mr smit

A Cool Canadian Guest Post by a Cool Canadian on a Cool Canadian Day

Hello, hi, it me, Dan.

Here I am. Beachy is pretty busy right now in Lexington, probably leading the resistance, or eating something with gravy on or adjacent to it, or fluffing her pillows for me to snuggle in with her and our dog and cat and husband real soon. Something like this, but add an uncomfortable Southern sir in: 

I am going to Lexington in March to see my Others and my heart is already warm with the kind of love that I will be surrounded by. It’s the kind of love that welcomes you into their home for a weekend having never met you. The kind that holds your hand in a new, strange place, and jackknifes you in a warm bed. The kind that says grace before breakfast and lets you touch their beard and nuzzle their wife. The kind that gets drunk with you and dances to folk music and plays the air guitar real high up. The kind that buys a plane ticket without hesitation. The kind you hold thousands of cheese balls for and run to the Bean to get pizza with and you drive across the country to see. It’s the kind of love I chose; they’re the people I chose; they are the people I fit best with, and they make me the best version of myself. I can’t fucking wait to soak up the love from these incredible idiots. 



This one goes out to you, Mr. Smit. = )