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About a Girl [6]

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One step forward, two steps back.

Caution: smut ahead.

“Please don’t go.”

As you were about to say no, you made the mistake at looking him in his eyes. You lost the ability to say no. You felt drawn to him. It was unexplainable. But that’s how you found yourself straddling his lap and your lips locked in a heated kiss. Adrenaline began to pump through your veins and cloud your judgement. 

You clutched the sides of his face to deepen the kiss. He grunted as you began to grind your hips against his. You could feel his hands grip your waist, essentially digging his nails into your flesh. Without any warning you were in the air. Mr. Kim’s hands holding your ass as you wrapped your legs around his hips. The kiss never broke as he walked you towards his bedroom down the hall.

Once in the bedroom Mr. Kim kicked the bedroom door shut. He hurriedly made his way to the bed, dropping you onto the mattress once his legs hit the side of the mattress. You stared up at him, a cocky smirk gracing his lips. His hands went to the top of his shirt to begin unbuttoning it. You bit your lip in anticipation as you watched him. 

He had made it about halfway down his shirt when he sensed your growing impatience. He leaned down to press a kiss to your lips before pulled you up to your feet. He changed positions with you by sitting on the bed, leaning back on his elbows. His shirt was completely unbuttoned and exposing his well toned chest. You wanted nothing more than to jump on him and have your way. 

“Strip for me,” he purred. 

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Not what you were expecting huh? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Karamatsu would definitely ruin the moment.

“They’re slowing, Mr. Vimes!” Jenkins called out.
“I reckon they’re slowing down, I said!”
“So what’re you going to do when we catch them?”
“Er…” Vimes hadn’t given this a lot of thought. But he recalled a very bad woodcut he’d once seen in a book about pirates.
“We’ll swing across on to them with our cutlasses in our teeth?” he said.
“Really?” said Jenkins. “That’s good. I haven’t seen that done in years. Only ever seen it done once, in fact.”
“Oh, yes?”
“Yes, this lad’d seen the idea in a book and he swung across into the other ship’s rigging with his cutlass clenched, as you say, between his teeth.”
“Topless Harry, we wrote on his coffin.”

– Topless Harry | Terry Pratchett, Jingo

I have this headcanon that Spock’s ears wiggle when he’s super focused and doesn’t notice it happens. And obviously one day Jim/Bones will somehow manage to capture the moment in a holo. 
I want to do endless animations but damn, the frame count is not doing wonders for my platform! (Also I reused my steam animation because I messed up the new improved one one .. sigh)

And I’m still replying to your suggestions, I’m just slow!

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When Bucky's in cryo Steve gets sick like really sick but refuses to rest and even denies being sick. So a fed up Sam and Wanda gets Bucky, Wanda telling him she can help get rid of the triggers and help his memories before he even he opens his mouth. Then Sam drops the bombshell, Steve is sick.

Anonymous said:

Imagine a sick Steve who is too stubborn to rest so a fed up Sam gets out the big guns. He wakes up Bucky and pretty much tells on Steve. Hoe depressed he is and now he’s sick and stubborn.

I got two prompts following the same thread, so I’ll answer them both together. 

Before Bucky could even open his mouth, Wanda and Sam swam into his view. The defiant look in both of their eyes told him that something was wrong. 

“There is no need for this,” Wanda said, grimacing at the cryo pod Bucky was still strapped in, “Sam told me you’d decided to do this instead of letting us help you right away, but there is no need.” 

“Wanda can fix your head and T’Challa’s got the best medical professionals here, he can fix you a new arm too,” Sam said, but there was no smile on his face. Something was wrong. “I know you wanted peace, but this is killing Steve. He won’t listen to me.” 

Bucky’s heart stopped, “what?” he growled, already trying to remove himself from the chamber, “where is he? What’s happened -?” 

“Slow down, Mr. Barnes,” T’Challa said, “first, we need to help you. Then we’ll let you see Steve.” 

Bucky growled but relented, if he didn’t listen he’d be no help to Steve. For three hours, Wanda and T’Challa worked on his mind, using magic and science to remove the triggers and patch up old pathways in his brain. His memories came flooding back, some were misty but that was normal for anyone’s mind. But it was all there. 

T’Challa fixed him with a new arm and he went through a series of tests to make sure everything was mentally, physically and emotionally stable. When he checked out as a-okay, well as okay as he could be, they let him go to Steve. 

“Stevie?” Bucky said, walking into Steve’s bedroom. 

The sight before him left him feeling hollow. Steve was sick. He was curled up in bed, crying softly into his pillow. There were pills on the nightstand, clearly for depression, to help him sleep. T’Challa had also prescribed painkillers and cough medication for a super soldier, to at least ease the pain in his chest. 

“Bucky?” Steve asked, sniffing, “what are you doin’ here? I told them not to wake you, you didn’t need to - 

“Oh, Stevie,” Bucky whispered and gathered Steve up into his arms, “I’m here, I’m here.” He was freezing and when he pressed his face into Bucky’s neck, he could see the scars on his  back. 

“Bucky, Bucky,” Steve whimpered, digging his nails into Bucky’s shoulders, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry - 

“Steve, what happened?” Bucky asked, fearful of the truth. He’d only been under for three months. His heart was pounding and Steve was trembling in his arms. He was sick, badly. 

“I went on a mission,” Steve mumbled, hiccuping into Bucky’s skin, crying there, “got hurt bad. It’s okay now.” 

“Baby, this is not okay,” Bucky said, cupping Steve’s face, wiping away the tears there, “I’m here now. I’m not goin’ anywhere. I’m sorry I went under but I’m goin’ to look after you from now on.” 

“You don’t have to do that,” Steve said, shaking his head, “I don’t wanna be a burden.” 

“You are not,” Bucky growled and kissed Steve hard on the mouth, “you’re mine and I was stupid to leave you. I love you so much, sweetheart.” 

“Love you too,” Steve whispered and put his face in Bucky’s neck again, clinging on tight. 


If I had only felt the warmth within your touch…


Luke: “I like your dress.”
Ocean: “I thought you would.”
Luke: “Where’s your lab partner?”
Ocean: “I’m not sure…she texted me and Millie this morning and said she was staying home.  I feel like there’s something up with her but she’s not always open with her feelings.”


Luke: “Listen, I’m sorry if I’ve been-” *flounders for the right word*
Ocean: “Arrogant?  Imperious?  Autocratic?”
Luke: *wryly* “Okay, okay…still, I think you liked it a little bit.  You would have caved in the downstairs hallway if the coach hadn’t showed up.”
Ocean: “Maybe…okay, definitely - still, I’d like to get to know you a bit before anymore blistering kisses-”
Luke: *smugly* “I knew it!  I knew you didn’t think they were horrible!  So, can I take you to the dance?”
Ocean: “Okay, but let’s go slow, huh?”

Mr. Chuchichäschtli: “Take a seat, everyone - please.  We’ve been talking about the reproductive process here in Health Sciences and you’re probably all wondering why I have all of these bags of flour on my desk.  For the next week you and the person sitting next to you are going to be proud parents of a simulated baby–”

Luke: “What was it you were saying about going slow?”
Ocean: “F**K!”

It just dawned on me that Mrs. Hudson watched Mary’s video with Sherlock. She knew he was self harming for John to save him. And she had to watch John not do anything. So she threw Sherlock in the boot of her car to get John to see him and when he still didn’t do anything she ‘randomly’ calls attention to the stabbed correspondence on the mantel where she knew the video would be… So, thanks Hudders for corrupting 'Mary’’s evil plan

I don’t know if I’ll ever not draw KaraIchi anon 💜! ; v ;