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I’d love to write all of these requests that people are making of me, but! Caveat! I also just got slammed with a veterinary bill for one of my cats that is just… stupid. So, I’m opening commissions in the hopes that some of you (any of you!) would be willing to, well, let’s just call it what it is:


A 3k fic usually takes me an estimated 6-8 hours to write (and do it some sort of justice). And I’m not even asking for the minimum wage, here, so you’re getting my writing at a steal!

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BAAB Think Piece: Pablo Pop Up Store by Tshiamo Ramano

Kanye West: a name with which you can’t avoid coming across in the media or in the conversations of those around you. I have a love-hate relationship with Mr West’s art and my opinion of the artist himself is bitter-sweet. Nevertheless, I went to check out the TLOP pop up store in Cape Town and immediately felt the need to call my sister and let her know. My sister, who thinks of Kanye as an intellectual fraud, responded to my call by labeling me as “trendy” and “one of those”. She then questioned my inclination towards a R500 printed T-shirt. She argued that we have local fashion designers selling similar merchandise and concepts, yet we’re not as keen to support them as much as international designers such as Kanye West himself. However, this argument is only partially valid since the idea of either supporting Kanye West or your local designer is a false dichotomy. Who said that if I support the one then I cannot simply support the other?

It appears that all the controversy associated with Kanye West makes it hard for any individual to support his work without being judged. However, my decision to support his art and fashion does not mean that I am supporting the individual himself. Similar to how you could support the movement of a political party without having to support the party itself.

I personally found that the TLOP Tour collection had been deliberately conceptualised to either look like a simple printed t-shirt, hoodie, cap or bomber jacket. It is a plain collection, with simple designs. Nothing amazing, really. The price of the clothing matched against its designs is what had left people dazed. “You’re paying for Kanye West” they say. “You’re one of those” they say. Maybe so.

I may have payed for Kanye West, but I also I bought an idea that was conceptualized and materialized into a simple printed t-shirt. A certain thought process occurred amongst Kanye’s team of creatives that eventually produced that same simple printed T-shirt. I bought the T-shirt because I grew sentimental to the pop up store when I figured that a) the merchandise was limited and b) the designs are unique to the cities in which the merchandise is sold.

Isn’t it funny how we are judged solely on the amount of money we’re willing to spend on products and services? Never mind that in this world dominated by capitalism, you can’t escape being controlled and misled by brands, whether it’s in fashion or even in the food industry. Perhaps one should not judge the act of supporting a brand but rather the motives behind it. Either way, when is the influence of a celebrity ever not used to appeal to the youth? So yes, I also bought the T-shirt because it’s Kanye West, duh.

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