mr walmart

[at walmart]
my mom: *whispering* the soup here is so much more expensive than at other stores!
me: why are you whispering? do you think Mr. Walmart is watching us….is Big Papa Walmart is gonna send his goons after us

this guy is selling stuff next to us noticed my bart simpson shirt which led to a big ole futurama conversation thats so cool o.o also the Other booth next to us one of them has a zelda 3ds

im surrounded by Nerds!

today while i was out at walmart walking into the store i saw a sweet little old man pushing a cart that was overflowing with all the stuff he had just bought and he looked like he was having a little trouble and i felt kinda bad so i tried to help and as i approached him i heard him swearing under his breath and then he suddenly looked up and caught eyes with me and whispers “…all i wanted was some milk