mr sonic

on this week’s round of “Is Sonic Boom Real?”, this homage to “Telephone Hour” from Bye Bye Birdie (sorry for the shit quality, I recorded this with my tablet)


Original Comic by @drawloverlala

Bird OC :: Wing-Adept
Cat OC :: rukasamuels
Fox OC :: @omegaoptimussupreme
Sonic :: Ryusuke (WrBlPro)

“Fist Bump” Cover by Jayhan
Sonic OVA Recreation OST by Mr Kingalocious


Here we have our first wave of finished commissions!

1) A full colored turf war squad pic of Team Parfait ordered by @sleeplessraccoon as a birthday gift for @rydiabun
2) Commission of @mr-mikey‘s Inkling OC Blake showing off his Pride with his specially themed Octobrush bristles & shirt!
3) Team busts of @clodcast‘s inkling squad :3
4) Fully colored Sonic OC in their !Boom outfit ordered by Deadly Sabertooth via email

Thank you very much for supporting me \ouo/

Tikal: “Imagine the universe as a big old cauldron, and chaos energy is the bubbly stew inside and the Master Emerald is the spoon. Now-”

Knuckles: “Oh, the Master Emerald isn’t a spoon. Its an emerald.”

Tikal: “…It’s a metaphor Knuckles.”

Knuckles: “No, it’s an emerald.”

Tikal: “…Alright fine it’s an emerald.”

Knuckles: *clapping* “Now you’re getting it!”