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Trollhunters Theory:

Jim has Troll blood.

Just hear me out…..Ok, so we know the amulet has never picked a trollhunter of human blood. And why, out of all humans, is Jim selected?

One. He has a father we don’t know barely anything about. He just left one day, mysteriously. If Jim’s father was a changling, that would make sense. Maybe he was forced to leave. Maybe he didn’t want to follow through with the plans to complete the bridge and basically destroy mankind (since he now had a family and a son).

Two. In one early scene, Toby accuses Mr. Strickler of being a changling. Jim just laughs and says,

“If he’s one, I’m one.”

Coincidence? Maybe…but, does this mean Jim has troll in his bloodline? Is his father possibly a changling?


Happy 115th Birthday to Walter Elias Disney, born on December 5th, 1901.

Dear Mr Walt Disney, this is a letter, to let ya know because of you a lot of things are better
I went to Disney World, Boy! Some imagination
won’t you build a whole nation
And it’s all in your name, nobody can get it twisted
Disney’s sweet safe, and magnificent

Neverland is the way I would like real life to be… timeless, free, mischievous, filled with gaiety, tenderness, and magic.
—  Mary Martin

What most people think a Disney game should be like:

No they don’t. All those movies were better without you.)

What a Disney game should actually be like: