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anonymous asked:

Why do you dislike Sonamy? It's heaps better and realistic than Sonally.

I agree that Sonamy makes more sense than Sonally, if we’re talking about Sonic’s character. But one shipping being more realistic than another one doesn’t mean I’m obligated to suddenly like the shipping.

But to answer your question, there’s no elaborate or unorthodox reason. It just doesn’t leave much of an impression on me, mainly because it’s so bland to me. A lot of Sonamy fanfiction depicts Amy as Miss Hope-Senpai-Notices-Me-Today (…or a yandere, I guess), and Sonic as Mr. It’s-Not-Like-I-Like-You-or-Anything-Baka (…or abusive, I guess), which isn’t a combo that I find particularly endearing or fascinating.

Of course you may chalk those up to fanfics being fanfics, and so the characters aren’t portrayed entirely correctly, but I don’t care for it in official material either. I didn’t care for how often it was teased slammed down with an anvil in Sonic X, so you can imagine how exasperated I felt by the time episode 52 rolled around and went full anime with them. (Although to be fair, I felt exasperated about that episode for other reasons as well, like Robotnik continuing to be a transparent excuse of an antagonist, and every character not named Sonic not being able to fight back without Sonic.)

I like Amy as a character. And I don’t hate Sonic as a character (I know he’s not one of my favourites, but I don’t dislike him to the same extent that I dislike guys like Mephiles and Nega). But them as a couple just doesn’t do anything for me, I’m afraid. I prefer them as close friends.

kaotickanine  asked:

To Cream, how and when did you learn to fly with your ears and, if you can recall, what were the circumstances behind it?

“My mother always told me I would do it while I was a baby! I could fly before I could walk! I guess I didn’t mean to do it, it just happened. Maybe that’s how Mr. Sonic found out how to run so fast?”