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No please get started on wolfstar/weasley get togethers!

ok so i have a lot of feelings about this. 

  • we all know that sirius and remus are that gross couple that gives joint presents on special occasions. 
  • so it’s christmas. and the weasley’s have invited EVERYONE over for a feast and harry will be sleeping over at the burrow with hermione and ron. 
  • remus and sirius arrive with harry because they have custody of him of course. remus made sirius wear a terrible looking christmas sweater. (they are matching). sirius is grumbling but he managed to save his sense of fashion by wearing a black collar and a bunch of rings. 
  • so tonks is like. bff’s with sirius and remus and also so she’s there obviously. and she and remus are the one leading the party games. 
  • remus love loves loves to snuggle up to sirius during the get together. and it becomes a thing that people just constantly try to take selfies with remus and sirius making out in the background. 
  • they aren’t really selfies because its mostly kingsly shacklebolt following around people with one of this big ass cameras that the wizards have.
  • mrs. weasley wins the game of photo bombing wolfstar. 
  • everything is hectic. 
  • every one decides to dance outside in the garden and bill enchants some candles to float so its really romantic and all the couples end up dancing. 
  • Arthur keeps kissing mrs. weasley’s forehead and sirius has his head in the crook of remus’s neck. harry and hermione and ron are dancing in a circle and for the first time everyone is really just. happy. 
  • sirius ends up singing horribly towards the end of the night. he’s really tipsy. 
  • Arthur starts singing with sirius and all remus and molly can do is think about how stupid and lovely their loved ones are.

in addition  sometimes wolfstar comes over just for tea and a normal get togethers. and usually its remus that pulls molly aside and chat about the order and (if you want to put this after the war) then about the healing that they are doing to the survivors of the battle of hogwarts. sirius is volunteering for counseling to the students that have suffered loss, and also to the parents that lost children. 

i just i love the weasley’s and sirius and remus having family time because they deserve it. 

DRtL Episode 42: The Book Was Better!

DRtL Episode 42: The Book Was Better!

“I’ve never seen the 50’s Vincent Price version … or, now that I stop to think about it, I don’t think I’ve seen the 60’s version, either … and I’m not sure I saw I Am Legend … . “ “Oh, my God — move on!” Welcome to our only slightly late episode! This time, we’re exploring that strange territory where the silver screen and your local bookstore collide. That’s right, this episode is…

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Hey, Ghetsis! Are you planning on battling any gym leaders? By the way, your pokemon are super cute.

“Aw, thank you!”

“Once my team is stronger, I will. Y’know, I wanna battle Mr Drayden in Opelucid City someday! It’ll prove that I’m a true Dragon Trainer and that my team is super strong! Fuchsia and Iris have the passion for fighting. It’s only a matter of time! But for now, I’m sticking to fighting other Trainers and wild Pokémon, and sometimes my friends. Lenora is keeping track of my progress. She’s really nice, and really pretty, too!~”

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you can't be an Avenger, Kori, you are with the Outlaws and Teen Titans.

“But they have spiders and ants and so many birds!” And they were all really cute so Kori doesn’t mind spending time with another group of heroes. “And its easy to follow Mr. Rogers into battle. He is good at it.” In contrast with how they often just launched into trouble with the Outlaws without much of a thought or the teen titans—who were teens. “I only have Robins back in the Titans. And one Nightwing.”


Master P’s Estranged Wife Sucking Him Dry - The Drop Presented by ADD #UrbanPopNews #ReDrop

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❛ that bad, huh? ❜

iron man ( 2008 ) sentence meme

    “Just slightly…”

She’s wincing a bit with each word, breathing was rough, probably had to do with her rib cage jagging against her lungs. This is what she gets for messing around with hardened criminals on her off time…

  Should’ve stayed in the circus and spent her free time reading books instead of DREAMING about getting out. Getting out got her poor and hungry. Getting out got her lost and painting her lungs with nicotine. Getting out got her SHOT.

    “I’m not dying or nothing…”
 She hoped not, death was probably- Death probably sucked, she wasn’t ready for that.
    “I could use a hug.” Wheeze. “Have any cute friends into hugging bleeding girls?”

Gematsu: Gundam Breaker 3 DLC Releasing in June

In total, the first add-on includes Gundam Breaker 3 original Gunpla Hyaki Shiki J and Break Dias, and an additional mission. It will be free to download and launch in June.

Hyaku Shiki J (Yeager)


Break Dias


The Battle Between Mr. Gunpla and Will


Eight years ago, a fierce battle unfolded between Mr. Gunpla (voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi) and Will (voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki). A mission where you battle their Gunpla from that time is also included.

■ Downloadable Content #2


A second piece of downloadable content is planned for release in 2016, and will include Gundam Barbatos (6th Form) and two other Gunpla, in addition to a new mission and builder parts.


New Orleans Trip Hilights
  • Welcome to Georgia! = 30mins off course
  • A jazzy Place - Chris & Erin’s Bed & Breakfast w/dog-bear, Sandy
  • Hangry, Hurricanes, Random guy projectile vomit
  • I’m a princess and Ms China
  • Cafe Degas, Oysters, Scultpures (fo free!)
  • Battling Pianos, Mr. Big
  • Laura Plantation
  • Bikes, bikes, bikes
  • Cafe Du Monde - the search for cash
  • Oak Alley Plantation lunch and free walk around 
  • Wedding procession 

I found some more old notebooks while looking for my eighth grade georgia studies notebook so of course I’m gonna share the doodles and margin notes.

  • “TANGO RUT!”
  • “can’t read my POKER FACE XD”
  • “she looks drunk LOCK!”
  • “Let the blood rush to your head~”
  • “Sorry >_>” “You don’t have to apologize you know.” “…not sorry.”
  • “The sack of choking beneficial & disastrous to group.”
  • “Hack a bunny shoot a baby.”
  • “Are there any battle axes.”
  • “The chastise band.”
  • “I chopped off his arm! I ain’t no coward no more, eh?!”
  • “Battle Axe: Roger the Soul Ripper.”
  • “Goin’ Deep! *picks up Aren and throws her at the bard*”
  • “Aren, ranger, & Leah tied up next to each other, shooting the breeze.”
  • “It’s a bird! It’s a plain! It’s…! Guan Xing?”
  • “*has a pink unicorn named Francis and wears some sparkly rainbow boots* Don’t look at me like that. I’m a serious man.”
  • “Pingy Boiiiii”
  • “I should’ve married the dwarf king.”
  • “Chikumbu: The reason there are black panthers.”

More airsoft gameplay footages at some hills. Enjoy!

*Also available in 1080p HD*

Battle to control Viacom heads to court

Battle to control Viacom heads to court


A combustible battle for control of Sumner Redstone’s vast media empire is headed for the courts after two directors launched legal action to challenge their removal from the trust which directs his controlling stakes in CBS and Viacom.

Philippe Dauman, Viacom’s chairman and chief executive officer, and Viacom director George Abrams accused the billionaire’s daughter, Shari, of “attempting…

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News story: Defence Secretary attends 75th Anniversary commemorations for the Battle of Crete

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon is visiting Greece to attend the 75th Anniversary commemorations for the Battle of Crete and hold talks with the Greek Defence Minister Panos Kammenos.

As part of the commemorations to honour those who laid down their lives in the battle, Mr Fallon and Mr Kammenos will lay wreaths at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Syntagna square, Athens, and at Keriti Memorial in Alikianos, Crete.

The Defence Secretary will also visit Souda Bay Naval Base where he will view the facilities used by the UK. Later in the evening he will attend a Commonwealth Remembrance Ceremony at the cemetery within the base and unveil a Commonwealth War Graves Commission information plaque.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said:

It is an honour to be in Greece to pay my respects to those civilians and troops who laid down their lives in the Battle of Crete. Unveiling a Commonwealth War Graves Commission plaque in the cemetery at Souda leaves a permanent mark of our remembrance.

75 years on, the British and Greek defence relations are even stronger and the importance of our relationship cannot be underestimated.

The Souda Bay Naval Base regularly provides essential assistance to Royal Navy ships operating in the Mediterranean or passing through on route to other locations around the world. The latest example is the key role the port is playing in ensuring the support of NATO activity to counter illegal people trafficking and migration in the Aegean Sea.

Aside from maritime cooperation, this spring the Red Arrows were hosted in Greece for fair weather pre-display season training and certification. In further deepening of defence relations we will also be placing a British officer on the staff of NATO Rapid Deployment Corps Greece next year.