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First Convention of 2017!

Hello all! Thank for coming out to support us at our first convention of 2017! Anime Shogatsu was a blast and we look forward to returning! We introduced our $20 mystery bags and hope they can be part of our regular line up!

We are so excited to share with you our inventory line up that will be coming in over the next few months! Stay tuned!

for the record, mr. krabs has been attracted to:

  • at some point, a whale (since his biological daughter is a whale)
  • mrs. puff (krusty love, whirlybrains)
  • a penny (krab borg, various other episodes)
  • plankton, as himself (new leaf, married to money)
  • plankton, as a seemingly sentient and female wad of cash (married to money)
  • patrick as patricia (that’s no lady)
  • spongebob as Obsessive Snail Lady (sanctuary)
  • the pirate captain (pull up a barrel)
  • don grouper (goodbye krabby patty)
  • howard blandy (selling out)
  • possibly slicker sam at some point (issue 16 of the sb comics)
  • well he wasn’t really attracted to the mailman but krabs definitely seduced him into eating a krabby patty (good krabby name)

Feedback Time! Mr. Jinbei-San, Whale Shark by SanX

Hello all!

I was introduced to this character awhile ago and personally loved him (dat pouch!)

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of buzz and interest in this character here and there so I decided to make a post to get some feedback if you would like us to stock merchandise from this character.

Because the line is so extensive, please let me know what items you would like to see! You can PM or email at or replies!

Thank you!

anonymous asked:

2&13&19 with dylan o'brien? ☺️

Mr. Whale

2.“Right now I really want to hug you.”
13.“I’m gonna lay down and die for like half hour okay?”
19.“ Please… I’m looking at you with my puppy eyes.”

A/N: I’m really sorry about posting this so late, but I was really busy lat week.


Dylan and I are together about a year now. And we have our own couple life, and we try to accomplish all of the couple goals. Like we go to the gym every morning, which I hate the most. A lot of people say, that we are the perfect couple, and we are so cute together, so it seems to work.

Dylan and I went to the grocery shop to get food for our movie night. We have a movie night every Friday night, it’s just become our habit. Dylan was searching for drinks, while I decided to get our favorite snack, but then I saw something what I can’t leave here.

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