mr wills

If you wonder why Mr. Big was so willing to help Judy & Nick “interrogate” Duke...

Remember that this here might be Kevin’s or Raymond’s cousin:

And if a family member of a made man gets hurt… the whole Family gets hurt.

There was no love lost between Mr. Big and Duke that day.

There was only malice in the shrew’s voice as he ordered, “ICE THIS WEASEL!”

Also notice that Fru Fru doesn’t seem to be disturbed, at all:

She knew personally Kevin/Raymond’s cousin, and although the cousin was not a “made man”, he was a very kind polar bear, and Fru Fru really liked him.

Fru Fru had no objection whatsoever on icing this weasel that indirectly caused the cousin become savage.

She even personally requested her father to be allowed to witness as they iced the weasel.

Archaeologists and Metal Detectorists Find Common Ground

NEW LONDON, Conn. — Keith Wille was metal detecting in the woods of Connecticut a few years ago when he found a triangle of brass about two-and-a-half inches long with a small hole in the middle. He thought little of the find at first, and threw it in his scrap pile. Mr. Wille, 29, is a manager at a survival training company, but spends most of his spare time metal detecting.

In September, Mr. Wille drove from his home here to the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center with several boxes of objects — the highlights of his recent collecting. The museum — a vast, glassy structure that looks like an airport terminal, complete with a 185-foot-tall traffic-control-style tower — is a testament to the years when the Foxwoods Resort Casino made the Pequots the wealthiest tribe in the nation. Although those fortunes have declined, the Pequots are still financing projects by the archaeologist Kevin McBride, who works full time on what Lori A. Potter, a spokeswoman for the Mashantucket Pequot Nation, called “history that’s written by the conquered and not by the conqueror.” Read more.

“Everyone has a purpose, every action has a meaning. I believe in destiny. There must be a reason that I am as I am. There must be.” - Robin Williams

Rest in peace to this man who brought me light in my darkest of days and always reminded me how to laugh or smile. Such a talented man who I will forever owe ♡

*James and Lily writing out their wills*
  • Peter: I don't see what the fuss is over this whole will business. When I die, everything goes to my ma.
  • Sirius: That's great, Wormtail, but what if she dies first?
  • Peter: Shut up. Shut up, Padfoot. SHUT UP, THE WHOLE SICK LOT OF YOU.
I’ll Tell You A Story

In the King’s Wood, there lived a mother and her cub.

She loved him very much, but there were other things that lived in the woods,

evil things, like stags and wolves. He could hear them howling in the night. The little cub was frightened.

His mother said, “You are a lion my son, you mustn’t be afraid.”

“For one day all the beasts will bow down to you.”

“You will be king.”

“All the stags will bow,”

“all the wolves will bow,”

“the bears of the North and the foxes of the south,”

“all the birds in the sky”

“and beasts in the sea.”

“They will all come to you little lion, to rest a crown upon your head.”

And the cub said, “Will I be strong and fierce like my father?”

“Yes,” said his mother, “you will be strong and fierce, just like your father.”

My favorite expressions from all the comics I made for slipshine this year! I would like to thank JB3 for being fantastic and hope we do even more comics together next year.

I have learned a lot about my art and where to focus on. My growth as an artist will never stop. Many projects are also going to be released in 2016!


I was rereading @weatheredlaw‘s A Fairer House and.

I was finishing it up and got all emotional and just exclaimed “SHE IS WILLING, MR. WILDE.“

And my grandma just peered in at me and stared at me like i’d lost my mind.

i’m very vocal about fluff.

and now i keep getting side glances from my grandma. 


off to a banging start today.

The Boy Next Door (a Nate Maloley smut imagine)

PART 2!!!! 👆🏻Part 1 is here 👆🏻

lesleygranagos sorry it’s taken so long god I’ve been so busy! But it’s here now hope you like it and let me know if I should turn this into a fanfic/mini series or something or whatever haha!

Nates POV

“Man I have no idea where I’m going” I nudge the guy standing next to me at the lockers of my new school, I’ve just moved here from Omaha. “Chill haha you’ve got English now right?” I nod “with Mr. Wills” I nod again and he gestures for me to follow him. “See the thing is with Mr. Wills is he’s quite laid back and he’s that teacher that pretty much every student loves cause he’s funny and knows how to teach and at the same time let you have fun” “not bad then for my first class at this school”.

We both walk up the stairs to English and just before we walk into the classroom he turns back to me “I’m Dillon by the way, moved her from Indiana like 2 years ago” “I’m Nate, moved here from Omaha Nebraska like 2 weeks ago” we both laugh before composing ourselves and heading into class. “Aah Dillon nice of you to join us” Mr. Wills jokes and Dillon laughs along before taking his seat next to some other dude.

“You must be Nate, the new student from Omaha” he raises his eyebrows at me as he walks over to his desk and gets something out of his folder. “Here is a list of the books we are studying this year and here is a list of all the things I want you to look into in order to catch yourself up a bit as you’ve missed a few weeks” I smile and nod and then I look around in confusion as to where I’m supposed to sit that’s when I look over at the other side of the classroom only to find the girl that lives next door to me! The one that I got with the other day! Shit.

“Nate if you’d like to take a seat next to y/n over there, here’s your folder and your book” I smile a little before heading over. I sit next to her and i put my bag down next to my feet. “Hey” she chirps, someone’s in a good mood must be because I’m here, “sup lil mama” I see her blush in the corner of my eye. Should be fun working with her every day.


I bump into Dillon on my way to Math class and we arrange to meet after school before be heads to his class and I head to mine when all of a sudden I get pulled into this dark room! I think it might be the janitors closet, suddenly the lights come on and I see y/n. “I knew you wanted more from the second I sat next to you in English earlier” she giggles but I stop her by putting my hand over her mouth! “I’m assuming we’re gonna have to be quiet, can’t get caught now can we baby girl” she nods her head no and then I take my hand away.

“Jump” she does as I say and she wraps her legs around my waist and her hands rest on my shoulder. I suck on her neck and I’m sure that I’ll be leaving marks when I’m done with her but I don’t care, I put her down and she slides her panties down her legs, lucky for me she has a skirt on, easy access. I undo the button on my jeans and pull down the zipper before picking her up again and slamming into her. “You might wanna lock the door” she pants. I walk backwards and use one hand to quickly lock the door.

I then continue thrusting in and out of her at a fast pace and I look at her to see her biting her lip and then she rests her head in my neck and I hear her moan quietly into my ear. “Fuck when you moan baby girl it turns me on” she then rests one hand on my shoulder and the other she rests on the back of my neck, playing with my hair and tugging at it every now and then. “Omg keep going I’m close” I slam into her as hard as I can a few times before she comes undone in front of me. “Mhmm” she moans quietly again and then I kiss her passionately before putting her down.

Dam this girl got me feeling some type of way. She puts her panties back on and I do my zip up and the button on my jeans and I unlock the door, “okay I’m gonna walk out then you follow two minutes after me” she says before kissing my cheek and opening the door, “thank you” I say and she chuckles before walking out and shutting the door. Did I really just say thank you to a girl what the hell is wrong with me! She’s doing something to me and whatever it is I like it.


The bad thing about being from other Worlds meant being away from Worlds he liked for so long. What might feel like a few days time to Sora, it could be weeks or months to another World. Time had a weird way of working in that case. He wasn’t quite sure how long he had been away ( he never really asked ) but he certainly didn’t expect to be out here of all places.

Here, being a graveyard.

At first, all he had done was head to Wildkat like any normal visit. He and Mr. Hanekoma ended up chatting for a little while, until the subject of Joshua was brought up. From the way he phrased it, his friend was in some sort of funk. Of course, Sora was concerned. He wanted to help! Fortunately, Mr. Hanekoma was willing to show him the way. Well, as in writing down some directions. It had taken some time, but Sora managed to find it. He almost wasn’t sure this was the place… until he saw just who he was looking for.

He approached slowly, but he didn’t make any attempt to call out to him like he normally would have. Last time he had really visited a Graveyard probably was in Halloween Town… somehow this one looked a lot less creepy than those ones. He made sure to be careful not to step on any flowers placed against headstones. Once Sora got closer, only then did he speak up.