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Request: Number 30 with Tig Trager- ‘Let’s have another baby’

Number 30 with Tig Trager- ‘Let’s have another baby’.

So I’m not entirely sure this is any good, but I tried my best! If you’re looking for Tiggy fluff, this is the place to be <3 this is for anon.

Whenever he was home to do so, Tig always made a point of reading your toddler son a bedtime story. You weren’t sure exactly when this began, but it always warmed your heart to see your old man with the beautiful child you’d made together cradled in the crook of his arm, half on and off the bed, reading from whatever story book he’d picked out. It was always something different, but Tig went to great lengths to make it entertaining- he did voices for the characters and sound effects too.

But lately, you knew Tig had been stressed. The club was going through a rough patch and he often wasn’t getting home until well into the early hours of the morning. You of course understood that it was par for the course of being with a member of SAMCRO and you never complained, even though of course you missed him. You just got on with it and so did your son.

Tonight, for the first time in a while, Tig had come home early. His shoulders had been stiff and his brow furrowed, the beautiful blue eyes you’d fallen in love with clouded over with worry. You wanted to ask what was going on but you could sense he didn’t want to talk about it, so you’d simply made him dinner and let him relax, not piling on any extra stress. You had expected him to forget about the bed time story routine, so you were surprised when he heaved himself off the couch and carried your boy up the stairs to choose a story, but nevertheless it made you smile.

You smiled even more when you went upstairs a little while later and peered into your son’s bedroom.

“… And where was her white-frilled cap? And her shawl? And her gown and her petticoat? And how small she’d grown, and how brown, and covered with prickles! Why, Mrs Tiggy-winkle was nothing but a hedgehog!” Tig finished reading softly. Your son was pretty much asleep already, the eyes he’d inherited from his father almost completely closed. Tig closed the book and caught sight of you leant against the doorframe, watching with a gentle smile on your face. He smiled back, carefully moving the small boy onto his pillows before getting up and tucking him in. “Goodnight, son,” He muttered to the now truly sleeping boy before crossing the room towards you. Joining you in the doorway, Tig looked down at you.

“Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, huh?” You asked quietly, with some amusement.

“He liked Peter Rabbit last time, so…” Tig shrugged. You both looked back at him for a second before withdrawing from the bedroom and closing the door. You looked at him properly out in the hallway.

“You look happier,” You noted, before you could stop yourself. “Than earlier, I mean.”

“Yeah… sorry I haven’t been around much lately, doll. I’ve missed you,” His hands curled around your hips and he pulled you close, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “I missed him, too.”

“It’s okay,” You promised.

“It’s just kinda shitty, ya know? Missing him growing up while I’m out dealing with club shit… But the only time I feel… right… is here at home with you two.” You were touched to hear this- Tig usually wasn’t one for talking deep about his feelings. He made them clearer in other ways, usually. He looked back at the bedroom door you’d both closed behind you, looking wistful. He then heaved a sigh and looked back down at you. “I wanted to get this fatherhood thing right, you know? Just doesn’t seem to be coming together lately.”

“It’s a rough patch,” You said, “We’ll come through it.” Tig nodded.

“I hope so.” He looked doubtful, which saddened you. He’d been so open with you just then that you felt the need to give him something, too. So you took both his hands, looking up at the man that you loved.

“It was really good, seeing you just now. You know, reading to him, spending time with your son… I don’t think you’re doing so bad at fatherhood, Tiggy.” He looked down at you with silver-grey eyes, reluctant.

“You think?” But you knew in your heart then that it was true.

“Seeing you like that… I fall in love with you even more…” You blushed at the admission. Even after all this time. You looked down at your feet, but Tig put his finger under your chin, lifting your face and forcing you to look at him. He was wearing a small smile now.

“You know I’m the luckiest man in the world, right? Getting to do all this with you,” He gestured to the house but you knew what he meant. Family. You smiled shyly.

“Actually, there’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you for a while…” This is what you’d been steeling yourself for, on all those lonely nights without him there beside you. Maybe those long nights alone were reason enough for this to be a very bad idea, but somehow it just made you want it even more. You’d been watching your son grow up so much like his daddy and feeling a familiar ache inside of you, a craving for that feeling again… the one where you were full, round with Tig’s baby, and then the wonderment of a newborn in the house once more, seeing him or her in the arms of her father… Somehow, though, you just couldn’t find the words to say it. You looked up at your old man, mute, pleading for help. He was gazing at you like you were his whole world. It knocked the breath out of you. And then he shocked you:

“Let’s have another baby,” He murmured in a low, slightly hoarse voice. You opened your mouth in shock, which Tig misinterpreted. “I know I was just saying I was a shitty father but you and him are the two things that’ve made me the happiest I’ve ever been and I’d love to give him a little brother or sister… add to the family, ya know? Maybe it’s crazy, but…” His words were coming out, tripping one over the other, in a rush to explain something which you didn’t need to have explained. You already understood- you felt the same.

“It is crazy,” You interrupted him, looking up at him with brimming eyes. “Yes.”


“Yes… I want to have another baby with you, Tiggy…. If… if you really mean it…” He silenced you by kissing you. You clutched onto him, your head spinning. Neither of you needed to say any more.


The Miniature World of Peter Rabbit (Harmondsworth, Eng.; New York : Frederick Warne, 1986-1989). The Tailor of Gloucester, The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher, The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck, The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin, The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes, The Tale of Tom Kitten, The Tale of Two Bad Mice, The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies, all in their own miniature case.

part ONE of the lovely little losers sentence meme!!

may be a little out of chronological order but i tried my best. feel free to change pronouns as needed! spans from RETURNS to Subscribe to Not Me.

  • “i cornered a design student.”
  • “it all begins with this.”
  • “excuse me? i think you’ve forgotten something.”
  • “get over here, you.”
  • “look, i’m not walking all the way over there.”
  • “we live together in this house. this house that we live in.”
  • “i signed the lease.”
  • “you can’t just sit in front of a camera and talk, right?”
  • “watch me.”
  • “how can anyone truly relax when they know they are being filmed?”
  • “and it’s thanks to her and our epic broship, that we’re living together in this flat.”
  • “you should really watch my old videos.”
  • “i tried, but you were talking about birds for, like, ten minutes.”
  • “i’m trying to do this assignment.”
  • “vlog first, assignment later!”
  • “no, no, no. just a someone.”
  • “could you condense the whole of [ year ] down to five minutes for me?”
  • “you’re just staring.”
  • “we are shocked and insulted.”
  • “there’s all that footage of you in the bath from the beginning of this year.”
  • “she said yes!”
  • “thanks buddy!”
  • “as we all know, the best way to christen a new place is by filming a video in a bathtub.”
  • “that feels awkward and weird.”
  • “YEAH. team bath.”
  • “is that a shower cap?”
  • “mrs. tiggy-winkle was a hedgehog who wore a little cap like this around her head and she had little spikes around it, and she was going around and doing her ironing.”
  • “the RABBIT ones?!?”
  • “thats far from fantastic.”
  • “it doesn’t look good on you, but it looks, like, better than it should?”
  • “we’ve got a loofah.”
  • “no it’s not, a loofah’s like a piece of— it’s like, just— what is this?”
  • “it’s a stylish earring, that’s all it is!”
  • “vogue.”
  • “i’m shaving the steam.”
  • “christ on a bike.”
  • “yo, losers.”
  • “it’s just sounds like i’m a mother fox welcoming the neighboring chickens into her den to eat them and share them with her young.”
  • “in this flat we have the ultimate quadfecta of talent. we’ve got musical talent, banter skills, sportsmanship and pure charm.” 
  • “you are literally an angel.”
  • “that’s really none of your business.”
  • “really? wow.”
  • “i’m bisexual, regardless of who i date or what i do and i’m not ashamed of it.”
  • “i don’t have a problem with you being bisexual! just buy— some milk.”
  • “why is the camera in the FRUITBOWL?!”
  • “so you get the situation, then?”
  • “yeah, i could pretend not to but i can’t really be bothered.” 
  • “oh, and it could be a good place to explore the thing that we have to do something about.” 
  • “[ name ], you keen?”
  • “do you want like a bib, or something?”
  • “what’s with you and rom-coms?”
  • ”thanks for your input but we’re completely disregarding it.” 
  • “wanna tell us more about [ name ], dashing man of mystery?
  • “that is SO creepy!”
  • “we’re being rude right now!”
  • “why did you text me when you could have just come to my door?”
  • “are you seriously complaining that his nickname is faux-mexican when you have a dude’s name?”
  • “look, you always introduce yourself the way you want to be known.”
  • “turn the camera off.”
  • “they really like me, which is great.”
  • “i know i’m intelligent, i’m hot, and i know what i’m doing.”
  • “so, who wouldn’t want to date me?”
  • “no, i am not currently in a relationship, and nor do i intend on being in one any time soon.”
  • “go to a party!”
  • “we need to talk about this.”
  • “you did it for snapchat!”
  • “the cake video?”
  • “they couldn’t break up, because they were never together.”
  • “you staring into space literally explains nothing.”
  • “evidence they were just WAITING to make out with each other.”
  • “what happened with mr [ name ] making flirty eyes at little [ name ].”
  • “but then exams were happening and… i don’t know, nothing happened.”
  • “but that’s so unsatisfying!”
  • “oh, for more than just you.”
  • “why would they do that?”
  • “please don’t eat me, i have so much more to give!”
  • “he’s gonna have a star-splitting headache when he wakes up….. and liver problems when he gets older.”
  • “you’re the best!”
  • “it’s not quite the same, is it?”
  • “is this our life now?”