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ive been listening to the bmc playlist and searching up cute palettes, have a mix of my favs from them both <3

Mr. Sandman, but the opening clapping is uncomfortably meaty and plays throughout the whole song

I don’t throw around the phrases “the worst thing I’ve ever made” or “abomination before God” very lightly, so believe me when I say this is both of those and also a mistake

I present to you Mr. Sandman, but the opening clapping is uncomfortably meaty and plays throughout the whole song

Lots of people suggested wolves for the doggo list so consider this the Good Canine List ver 2.0

Have some awesome wolves. 😎

Ghost (Game of Thrones)

Bigby Wolf (The Wolf Among Us)

Wolf Boss (Kung-Fu Panda II)

Kiba (Wolf’s Rain)

Ame and Yuki (Wolf Children)

The Wolf (Samurai Jack)

The Wolfman (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

The Wild Wolf (Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Moro (Princess Mononoke)

Reynardine (Gunnerkrigg Court)

Sif (Dark Souls)

Amaterasu (Okami)

White Fang (White Fang)

Wolf Spirit (Balto)

The Sheriff of Nottingham (Robin Hood)

Wolf Link (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

Wolf O’Donnell (Star Fox)

A Happy New Year, friends! Just be careful not to start a howl. ;)


Rebecca Sugar singing during the ending credits for OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes.

My friend, who doesn’t know anything about Be More Chill, said this about the screen cap: ‘middle age Santa walks in to get little twink Timmy and beat his ass for being a naughty boy but little twink Timmy ain’t havin’ it and fights the bastard’

1 year of Lemonade

Best reviewed album of 2016
Highest metacritic score of 2016 (92)
Biggest female debut of 2016
2nd most acclaimed album in history
Rolling Stone’s Best Album of the Year
Formations is Rolling Stone’s Best Song of the Year
Formation is Time Magazine’s Best song of the Year
First artist to reach No.1 position with her first six studio album
First female artist to chart 12 or more songs on the Hot 100 at the same time
Every single from Lemonade has been in the top 30 of iTunes worldwide at least once
Formation has become the most awarded song in history, surpassing Michael Jackson’s thriller
Formation is Beyoncé’s most awarded song
Formation is the most awarded song of 2016
Lemonade is the most awarded album of 2016
8 Video Music Awards (11 nominations)
4 Emmy nominations
5 BET Awards
4 Soul Train Awards including Album of the Year
1 AICE Award
1 American Music Award
1 Clio Awards
1 Video Music Awards Japan
1 Teens Choice Award
1 UK Video Music Award
1 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity
2 Kinsale Shark Awards
5 NAACP Image Awards
1 Peabody award
2 Grammy Awards, 9 Nominations
Lemonade sold more than 1 million copies in 2 weeks
Beyoncé is the first female artist to receive a 5 star review by Rolling Stones
Lemonade is the first album by a female artist to garner 100 million streams in the US in one week
Lemonade sold 663,000 copies in the first week
The Formation World Tour is the highest grossing tour of 2016
100% sold out stadium tour
Formation was the most-mentioned song on Instagram
Sorry was the 14th most-mentioned song on Instagram
Lemonade was the most talked about album on Tumblr

and the list goes on…


The Lightning Thief Musical Moodboards

  • Chris McCarrell as Percy Jackson

  • Kristin Stokes as Annabeth Chase

  • George Salazar as Grover Underwood
/Mr. D
  • James Hayden Rodriguez as Luke Castellan
  • Carrie Compere as Sally Jackson

by now 

i picture London Tipton has her own fashion company called “London Tipton!” with an exclamation point. It’s actually successful, mostly because she was already stinking rich to begin with. But with advice from her Dad, Moseby, she’s made smart decisions like financing. Basically she hired a bunch of people to do everything that’s not fashion related for her. She lives in New York City with her boyfriend who is a photographer. They met at one of London’s photo shoots. It’s great because he loves to take pictures of London and London loves to have her pictures taken. They’re perfect for each other .

I picture Maddie Fitzpatrick is now working for a charity organization in Miami, Florida. She helps domestic abuse victims. She also works at an LGBT youth center as a side project. She was inspired to be an LGBT activist after an old friend from college came out to her and was from a conservative family that didn’t and still doesn’t accept her. Looking for love isn’t high on her priorities because she’s already making differences in people’s lives. London is a big donor to the charity organization and the LGBT youth center.

I picture Mr. Moseby is now the Chief Executive Officer of the Tipton Organization after Mr. Tipton decided to retire. It was a slam dunk vote among the executives for Moseby to run the Tipton company. Moseby’s still married to Miss Tutweiller, who now goes by Emma Moseby. Tutweiller had to give away most of her cats for adoption because there wasn’t space in their Manhattan condo. She now has two cats named Bailey and London. She named them after her best student and her most challenging student. She still teaches. She transferred from the S.S. Tipton to a Manhattan school called Tribeca Prep. While Moseby is running one of the biggest hotel companies in America, he helps London with her fashion company. It’s mainly just advice and just someone to talk to since she still hasn’t had real friends since Maddie and Bailey. London and her boyfriend visits the Mosebys all the time consider the fact they all live in the same city. It’s sweet. 

Carey Martin is remarried with Kurt after Kurt proposed to her on live television, while accepting an MTV Video Music award and Carey was at home watching. Now, Kurt and Carey are a duo musical artist. Everyday is a challenge but they always love each other. 

Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez is the manager of the Tipton Hotel in Boston. It’s pretty sweet considering his good friend, Moseby, is the new head boss. His pet project is Malcolm who is the newest bell boy. He’s teaching him everything he knows about the job. He tells stories about his days as a bell boy. 

Woody Fink is a professional wrestler. His ring name is “The Wood” and his finisher move is “The Specials” like restaurants where he stuffs his opponents face into his armpit followed by a body slam. He’s slowly growing a fanbase. 

Arwin Hawkhauser is a pro inventor. He invented a popular robot like toy. He’s got a lot of money now. He invited his mother to live with him in his house to take care of her. His girlfriend, yes he got over Carey, thinks it’s sweet. But it’s a constant battle between Arwin’s mother and his girlfriend. 

Zack and Cody are Best Selling Authors for their autobiography book, “A Sweet Autobiography of Zack and Cody Martin”. Picking a name took a long time. Zack wanted something sweet and Cody wanted something that sounds formal. Bailey came up with the full title. They wrote and published the book right after college. The book was Maddie’s idea. After the book tour, Zack and Cody are officially separated and living their own lives. Zack is a talent agent for athletes and entertainers like actors and musicians in Los Angeles. His greatest strength is his charismatic personality. Plus over half his clientele are women. Some things haven’t changed for Zack. And Cody is a new math professor at MIT. He’s the youngest in the graduate school so his colleagues don’t really like him and because Cody can be over confident of his intelligence. Cody and Bailey are still together. Bailey is a veterinarian. Her childhood growing up on a farm and her knowledge for medicine inspired her to help animals. Zack and Cody visits home a couple times a year to see their parents. They also keep in touch with Maddie, Arwin, London, and Mr. Moseby from time to time. Unfotuntately, they lost touch with Woody because of his constant travels. But they watch his matches every week on TV.