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deal | pt 1 (m)

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summary: the years spent working hard had really paid off and was it so wrong to want to rub that in a few faces? The cliché mean girls that often teased you for not doing anything with your hair or clothing, wouldn’t it be great to show off someone like Jungkook? High school reunion au + ceo!jeon

word count: 6,366 

part two | part three 

Eyes like ice, cold and calculating narrow over the rim of a wine glass. Soft lips press to the polished glass, the crimson complimenting tan skin. If it weren’t for the soft dent between his brows you would have assumed he had not heard you. He takes his time allowing the wine to caress his palate, eyes closed as he savors the taste.  As always, he makes you wait until the wine glass is drained of it’s dark contents. You ponder on the taste, if it is bitter upon his tongue much like his words.

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Boss's Orders

Boss’s Orders (m)

Word count: 2.6k

Genre: filth, apparently I have a thing for shameless office sex ;)

I tried a different style of writing for this one… anyway, enjoy.

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I was doing some faxing for Mr. Park, my boss. He was making me work late, yet again. He had made me work late a lot these past few weeks. Sometimes a couple of other people were with me but tonight I was the only one left.

He had gotten on to me because one of my reports was messed up. It wasn’t a surprise to me that one out of the twenty I was given, at the same time, was not perfect. Mr. Park always got pretty mad with me for unknown reasons. Or I just was around when he’d need to take his pent up anger out on someone. It was sad that the only reason I put up with him was because I needed this job… and that I was insanely attracted to him. Although, I felt especially attracted to him when he got on to me. There was something about his aggressive, hard voice that made my knees weak and my panties wet. He’d sometimes slam his fist on his desk and i’d have to bit my lip to keep from moaning.

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Mr. and Mrs. Kim (M)

Words: 2229

Warning: Smut, cursing, teasing.

Reader X Taehyung 

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Arranged marriage. That was the most awkward, annoying and trashy thing that could’ve happened in your life. Marry with a guy who doesn’t love you? With a guy who doesn’t care about you? Shit. Of course, you couldn’t deny your own cultural traditions, but it didn’t mean you were happy about that.

 Kim Taehyung was your husband for 6 months now. Yeah he was completely gorgeous, hot and stuff but he couldn’t be less worried about you. And that sucked. You just wanted attention. Was that ask too much to have a little of caressing from your husband? It was pretty clear he didn’t love you.

 The sex was completely robotic. No emotions, no feelings, no cuddling after. Actually you had never come.

Nice marriage.

  “We are gonna be late, Y/N!” Taehyung screamed at you. You were finishing your make up. You both were going to a party, and you were fucking excited. You would finally have some fun. You wore a black, lacy dress that did draw your curves. You smiled to yourself when you caught Taehyung’s eyes wide when he saw you.

  Once there, you and Taehyung get away from each other, going to talk to your own friends. It was common. You never spend time together at parties.

  “Oh my god, Y/N, you look amazing!” your friend greeted you. Finally.

  “Thank you! So do yours” you hugged her. You loved her.

A couple drinks after; you started talking about your marriage.

 "It sucks. I’m not happy. I’m not fucking happy" you said, “I want a man. I want a man to show me I’m his; I want a man to fucking claim. But Taehyung?” you laughed, “Taehyung does not give a fuck”. Yeah, the alcohol had already gotten you.

  “Well, you can always find some fun, Y/N…” she whispered.

 "W-what do ya mean?“ you gasped, the drink burning your throat.

 "Well, if what you’ve told me is true, then he doesn’t love you, Y/N. Or at least he doesn’t care enough to show you he does. I’m sorry, but it’s what it’s. However, you can always…you know… Find some fun. Look around. There are a lot of men here. Beautiful, hot men” she said.

 What? She meant… cheating? No! No way. You were not this kind of girl. You would never cheat your husband, no matter how shity he was. However, she was right. There were a lot of men there. Attractive men.

 "I don’t think so. I’m not cheating my husband, Y/F/N" you said.

 "Ok ok. No cheating. But you can flirt. Flirt is just a… a healthy conversation, you know".

 Yeah, she was… kinda right. You could just flirt around, for fun. Not to fuck. You looked around, searching for someone who you could be interested in. A few seconds later your gaze caught someone else’s. You looked away quickly, and occasionally looked back, and he was still staring at you.

  Wow. He was really, really beautiful. His suit was fitting him so perfectly. You could see his muscles. His gray hair pulled back… fuck.

  “Go talk to him” your friend’s voice pulled you from your reverie, noticing you found someone.

“What? No” you said harshly.

 She rolled her eyes at you, “for god sakes dude have some fun”

  “No. Oh god, what am I supposed to do if he comes to talk to me?” You said suddenly worried.

 "I dunno, but you better think quickly, because he is coming. I need to go to the bathroom" she said and turned around to leave.

 "No, fuck, wait" you tried to pull her back but it was too late.

  Fuck fuck fuck. How could she. For god sakes, your husband was there!

 What If-

 "Hey lady" a soft voice called you from behind, and then you felt a body beside yours. No. You looked at the beautiful guy beside you. Fuck he was prettier when he was close.

  “H-hey” you answered hesitantly.

  “I’m Park Jimin. I’m the host of this party. And you are…?” he asked as he gave you his hand, his gaze locked with yours.

 You greeted him back, smiling shyly.

 "I’m Y/N. I, hum… I’m an invited’s invited. I don’t think we know each other" you said. He smiled at you.

 "Of course we don’t. I would remember you if we did"

 Shit. Your cheeks got red as his words left his soft, pink lips.

“Well, can I offer you a special drink?” he asked politely.

You looked around, looking for Taehyung. He was far away from being paying attention in you.

 What bad could a drink do?

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Erotic Porridge

A short, random piece in honour of the woman who tried to set me up with her son today. He was cute, though, so…

Summary: Euphemia Potter thinks her doctor needs to go on a date with her son. Muggle AU, Lily is a doctor AU, Mum sets them up AU (are these things?)

The title of this story, by the way, has absolutely nothing to do with the content – I saw this phrase somewhere, @professor-riddikulus​ hated it so much that I threatened to write a story and title it “Erotic Porridge.” Because I have no fucks to give, here we are.

Also here:

Lily Evans loved, bloody loved, being a doctor. Sure, the hours were shit, the patients could be right fucking annoying, the NHS never had enough fucking money, but at the end of the day, she loved taking care of her patients.

That feeling, though, is sometimes (usually) steamrolled by the stress that hits her the moment she walks into the door of her surgery at 630, a hour and a half before it opens, because she still has paperwork to finish from the night before, emails and phone calls to reply to, a schedule to check, and doublecheck, and follow-up calls to make for patients that she can’t book in to see her in person.

She logged into the computer behind the desk at reception, knowing full well that Frank would kick her fucking arse if he came in and saw her at his computer again, to check who she was seeing today. Ugh fuck Mr Johnson tomorrow?! Okay, no Lily, stick to today. We’ll worry about tomorrow tomorrow…

She’s booked solid, as always, and fuck, Frank leaves early today, but she saw a name towards the bottom of her schedule that made her break into a huge, relieved smile. Euphemia Potter - 1600

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Steggy Secret Santa for @bitememarvelcanon 💚❤️💚

‘You’re right on time.’
‘’cause someone was bossy,’
‘and I’m not like someone, who was late for like 70 years..’
‘You know what, Mrs Rogers, you’re in trouble.’


A/N: i hate this lol but here it is, i might write a part two with some fluffy smut sooooooo ;) let me know if you want that.

Warnings: None. I didn’t Proof-read tho haha lol i want to die

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Oh, it’s raining.

The muted colors blurred against the back car window as they ran together in a mosaic fashion. Rain continued to pelt against the sleepy windshield as Mr. Weasley drove – flew rather, above the mountains and forests nearest to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He tapped his fingers against the old steering wheel, an unheard tune playing softly in the old wizards mettle.

In the backseat sat the lazy Y/N, eyes drooping low as the rain continued to compel her to sleep. Latched to her side was the tall weasley twin, George; His freckled cheek pressed dopely against her shoulder, his lanky arms crossed loosely around his chest, and his tall legs leaned daintily onto her own. Fred, on the other hand, had dozed off and left his head to rest against the window opposite to her own. Ron was snoring lightly in the front seat nearest to his father.

As thunder purred in the air above them, Y/N was brought back to her senses, stirring quietly and straightening herself slightly as not to disturb George. A warm smile spread across her heavenly features as she looked at the Boy. George and her had been friends since their first year and were now in their fifth together. Y/N had remembered the twin’s first impression on her as George had sauntered over to her, bent down to her eye level and simply inquired that she was “Rather short, did you know that?” Y/N had promptly twisted his foot and walked off.

George liked her instantly.

“ ‘m so pretty, i know…” George mumbled as he used one of his willowy hands to rub his eyes. He rubbed his cheek against Y/N’s shoulder as he spoke, unmoving. Y/N’s nose reddened as he spoke, embarrassed that he’d caught in her staring at him so creepily.

“Pretty annoying.” She added.

“Ha.Ha, little Y/N, always the comedic relief, yeah?” George slipped his lanky frame up the car seat, slouched down so far that his head almost touched the backseat. Y/N nodded her head in agreement.

“I like to think so, I mostly just wanted to let you know how ugly you are.” she joked.

George laughed mid yawn, coughing into an award laugh.

“So true, L/N. Sooo True.

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Hear me out: Hogwarts Bughead finding the marauder’s map. Ravenclaw Jughead cracking the way to open it “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” and sharing it only with Hufflepuff Betty. Imagine them using it to sneak around the castle, into each other’s dorms, into unused classrooms. Imagine them using it to figure out Gryffindor Jason Blossom’s murder and sneaking back into the library after curfew to continue investigating. Imagine them using it to meet at midnight in each other’s common room to talk and have sweet little kisses, to talk about Polly and Jughead’s father and all their worries. Imagine them skipping class together and the teacher never finding out how they do it or where they go. 

Also, imagine the marauder’s taking a liking to them - “Mr. Prongs would like to inform Mr. Jughead Jones that his girlfriend is even prettier than him”  “Mr. Wormtail kindly offers his regards to the Mr. Jones and Miss Cooper in their trouble making” “Mr. Padfoot would like Miss Cooper to know that she is by far the sneakiest Hufflepuff he ever had the pleasure to encounter” “Mr. Moony wishes Mr. Jones the best of luck with his noble pursuit of wooing Miss Cooper”  And Betty and Jughead sitting around laughing to themselves about their map, thinking about who the marauders were, what they looked like, where were they now? 

Or the Marauders giving them their own nicknames: “Mr. Prongs would like to formally inform a Mr. Jones and a Miss Cooper that their new names are now Mr. Beanhead and Miss. Milkshake”   Or Betty and Jughead coming up with their own - Miss Betts and Mr. Juggie. Less creative, but what they call one another. 

I don’t know, I just think the marauders would have adored the new scooby duo.

That feeling I had, about this being bigger than we expected it to be? I was right. There was more on the phone than just a voicemail. There was a picture too. A picture of 221C Baker Street, the flat downstairs; Sherlock recognised it nearly instantly, so we rushed over there. The flat was supposed to be empty - Mrs. Hudson is having trouble letting it out - but it wasn’t. Someone left a pair of trainers there.

And that’s when the pink phone rang. It was a woman. She was crying and it sounded like she was reading from something. Whatever it was, what she said to us - to Sherlock - they weren’t her own words. The crying woman told us we had twelve hours to solve the first problem. Sherlock seems… unperturbed by it all. To be honest, he seems rather excited by the prospect of this whole new adventure. But, there was something else in his voice when he spoke to the woman. Something kinder.

We went to Bart’s to do some tests on the trainers and Molly came in with her new boyfriend, Jim, who works up in IT. All I can say is that Molly is definitely more into Jim than Jim is into Molly. He was barely concealing his attraction to Sherlock and even had the gall to leave him his number! I fear I was rude to the bloke but seeing people flirt with Sherlock makes me uncomfortable. Can’t he see that Sherlock’s not interested?

Anyway, Jim left and Sherlock revealed to Molly that the bloke was clearly gay. As usual, he didn’t care that this might, you know, not exactly be what she wanted to hear! He honestly believed he was doing her favour by telling her.

So, back to the trainers. Sherlock gave me a chance to try and ‘’deduce’’ what I could from the trainers, but I failed miserably. He told me that they were twenty years old and that the pollen on them revealed they were from Sussex. Then he remembered a name - Carl Powers, a boy who had died when Sherlock was a kid. Everyone had assumed it was a tragic swimming accident but Sherlock was always confused by the boy’s missing trainers. No one had listened to him when he had tried to get the police involved. Now they’d turned up twenty years later and addressed to him.

We’re on our way home now, see what else we can discover about Carl Powers and his shoes.

OK so imagine at some rehearsal Johnny comes in late with his fur/hair quiff all messy and his jacket haphazardly on and shizz-

And out of nowhere Mike or Ash just say ‘Here’s Johnny~’ but in the same tone of voice as the guy from The Shining (I’m blanking out on his name rn I think it’s Jack or smth) like all creepy and menacing-

And Johnny completely freaks out, throwing out apologies left and right like 'Oh my god what did I do am I in trouble Mr. Mike/Ms. Ash I’m sorry-!’

And Meena and Buster are just like 'No, no, it’s OK it’s just a joke they’re not mad’-

And Rosita just has a glare like 'How dare you hurt my baby boy’ and let’s just say Mike or Ash are afraid for their lives.

Tbh Johnny is my child but I feel that this could happen.

Rogue One Team as Substitutes


-Will give you a real assignment

-You better shut up and do your work

-Pays no attention to the class unless you talk *peers scary eyes over her book*

-Try to prank her. Just try.


-100% the fun sub

-likes to tell the class jokes and lets you talk and do group work because “a good team is all you need in life”

-plays spanish music

-Lives to give kids advice, especially the teenage boys

- Gets high fives when the kids leave class


-Actually teaches

- You probably learn more from him than your actual teacher

-He gets kids to pay attention so well by relating the lessons to them

- If you prank him, you leave learning something


-It’s your free day

-absolutely nothing phases him so kids do whatever the hell they want

- Gives busy work and doesn’t grade it

- “Mr. Malbus I’m having trouble with number-”                                                        “Figure it out”


-Would be great but is too nervous to be

-gets picked on that poor dude, funny nickname, tacks on chair, all of it

-Rambles on the most simple question and makes it the most complicated question then is confused why no one gets it

- When he gets in his “zone” the kids are so shook they can’t keep up     


- So strict

-Gives out detentions like candy just because he can

- “I am your teacher today therefore you must listen to me and only me”

- Is not above humiliation in front of the class


GUESS WHO’S BACK AGAIN!!!!! I’m so sorry y’all!! As you know I’ve been struggling with depression and some bad choices left me in a hospital. Well I got cut off AGAIN!!! I was diagnosed with bi-polar and had to be watched pretty closely for awhile. But now I’m all good and can Rogue One again!! I hope you can forgive my lack of posting PLEASE

Mr. Laufeyson's Ward

TITLE: Mr. Laufeyson’s Ward


AUTHOR: goddessofmischief

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you are living in the late 1800’s and your parents pass away due to a tragic accident. Leaving you an orphan, you are sent to a miserable orphanage. Then, a mysterious and harsh man named Loki visits the orphanage and takes you on as his ward. He brings you to his crumbling mansion in the English countryside, where you face his cruel intentions, and eventually discover that you care for him much more than you’d like to admit. 


NOTES/WARNINGS:  I hope you enjoy this chapter! Thank you all for the likes, comments & shares. Your kind words definitely encourage me to continue writing this story.

The faint traces of sunrise hinted over the horizon, and I unclasped the windows to open them widely. The curtains began to flap rapidly as a cool, and powerful, gust of wind funneled into my room and stung my raw left cheek.
I dropped my bag down onto the ground outside and I hastily followed.
I never wanted to see him again. I never wanted to return to this place where I was unwelcome.
And these thoughts were what propelled me to run as fast as I could from Heathcote Manor.

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Breaking... Ch.10

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 

A/N: So this chapter is mostly just set up so I hope it’s interesting enough to keep you guys intriguied, next chapter is supposed to be a doozy so I decided to give y’all a break… except for you @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit this will not be chill for you!


Warnings: Slightly sexual maybe but not really, cursing, cuteness, sneak

Tags! @renae-writes @literally-melonkitty @deltablue202 @meunicorn @favouritefighting-frenchman @demi-godamit @gum-and-chips @sweaterkitty-fluff @pinkyiger7 @littlemissshortcakes @msageofenlightenment @unprofessional-inhumanbeing @fandom-panda-221 @hummusandchips

Breaking Conversation

Cato! As in like Rachel’s Cato? I mean not like hers as in she owns him but like this is the guy she loves! Shit I don’t know how to react! Should I be happy because they’ll be together or should I be concerned like does she know he’s here? Oh God, I have so many questions! Cato looked over at you while you were silently screaming to yourself.

“Hello Miss, forgive me, I haven’t introduced myself. My name is Cato, it’s a pleasure.” He smiled at you politely. Okay, he seems nice so I don’t have to worry at all there. Well obviously he’s not mean, Rachel wouldn’t like him if he were! Oh fuck, Rachel! She’s still upstairs! She might not know he’s here yet! You rushed over to Mulligan and tried to grab the bags from him.

“Excuse me sir, please allow me to take these to your room!” I have an idea! Mulligan looked at you incredulously.

“It’s alright Miss Y/N, I can take them up myself. Besides what kind of gentleman would I be if I let a beautiful woman such as yourself carry my things?” He joked, you took the bags anyway, rather forcefully as well.

“Oh no sir, it is no trouble at all! In fact, what kind of maid would be if I didn’t perform my duties? A good question to ponder indeed!” Hamilton seemed very confused but he could by your tone and your use of the title ‘sir’ as a sign that they needed to leave.

“Come now Mulligan! We have to discuss and reminisce! Let’s grab a drink in the parlor.” Hamilton patted Hercules on the back, he chuckled in response.

“I will only reminisce if we can discuss Lady Tayah in the process!” Mulligan said with gusto. Who? Alex rubbed his forehead.

“She is a very respectable woman Herc, I still do not understand why you must bother her so much!”

“Because she pulled my heartstrings and she deserves to be remembered as such!” Hamilton sighed with a smile on his face as he grabbed Philip by the arm, all of them disappeared down the hall. You looked over at Cato who seemed very confused.

“What’s goin-“

“Shh! No time for talking! Follow me!” You turned and began to run up the stairs, Cato following behind you reluctantly. Once you got to the top you turned down the guest hall, you saw that the second door was cracked open slightly and hurriedly stood in front of it, waiting for Cato to catch up.

“What are we-“

“Shh!” You interrupted as you hit the door open the rest of the way with your hip. Just as you predicted, Rachel was pulling the sheets up on the bed. Hearing you come in she spoke up as you set the bags on the ground.

“It took you long enough! I’m already done with-“ As soon as Cato heard Rachel’s voice he ran into the room past you, dropping his bag in the process.

“Rachel!” He exclaimed, Rachel lifted her head up and her eyes went wide with shock. Tears started to well up in her eyes but a fantastic smile spread up to her cheeks.

“Cato!” They ran towards each other, their arms wrapped around each other and Cato lifted he off the ground, spinning around slowly. I’ve never seen Rachel so happy that she cried! I’ve never seen Rachel cry at all! They held onto one another like it was the end of the world.

“I’ve missed you so much my love! I hadn’t received a letter from you for some time, I was worried sick!” Cato cried as he set her back down onto the solid floor.

“I’ve missed you more! Is this what you were talking about? The surprise was this? It was rather cruel of you to not tell me; you haven’t even given me a chance to make myself look decent!” Cato shook his head at her criticism.

“Darling, what on Earth are you talking about? You’re even more beautiful than I remember!” That smooth motherfucker! Respect! You cleared your throat.

“I’ll leave you two love birds alone, don’t worry I’ll keep boys busy!” You winked as you turned around and walked out, closing the door behind you. Angie, AJ, Jamie and Johnny were all standing at the top of the stairs, staring at you.

“What’s going on TT?” Angie asked with suspicion. Shit, I don’t think anyone is supposed to know about this! How do you trick an Angelica? You walked up to her and whispered, loud enough for the others to hear though.

“I’ll tell you later… I still have some investigating to do. Once I’ve put all the pieces together I’ll tell you.” Angie looked up at you with stars in her eyes.

“Alright TT! Is there anything I can do to help?” She asked with a mischievous grin.

“Actually yes, there’s something that all of you can do! Go into the garden and look for clues, anything that might seem suspicious. Can you guys do that for me?” They all nodded excitedly, each of them responding with some cliché, reassuring phrases and ran down the stairs, disappearing into the hall leading to the dining room. And that’s how it’s done! You strode confidently down the stairs and went down the hall to the parlor. You heard a conversation happening from beyond the door.

“Speaking of beautiful women; Hamilton how on earth did you get a lady like Y/N to work for you? Rachel is just as confusing but I know at this point you’ll never tell me the truth on that one! But would you at the very least explain Y/N to me?” Hercules asked. So they’re talking about me… Well now I have to know what they say!

“She was in some trouble so we helped her…” Philip trailed off.

“Ah, so you’re willing to tell me what the deal is Philip! Alexander, you could learn a thing or two from your son! I do wonder though how she could get into trouble, although I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Trouble seems to follow the most interesting of people, her beauty alone makes her stand out quite a bit.” You heard two people start coughing. Are they choking or something?! Alex was the first one of two to recover.

“Mulligan, please do not say such things without warning! She is but a child!” Hercules snorted.

“I believe you are too biased to comment on that. She is clearly not a child, she’s an adult, a smart one at that from my knowledge. Hamilton, I read your pamphlet, I am very aware of your opinion of her and your reaction is just. However,” He paused for a moment. “Philip, what are your opinions of Y/N? Is she like a sister to you?” Mulligan asked.

“W-what? Why would you ask such a question?” You could already imagine his speckled cheeks turning a bright pink. His questions were followed by a few teasing ‘oohs’. Oh Lord, Alex is ganging up on him too! For shame Alex, for shame!

“Philip thinks she’s pretty! Philip thinks she’s pretty!” Mulligan chanted. What is this? Middle school?

“It’s not just that! I mean yes, she is very beautiful but… She’s more than that! She’s smart, funny, empowered and different! I’ve never met anyone like her before! She outshines the midnight stars…” Philly… You felt your face get hot and unconsciously covered it with your hands. Why does he have to say stuff like that?!

“She is quite interesting; I cannot say I’ve ever met someone like her before as well. If you thought that Angelica was forward on her opinions than you have no idea what Titania is able to point out. She is very intelligent, more intelligent than a good majority of the cabinet members if I were to be honest. I wonder about her…” Wait… Is Alex suspicious of me?  

“I respect her agency; she can be reserved but she’s not a liar. I trust her…” Philip said softly.

“I trust her as well; I only wish for her to be more trusting of us.” Alex pointed out. They think I don’t trust them?

“Pfft! She seems like a lovely young lady! Lighten up a bit Hamilton! I’m sure Y/N knows what she’s doing.” Mulligan stated. I can’t take this anymore, I need to insert myself into the situation! You took a step back and made sure when you stepped forward they would hear it as you put on your best smile. You opened the door, one hand on your hip.

“And what honor have I been given as to be the only person everyone is talking about in a single room?” Nailed it! Mulligan smiled at you, Philip and Alex both coughed and pretended to not have been talking about you. Like father like son! Mulligan and Alex were both holding drinks in their hands.

“Hello Titania, was there something that you needed?” Alex asked. Okay, time to distract!

“Actually! I came over here to properly talk with Mr. Mulligan. I thought it would be wise to at least get to know the man apparently stealing me away!” You chuckled, for a second you thought that you saw Philip stop breathing. Hercules let out a hearty laugh.

“A good decision indeed! Please join us!” He invited you as you flashed him a winning smile. You stepped further into the room, leaving the door cracked open slightly. Just in case I need to make a quick getaway…

“I didn’t get a chance to make a good impression, please do forgive me for that. Mr. Hamilton has told me much about you.” You stepped closer to him and whispered. “If you know any embarrassing stories about him please do share them with me.”

“Titania, every time you call me Mr. Hamilton it means trouble…” Shit! My façade has been compromised! Quick, aversion, aversion!

“Oh I do apologize; would Lord Alexander be more appropriate?” You said with naiveté. Philip looked at you with slanted eyes, he was very suspicious, Alex even more so.

“You usually call me Alex, now tell me what exactly are you up to?” He crossed his arms. Well look at you, trying to be a dad and shit! You tilted your head to the side, pretending to be confused.

“Whatever are you talking about Lord Alexander? A lady should not call her employer such things, that would be very improper! Isn’t that right Master Philip?” You turned to Philip who look completely lost in what was happening. Hercules interrupted the forced conversation.

“Speaking of which, Y/N, do you own any clothes outside of your uniform?” He asked as he held his chin.

“Hm? Oh, no, I do not. In fact, this was given to me by one of the other staff.” Hercules’s eyes widened and he immediately began to rifle through his pockets. He soon fished out some kind of tape measure. Does he just carry that around with him?

“Would you mind lifting your arms up please?” You furrowed your eyebrows but reluctantly followed his instructions, raising your arms into a T position. He walked around you, moving the tape measure around your waist, your wingspan, your height were all measured. After only a good moment he stopped. “Thank you very much.” I’m very confused… Alex and Philip looked just as perplexed as you. “Ah! Shoot! I forgot my note pad in my bag! I’ll be right back; I have to write down these measurements before I forget!” Mulligan exclaimed. Fuck! Not good! Mission in danger!

“Wait! Mr. Mulligan! I can get it for you!” Oh no that sounded creepy!

“That is quite alright, I can get it myself.” What do I do? WHAT DO I DO?!

“Actually! Um, your room is not ready yet! I’ll go tell Cato to bring it down for you!” You quickly ran past him, not even taking the time to make sure they weren’t following you. All I have to do is get to the room first so that nothing looks out of the ordinary! You got into the main room, ran up the steps and down the guest hall. Just as you were about to burst through the door you stopped, something caught your attention.

“I do not know Cato… This all seems very risky.”

“I know it’s sudden and you do not have to decide right now but I know how I feel about you. Please just at least say you’ll consider it!”

“Alright…I’ll consider it…”

“Thank you so much darling! I promise you won’t regret this!” Consider what? What is she so hesitant about? Ugh! Focus Y/N! You’re a woman on a mission of love! You knocked on the door.

“Cato! Mr. Mulligan would like his notebook!” Cato was soon at the door, cracking it open only a small bit, obviously to hide Rachel in case you weren’t alone. Once he realized it was only you he opened the door the rest of the way.

“The one for poems or the one for measurements?” He asked.

“Uh, measurements?” Herc writes poems? Actually that isn’t surprising, never mind. He nodded, opened one of the bags by the door and grabbed a notebook out of it. You stepped to the side and he walked past you and disappeared down the stairs. Rachel was swiftly out of the room and standing in front of you.

“What was that? You already know I heard the tail end of that conversation and if it’s something important I would like to be a good friend and support you!” You explained. Rachel sighed.

“I’ll tell you later, it isn’t safe to talk until they all leave tomorrow.” Why is it so cold in here? Did Rachel open a window or something? You began to shiver, your teeth chattering. “Whoa, Y/N? Are you okay? Are you cold? God, your lips are blue!” You hugged your torso, you were freezing and your vision started to become blurry.

“So…c-cold…” your legs felt numb and gave out from underneath you. You fell to the ground and Rachel was instantly kneeling down next to you.

“Y/N! What’s wrong? Talk to me here!” At this point she looked like a blob of color and nothing else. You tried to speak but your lips wouldn’t even move. “Alexander! Philip! Eliza! Someone help! Please!” Your eyes rolled back into your skull and sights were filled with darkness.

             The light was there, bigger and brighter than ever, you didn’t even register the fact that you were already being eaten by it. The blue turned to white but the color felt like it was moving past you. It was cold, bitterly so, it quickly began to sting your exposed skin. You heard the neigh of a horse and what seemed like a thousand loud footsteps. Your voice stood out to you. “Slow down! St-“ Then your own scream, hitting and echoing throughout the space. You felt the vibrations over your whole body as a sudden shot of pain hit you on the left side of your head. You opened your eyes to see a flurry of brown spots, shifting your gaze you saw a pair of brown eyes staring down at you. There was a hand on your cheek.

“Save your strength, do not try to speak yet! You’re colder than death!” Philip said softly. Why am I on the floor? It took you a moment to notice that a blanket was wrapped around your body and that Philip was rocking you back and forth slowly.

“W-what…” You started but Philip promptly shushed you.

“I am sorry for my closeness; I know this is highly inappropriate but do not fear. Rachel is setting you up a room on this floor.” Why on earth…? Is it because it’s warmer up here? You heard Rachel’s voice coming from somewhere.

“Okay Philip, bring her in quickly!” Philip lifted you up off the ground as he stood up, he was holding you bridal style. You could tell he wanted to move quickly but he was being very careful, holding you close to make sure you wouldn’t fall over. He turned his body sideways as he carried you into a room, one of the guest rooms. He went over to the bed and laid you down on it, Rachel was on the other side, pulling another blanket over your body.

How long have I been shivering for?

Was the last thought you had before you fell back into unconsciousness.

anonymous asked:

I don't mean this to sound hostile, but I'm super turned off by Bernie's failure to vigorously oppose drone strikes, mass surveillance, and to support Edward Snowden. Economics and the environment are extremely important, and on those Bernie's better than any other American politician, but civil liberties and peace are important too. I want Bernie to stand against imperialist slaughter overseas and the growth of a dystopian police state in America.

I mean, Bernie has spoken out on those things.

On mass surveillance: 

Let me be clear: We must do everything we can to protect our country from the serious potential of another terrorist attack. We can and must do so, however, in a way that also protects the constitutional rights of the American people and maintains our free society.

Do we really want to live in a country where the NSA gathers data on virtually every single phone call in the United States—including as many as 5 billion cellphone records per day? I don’t. Do we really want our government to collect our emails, see our text messages, know everyone’s Internet browsing history, monitor bank and credit card transactions, keep tabs on people’s social networks? I don’t.

Unfortunately, this sort of Orwellian surveillance, conducted under provisions of the Patriot Act, invades the privacy of millions of law-abiding Americans.(x)

On Edward Snowden:

The information disclosed by Edward Snowden has allowed Congress and the American people to understand the degree to which the NSA has abused its authority and violated our constitutional rights.

Now we must learn from the troubling revelations Mr Snowden brought to light. Our intelligence and law enforcement agencies must be given the tools they need to protect us, but that can be done in a way that does not sacrifice our rights.

While Mr Snowden played an important role in educating the American people, there is no debate that he also violated an oath and committed a crime. In my view, the interests of justice would be best served if our government granted him some form of clemency or a plea agreement that would spare him a long prison sentence or permanent exile. (x)

On Drone Strikes:

I think we have to use drones very, very selectively and effectively. That has not always been the case. What you can argue is that there are times and places where drone attacks have been effective.(x)

Just because you haven’t seen it, doesn’t mean that it has not been addressed. 

But I know that his drone strike comments may not be comforting to everyone, but I actually agree with his statement. Drone’s are a tool, like any other. A tool can be used well and a tool can be used poorly. A tool in the wrong hands though can be a nightmarish affair. 

I think that Drone strikes should only be used with massive congressional oversight for the very reasons that Bernie Sanders states.  Drone warfare should be selective and effective. Drone strikes should not take place if there is a risk of civilian casualty and the President should have to answer for every strike that has any civilian casualties. 

I want the process of having to answer for a strike having gone awry to be so lengthy that it is a deterrent to using them in any but the most extreme cases or in the case of a Congressional Act of War. No president would want weeks of their limited time in office to be consumed with congressional hearings on the validity of their use of force. 

Because let’s be honest, Drones are not going anywhere. There are too many tactical advantages to drone warfare over conventional warfare.

- @theliberaltony

To be honest, I have not spent a great deal of time thinking about how to properly police drone strikes, the Intercept has a ton of information on the topic in “The Drone Papers” which I would recommend that anyone interested in the Drones should read.