mr tuxedo pants

now hunny, i :) don’t :) give :) a :) shit :) if aunt carol drives you up the walls, i’ve had to deal with her since i was a kid so you don’t have any place to say that to me! now go out there and give carol her damn red wine! you are gonna listen to her story about the time she went on her first date after her husband left her because she dedicated a shrine to their cat mr. tuxedo pants! she really likes this new guy and she isn’t letting him leave, he tried to lie about moving to canada and she found out he wasn’t and told him how happy :) she :) is :) that :) he :) doesn’t :) want :) to :) leave :) her. :) now go out there she has a damn present for you it is a photograph album of all the times she cut off her cats fur and stuck it on you before we caught her everytime…your aunt is just! misunderstood! …just get your ass out there, i’m trying to curl my damn hair, you hear me bridgette?!