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  • Mr. Granger: I like Draco. He takes care of you.
  • Hermione: Did you really just say that? He takes care of me?
  • Mr. Granger: I didn't mean it like-
  • Hermione: Takes care of me? Did I go to sleep and wake up in the nineteenth century? Ack! I can't go to school like this. Where's my corset? My bonnet?
  • [Mrs. Granger walks in]
  • Mrs. Granger: What did I miss?
  • Hermione: Dad's trying to marry me off to Draco.
  • Mrs. Granger: You know, if you offer him a new broom for a dowry, he might go for it.
I Don’t Like People. Like, At All. (Part 2)

Sherlock One Shot

Characters: [GENDER NEUTRAL] Reader x Mycroft Holmes + Sherlock Holmes, John Watson & Mrs. Hudson

Warnings: mentions of murder

Request: “Maybe you could do a part 2 for “I Don’t Like People. Like, At All”? cause I really liked this on-shot!” - emmacata

Word Count: 726

A/N: Hope you enjoy! Here’s PART 1.

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Spock: I need to leave and make little Vulcans

Jim: I need you Spock

Spock: Anyways so like I was saying where to next Captain