8 Bit Tarantino
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Several talented musicians have turned a few or Tarantinos best soundtrack choices into 8 bit covers, we’ve rounded up a few for your enjoyment! NutBonkers took on Misurlou, Aid999 covered the Kill Bill Theme (Battle Without Honor or Humanity),  xNerd96 did Little Green Bag from the Reservoir Dogs OST, and Mr Pixel Music reimagined Stuck In The Middle With You, also from Reservoir Dogs OST. (more…

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watchdog-of-seraph asked:

Would you happen to know anything when it comes to the OnS OST? I've been looking for the music that plays while Mr. Salt King battles the Demon of Destruction but I can't find it. Can you offer any help?

Funny that you ask. The 2nd season soundtrack is supposed to be released today, it seems. (I’m not sure and I don’t know where to find it. Sorry)


Grind Time Now presents: Mister Sell vs Dirt #BattleRap #GrindTimeNow #ThrowBack #GrindTime #SayItAgain

Game: Batman: Arkham Origins

The 8 assassins selected for the game were chosen for abilities which would challenge the game mechanics. The boss fights were inspired by Arkham City‍ '​s battle against Mr. Freeze, which tasked players with exploring the full range of Batman’s strategies and abilities to overcome the villain.