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Blank. My mind was blank. I had to write about a life changing experience but how do you choose one? Everything is life changing. The way the rain hits the roof and slowly slips off, the feeling you get when you find a new favorite song and listen to it on repeat for days, the way he makes you feel when he touches your thigh. They all change your mood, day, your life. Getting an A in the class you thought you would fail, buying your first lanyard to put your first cars keys on. The little things add up to change the big picture. You can’t put together a puzzle without every single piece can you? Life is the puzzle, and asking for one life changing experience is like asking to put it together with only one piece.
—  love
Collins Security AU

Title: Collins Security AU

Pairing: Bodyguard!Jensen x Female Reader, Friendships with Misha and Bodyguard!Jared

Subject: Misha owns a private security firm and his two best friends, Jensen and Jared work for him as bodyguards. Y/N is an actress with a problem, she has a stalker.

Side Note: As a gift for my 100 Followers Celebration, I am posting this new work! For the purposes of this AU the boys are not married and are working for Misha. No hate please, and no disrespect for their real life or families, it was another one of those crazy dreams.

Warnings: Angst, Triggers for stalkers, blood, swearing, innuendo. PG-13 for now.

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HUGE thank you to my betas, superapplepies, wevegotworktodo and jerkbitchidjitassbutt. I love you all for your support and suggestions!

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One- J&J

Glancing at Jared over his 9mm, Jensen jerked his head to the right to indicate he was clearing the living room. Jared nodded and motioned he was ‘on his six,“ as he fell into step behind him. Hearing a low moan come from the kitchen, he cleared the room and kept moving.

Jensen’s heart beat a staccato pace as he realized the dark blotches were blood on the floor. Both men heard a muffled cry of pain and they entered the kitchen. Jensen’s heart nearly stopped at the sight of Y/N. She lay beside her kitchen island, eyes closed, blood seeping from multiple stab wounds. Jared grunted as if hit, and Jensen spun on the intruder as his friend hit the floor.

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Option One- Part 3

Ok, so this part is super close to my heart. And honestly I’m super nervous to post it. Mostly because this whole part came out of a talk I had with my therapist about my own body image issues. I morphed it in to this story in the hopes that maybe it will help someone else? And just a reminder, this isn’t the end of the story. I’m not saying Rae is fixed presto chango. It’s just a positive part of her life–or my version of her life. So anyway… I hope you like it! 

Also, I’m a little worried that it might sound a bit like something fanningon has written in her Series 3 or Series 4 fanfic but I’m not positive so if it is, I’m sure she did a better job of writing this stuff, and if not, you should still read her stuff because it’s awesome. Anyway… here’s part 3. I can’t decide if there will be one part left or two, but look forward to seeing the next part either tomorrow or Saturday. 

Part 3:

Rae wiped at the tears in her eyes, aching to be at home, in her bed, where no one could see her. She let out a ragged breath, feeling the pain of shame seeping from her every pore.

Rae’s body felt so wrong and achy from the confrontation. She cursed her thighs as they rubbed against each other with every step and her hips when they bumped into a bench in her haste to get home. She felt like a monster stomping around, too big and too horrendous for her world.

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