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Imagine: Your Dad Charles Getting Annoyed When He Sees You Making Out With Warren

“Warren stop my dad can catch us” “that hasn’t stopped us before” Warren muttered as his lips attached to your lips once again. He backed you up the wall, one hand on your waist, the other on the wall. “Mr. Worthington meet me in my office now” your dads voice boomed across the room. “Told you” “shut up” Warren hissed, pecking you and your lips goodbye.

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#43 (“You have no idea how much I want you right now.”) with Warren (Angel), please and thank you! Your writing is spectacular by the way! ❤️

43: “You have no idea how much I want you right now.”

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When Warren stepped out of the shower; he took a look in the mirror.

The hard creases in his stomach gave way to broad shoulders; broader than they’d ever been. His wings were getting heavier nowadays; he could feel the strain on his back when he lifted them, skin pulled by the huge span of feathers. They were dotted with water from the shower - damp and warm.

Showers were so difficult for him. They weren’t built for a guy who had huge wings jutting out of his spine - having to fold them just to get through the door was tragic. He’d once managed to catch his right one in the glass door, and god had that hurt. Blood staining the delicate white, washing down the shower drain.

Now, he was careful.
Wrapping a towel around his waist, he stepped through into his bedroom, feathers brushing the doorframe as he made his way to the bed.
She was laying there in pyjamas; hair in a halo around her face as she read her book quietly, pausing to lick her index finger as she turned the page.

God, that did things to him.
She turned, a devilish smile on her face as she looked him up and down.
“Mr. Worthington” she grinned “you’re looking a little risque tonight”.
He slid onto the bed next to her, calloused fingers reaching out to stroke her stomach. She shivered at his touch, sending adrenaline dancing through his fingertips.
“You have no idea how much I want you right now” she breathed, snaking her hands into the golden coils in his hair.

“Well then” he grinned, leaning over and flicking the switch on the bedside lamp.

Creature of Habit (XMEN) (smut)

Request: 13 with Angel (Warren) from the Xmen please + Archangel from Xmen apocalypse smut

Note: smut duh, dirty talk, readers mutation is more physical than anything; they have large patches of scales all over body and like kind of like a lizard? Quick reflexes, flexibility and ability to grow limbs back. That sounds weird af but I like it.  Also, I really enjoyed this.

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Title: The Fairy and the Angel

Length: 2,687

Rating: T

Warning: some cussing, discrimination, mutantphobia, talks of pain and emotional issues

Pairings: Warren Worthington III x Reader

Original Request: Can you do a warren fic !!! One where his father makes him go to a dinner for the business and he meets the reader and falls head over heels ?(I know it doesn’t go with the one for xmen apocalypse but rather the old movies !!) just fluff and cuteness !! ❤️❤️☺️☺️💕💕💕

A/N: @sweetievalencia You requested this a while ago so here you are. Sorry its so late. I have a lot of requests. Yes, there will be a part 2.

“Dad, I really don’t want to go to this stupid dinner.” Warren said turning to face his father whom he had been arguing with for the past 20 minutes. Warren’s family was hosting this really nice dinner party to welcome some new guy to the board. Warren knew the only reason this board member was being welcomed in this way was because he had a lot of money and a lot of sway with other biotech companies.

“Warren, this dinner is critical for the board, Mr. Y/L/N and his family are coming for dinner and I expect you to be present.” Mr. Worthington walked over to his son’s closet and picked out a very expensive button up Warren hated and nice pants he also hated and threw them on his unmade bed. He looked at his semi-nude 16 year old son with a visible frown on his face. Warren was still dressed in nothing but his boxers. “Put your clothes on. This meeting is critical and you shall be present whether you like it or not.”

“Have you forgotten something?” Warren looked over at the clothing and then pointed behind him gesturing to his wings. Warren’s wings flared out behind him. He really just wanted to go flying, not sit in a hard chair for two hours. “How ya gonna explain these?”

“Simple, his oldest daughter was cursed with the same affliction as you were. So, it won’t be a problem. All you have to do is wear your harness to keep them as contained as possible.” Mr. Worthington said the word affliction like it was the foulest word he could think of. Warren hated that word every time he heard it. His wings were an affliction. Never a mutation. Never a gift or a blessing. Always nothing more than a simple affliction. Like it was something that could be cured with a simple shot or an antibiotic. He also tried to pretend he didn’t feel a jolt of pain in his chest whenever his dad said things like that about him.

“Or I could just not go and you could let me go flying until they leave.” Warren countered sitting on his bed. Mr. Worthington knew he was gonna lose his patience with his only child.

“Alright Warren, here is a deal for you: You go to this dinner, and act on your best behavior, I’ll let you go flying for one hour tomorrow afternoon.” Warren perked up at the notion.

“You swear?” Warren asked looking his dad dead in the eye.

“I swear.”

“I want it in writing.” Warren said remembering some of the business lessons his father had taught him.

“That’s my boy. Now, get dressed. They will be here in fifteen minutes and I expect you to be ready by then. I also expect you to be nice to their oldest daughter. She’s has a similar problem as you so you two will do well to be nice to one another.” Mr. Worthington walked out of his son’s room so he could get dressed.

Warren put his hands in his face wondering why this had happened to him. Affliction. Cursed. Problem. How come his dad couldn’t just accept him how he was? Warren sighed heavily and reached for his wing harness on the nightstand. God how he hated this thing. It always hurt his wings to wear it but he figured it would be worth it when he got to flying tomorrow. Warren threw on the clothes his father had picked out being careful to put his shirt on correctly. The clothes had been specially cut up the back and had Velcro sewn into the back so he could slip his clothes over his back without blocking his wings. If he could he’d go without a shirt all the time he probably would.

“Let’s get this over with.” He said to himself and took a moment to brush out his curly blonde hair. His harness was already beginning to make his wings cramp like a motherfucker.

In the back of the car with your little sister Katie and your little brother Joshua, you were still sulking. Your parents were in the front seat driving. Your dad kept looking back at you from the driver’s seat. You glared at him every time. He had forced you into this and made you wear a tight black dress which you hated. You preferred loose clothes and jeans as opposed to this. You were supposed to go to this dinner party being hosted by his new boss. You had expressed your disdain for two weeks prior to this night but you were being forced to go anyway.

“Y/N! You had better straighten out young lady.” You dad said after the fifth time you glared at him.

“I would if you hadn’t made me go!” You said back sinking lower into your seat. Next to you your little sister was playing with a doll to keep her quiet and your baby brother, who was only eight months old, was babbling away in his baby seat.

“This dinner is very important for my work. My boss requested my whole family join him. If I worm my way into his good graces we will be one step closer to the cure for your condition.” You gave him the dirtiest look you could manage. Condition. Disease. Problem. Issue. You had heard them all. He called your mutation everything but what it was, a mutation. You, however, loved it.

You mutation gave you the power to control plants and the earth but it also had a side effect, it gave you pointed ears like an elf or a fairy. You liked them though. They made you special. You even made up your own mutant name. You secretly called yourself Fairy or Fae sometimes.

“Then why did I come? How you gonna explain these?” You argued pointing to your ears.

“Easily. It seems Mr. Worthington’s own son has the same affliction you have. I expect you to be nice to him.” He explained making a quick turn. “Here we are. I expect everyone to be on their best behavior.”

“I don’t have to get out of this car.” You muttered. Your dad pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed heavily.

“Alright then, tomorrow, so long as you wear your Peru hat, you can go to the mall for two hours by yourself.” Your dad never let you leave the house even for school. You would take anything at this point.

“You swear on grandma’s grave?” You knew that was the only thing he held above his work.

“Yes, I swear.” He said. You glared at him but forced a smile on your face.

“Let’s go eat with your boss then.”

When you walked into the penthouse you were not surprised by anything you saw. The walls were beautifully, almost gaudily, decorated; the whole place was spotless from floor to ceiling. There was a maid standing in the corner pouring drinks. Something else you noticed, the building had weirdly low ceilings. You were surprised until Mr. Worthington shook you out of it when he walked up.

“Nice to see you Mr. Y/L/N!” he greeted your dad.

“Good to see you too Warren.” Your dad said back shaking Mr. Worthington’s hand.

“Now, now, there are two of us tonight. Son!” Mr. Worthington called out and a kid your age walked in. He was the most beautiful man you had ever seen. He had curly blonde hair and eyes that went from blue to gray in an instant. He was tall, built like a god, and wore a nice outfit making him look even more handsome. Then you saw them. You saw the most beautiful set of wings on his back. Suddenly, the low ceilings made sense. His dad didn’t want him flying in the house. You carefully brushed your Y/H/C hair back exposing your ears. Both Worthingtons saw them. The younger one gave you a surprised look, but gave a small smile. The older one held a look of disdain. “This is my son, Warren Worthington the third. Warren, this is Mr. Y/L/N, his wife, and their children.”

“Nice to meet you all.” He said sticking his hand out to shake your dad’s hand. Your dad didn’t offer his own, but you did.

“I accept your greeting on behalf of my family.” You said with a smile. Everything in the room went silent. You looked him dead in the eyes and he gently shook your hand. He looked back. Your heart skipped a beat. When you both let go and stepped back Mr. Worthington cleared his throat.

“How about I have Eliza get us all drinks and then we can all eat and discuss business? Warren, why don’t you show the children around?” You guessed Eliza was the maid standing off in the corner. You saw your father visibly tense up at Mr. Worthington’s words.

“Actually, my wife needs to mind the baby and our littlest daughter, my oldest daughter Y/N, however, will keep your boy company.” Your dad nudged you in Warren’s direction as your mom and little siblings walked to another room with your dad and his boss right behind them.

“Looks like you and me are the outsiders looking in tonight.” He said to you. Your eyes ran over his perfect jaw line.

“Looks like it.” You agreed looking down at the plush white carpet and then back up to Warren.

“Wanna go on the roof?” he asked giving you a wicked grin.

“Can I have a lift?” You teased. He smirked.

“Not tonight, I have to be good which means I stay harnessed, but I have a ladder installed outside my window.” He started walking down the hall and you followed after him. You couldn’t help but notice he looked just as good from behind.

He couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you were. Your Y/E/C eyes and your Y/H/C hair were gorgeous. You had a lovely smile and quite honestly, your body was smoking in that black dress. Your skin was soft and your ears were cute. He thought you were a little pixie. There was no doubt he was into you.

On the roof you looked out over the city and sat next to the hottest guy you had ever seen. The night was cold but not too cold. The view was breathtaking just like Warren. It was perfect. You both had been staring at each other.

“So, when did yours show up?” he asked out of the silence.

“I got the ears when I was seven, powers came when I was nine.” You answered. He lifted his hand and gave you a “May I?” gesture. You nodded and he ran the edges of his fingers over your sensitive ears. You closed your eyes for a moment.

“What can you do?” he asked not lowering his hand.

“I control the Earth. I can grow plants and stuff.” You motioned towards some ivy growing up the side of the building. You waved and it grew into an arch over yours and his heads. He looked impressed.

“Not bad. What do you call yourself? Mother Nature? Poison Ivy?” he laughed.

“I prefer Fairy. Or Fae for short. My real name is Y/N Y/L/N.” You looked towards his back. “What about you, Warren?” He flinched at his name.

“I prefer to be called Angel. Mine showed up when I was ten.” You lifted your hand and made the same gesture to him that he had made to you. He nodded and you gently ran your fingers though his feathers letting the very tips touch over the sharp talons on the ends of them. “My dad was furious he had a freak for a son.”

“Well, that makes two of us. My dad is so worried my siblings are gonna be mutants too he’s been looking into a vaccine for it. Can you believe that?” You shook your head in anger. You could sense Warren’s anger too. Yours was as long standing and deep seeded as his was.

“Are you kidding? My dad wants a cure altogether. For now, he keeps me harnessed and locked in my room all the time. He won’t even let his staff see me, no one except Eliza but only cause her nine year old daughter is one of us too.” Warren remembered the day he almost fired Eliza but chose to keep her as a private maid for Warren. Warren always liked Eliza like a second mom. His first one was dead.

“My dad refuses to let me leave the house even for school! He makes a tutor come over and I have to wear this gross, itchy hat all day. You are the only person my age I have seen outside of my TV! God, I hate him!” You yelled. “Mom’s no help either. She never says a word, always agrees with my dad, she’s too busy keeping me away from Katie and Josh cause she’s afraid I’ll hurt them or make them mutants too.” You couldn’t help but spill your guts to him. You knew he was the only one who understood.

“My dad is the biggest prick on the planet. He makes Eliza bring all my school work to my room, never lets me out to go flying, and always takes me to this doctor so they can poke, prod, cut, and drain me so they can do more tests to find a cure. Then, after all that, they clip my wings so I can’t go flying.” Warren’s hands shook with his anger.

“Sometimes, I wish my dad would just give me a little bit of money and throw me out but he never will. He can’t risk anyone seeing me or letting me tell the papers what he’s doing.” You wiped your eyes as they got misty. Warren reached over and patted your back. His hand stayed there.

“You know what, one of these days we should both run away.” He said still not moving his hand.

“Run away to where?” you asked.

“Wherever we want! We can go travelling. I can fly us anywhere and you could make whatever food we need. We wouldn’t need much at all. We could go far away.” He looked out over the city and removed his hand from your back.

“But we just met each other!” you said wondering where this came from. More than likely, this was a way you both could not be so lonely while you two faced your life sentences.

“So, we’d have all the time in the world to learn everything about the other.” Warren smiled. It felt good to make a plan like that. You felt a tingle as his hand reached down and touched yours.

“When we go back inside, I’ll give you my number that way you can call me in secret that way we can keep making plans.” You said smiling. You both laced your fingers together.

“Warren?!” you both heard suddenly. You both looked down and saw Eliza sticking her head out of the window. “Your father says for you and Miss Y/L/N to join the rest for dinner.” Warren nodded and Eliza stuck her heard back inside.

“Looks like we have to go back to making nice.” He sighed. Your hands were still laced together.

“Let them wait a minute.” You said with a naughty smile. He looked at you and you leaned forward. Your lips pressed against this and his pressed right back. It lasted maybe 10 seconds, but it was the greatest and most perfect 10 seconds of your life. It was also your first kiss. If you had to guess, it was his too.

“We should go.” He said. “Ladies first.” He beckoned towards the ladder.

You both climbed down the ladder into his messy bedroom covered in metal band posters and feathers on the carpet. You two kissed once more at his door before letting go of each other and walking out to the dining area.

Little did you know how much your life would change from that moment on.

Part 2 coming soon!