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First Convention of 2017!

Hello all! Thank for coming out to support us at our first convention of 2017! Anime Shogatsu was a blast and we look forward to returning! We introduced our $20 mystery bags and hope they can be part of our regular line up!

We are so excited to share with you our inventory line up that will be coming in over the next few months! Stay tuned!


Feedback Time! Mr. Jinbei-San, Whale Shark by SanX

Hello all!

I was introduced to this character awhile ago and personally loved him (dat pouch!)

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of buzz and interest in this character here and there so I decided to make a post to get some feedback if you would like us to stock merchandise from this character.

Because the line is so extensive, please let me know what items you would like to see! You can PM or email at or replies!

Thank you!

As most of you know, when I’m reading a story a lot of the time I relate it to a particular song or piece of music. I decided to make a master post with all the autumn exchange fics I read and their respective songs. Enjoy! Steph xo

* Business & Pleasure by Ashley @justanchorandhope                                        Black Lab - This Night (

* Sweet Nothing by Alice @afitzgeraldfic                                                           MS MR - All The Things Lost (

* These Days by Nat @stylesprimes                                                                  Dan Auerbach - When The Night Comes ( // The Veils - Sun Gangs (

* Space Oddity by Kath @bioluminescentwriting                                          Patrick Watson - Luscious Life (

* Don’t You Play A Song About Love by Essie @alwaysinstylesfics                     The Big Pink - Velvet (

* Double Vision by Hannah @beggingforfics                                                     Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Hysteric (

* Breathless by Sav @lifesbetterasamermaid                                                       Roo Panes - Indigo Home (

* Treble & Bass by Essie @alwaysinstylesfics                                                   Thomas Newman - Whisper of a Thrill (

* My Heart’s For You, It Lies Awake by Em @hurrricanes                                   Pogues - Love You Til the End (

* Beers, Booths, & Bisous by Fran @fromherlips                                                Leon Bridges - Smooth Sailin’ (

* Don’t Stray by Lissie @actmyageofficial                                                       Metric - Wanderlust (

* Little Green by Kath @bioluminescentwriting                                                 Modest Mouse - Blame It On the Tetons (

* We’ll Be Outlaws by Noelle @inficwetrust                                                  Misstress Barbara - I’m Running (

* Better Than Pumpkin Spice by Allison @littlebird006                                 Freelance Whales - We Could Be Friends (

* Turn Up The Light That Keeps Me Awake by Alice @afitzgeraldfic                    Lord Huron - The Night We Met (

* Beautiful Boy by Nicki @inkoasis                                                                       TV on the Radio - Keep Your Heart (

* High Hopes by Erin @blacklungsblueeyes                                                      Sam Roberts - Words and Fire (

* Letters to the Sky by Nicki @inkoasis                                                     Trespassers William - Fragment (

* Caffeine & Gravity by Dagny @dagnywrites                                            Aqualung - You Turn Me Around (


Riptide Easter Eggs!

So riptide actually has a few easter eggs in and out of the map. Firstly you have 4 grunts placed mainly outside of the map that look insanely happy, then you have a box them resembles the box used to summon Mr. Meeseeks in Rick and Morty (god help us all if this becomes a useable item)

Outside of the map you will find some deck chairs, from there you can sit down and enjoy the view as pelicans do an awesome fly by across the water and then above you and to finish it off one of those “space whales” jumping out of the water.

Ps. These are what grunts look like when they’ve had to much food nipple.

❮Since the Pemalites considered everyone a friend, their ship’s adapted to accommodate different life-forms. You touch one of the interface panels throughout the ship, your life-form is analyzed, and the ship provides you with the correct environment.❯

❮How do we get in and shut off the signal?❯ I said, heading for a deserted dune far away from the crowd around the whale.

❮Mr. King gave us an access code that’ll get us into the main computer,❯ Jake said, his tone sardonic. ❮Everybody memorize it: Six.❯

❮Six?❯ I said.

❮Six,❯ he confirmed.
—  Book #27: The Exposed, pg. 82 (by K.A. Applegate)