I DEFINITELY think the floating homes we see off in Lost Outpost are Salmonid Villages/Communities. 

Why do I think this?


-Green interior lights (green being a color heavily associated with salmonids)

-Homes surrounded by water/shifting tides (in which salmonids can survive in)

-Paintings of Salmon (This also proves my theory that the art we see everywhere in other stages is actually painted by Salmonids!)

Anyway, there’s a lot more to Salmonids than Mr. Grizz leads us to believe. 

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Here’s what to expect from act 2:

Sending Kara home for the night, Alex ends up at Maggie’s, ready to let the stress of the day take a backseat for some much-needed relief. Cat reassures Kara that they’re on the right track, reminding her of everything they’ve accomplished already, and Kara fills her in on what she learned about Mxyzptlk, while the man himself looks on, preparing to woo the woman of his dreams.


*** a little NSFW tonight folks***