mr sneeze

In my history class we are learning about the American Revolution, and my teacher has this game called password (you go up with a word on the back board but you don’t know what it is and the class describes it in 3 words or less until you guess it) so my best friend went up and the word was Lafayette. I kid you not I nearly mocked over my desk I raised my hand so fast, so she called on me and I got so flustered and excited I couldn’t think of a proper description so I screamed out “the loVE OF MY LIFE” and she got it first try, my teacher responded with “I have been teaching for 15 years and that is the first time I’ve heard that, probably the last as well” it was the best class ever

MORE DOGGIE AU per request

  • Sam likes to sing along to the radio when he cooks. So does Borky.
  • Nat had to apologize multiple times to Mrs Hatfield when Stebe destroyed her very rare rose bushes. In his defense, the granddaughter of Mr Altman’s sneezes got more worrying every time she had to walk past. Stebe Had To Do Something.
  • One day, while Nat and Stebe are visiting, two men are already there. Their smiles are easy and the dark haired one pets Borky. Borky is a puddle in his lap so Stebe instantly likes him, too.
    “Borky, huh? Missed me that much, Wilson?”
    “Shut your trap.”
    The other one, the blond one, stands up and hugs Natasha. And…and he has…the biggest Frisbee Ever.
  • Something is Up. Sam shifts from foot to foot when he explains to Borky that they’ll visit Sam’s parents for the holidays. So no Stebe for the weekend. Borky barks happily at Stebe’s name. But soon whines pitifully when he realizes what’s going on.
    The Reunion is Unabashed Joy.
    “Last time I saw something like this,” Sam says, “I watched Lion King as a kid. You know, Simba and Nala?”
    “Wasn’t it implied they had sex that night?”
    “…why are you like this, Nat.”
  • The vet appointments are Hard. So Nat and Sam try to go together. Stebe calms Borky down, and Stebe also needs Borky there when he’s checked.
  • Stebe has a bird friend. He’s not sure what its name is because of the language barrier but it likes to sing songs and land on Stebe’s head. The bird’s human friend is Mr Altman with the nice granddaughter.
  • Borky Loves this game! He playfully growls and pulls harder at Sam’s shoe.
  • The first time Sam had to wash Blanket, Borky yowled the whole time he sat watch until Blanket came out of the dryer. Sam dropped Blanket on Borky and it was The Best Ever. If a bit dark for a second.
  • Stebe is a very modern and progressive dog. Still, Bath Time should be never.
  • Borky loves bath time. The nice shampoo, the nice scratches, and The Bubbles.
  • When Natasha got some toys for Stebe, she laughed herself silly when she threw the frisbee and Stebe ran after it and did an impressive jump to catch it. When he brought it back to her, she shook her head and scratched behind his ears. “Just like the original.”
  • When the two men visit, Stebe and Borky like to snuggle up on the Big Frisbee. They like them. The blond one gives good belly scratches while the dark one always sneaks them a treat.

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today is mr. pigeon!!
  • i’m enjoying america’s episode order! imo it introduces things nicely while still keeping you guessing and waiting for more info in the next episode
  • tikki’s voice is ridiculously adorable. not allowed to be that cute!!!
  • flap flap rOOO ROLOOO!!!
    • i love mr. pigeon
  • cat’s SNEEZES SLDKGJSLDGKJS perfect. oh my god.
  • he calls her “LB” omg cute 
  • P O U N D  I T !!
  • it cracks me up to see Gabriel on the iPad idk lol it’s funny 
  • “eat up, buddy” !!! the catmembert hnnngh
  • adrien’s sneezes though. too pure.

Me reading Mr Sneeze.

Had to be done.