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Your eyes fluttered close as Bucky bit down on your neck, squeezing your ass tighter as he fucked into you against the wall. You dug your heels into his lower back, pulling him closer against your body. The trail of bites traveled higher on your neck until Bucky nipped at your ear lobe. Feeling that oh so familiar feeling of your orgasm building up inside your body. Your fingers had just undone his bun and knotted themselves into his crazed hair when you heard a throat clear. (1/9)

Bucky chuckled softly and kept pumping into you, your head snapped to the direction of the noise to see Steve still in his mission gear. “Couldn’t have at least made it to the bedroom this time guys?” he smirked and made his way to you two. He wasn’t wrong, Bucky had crowded you against the wall literally five feet from the bedroom you shared with the boys after coming in from his mission. Bucky stopped thrusting into you and ground his hips against yours. (2/9)

“Stevie its been so long, she was wearin’ one of my shirts for godsake” Bucky mumbled and nuzzled his nose against your jaw. Steve snorted and pushed Bucky’s combat pants to his ankles as he massaged his ass, “It was a three day mission Buck.” Bucky whined and pushed back against Steve’s hands, “what do we have here?” Steve smirked as his finger circled the sleek plug fitted into Bucky’s asshole. Bucky groaned as Steve began to toy with the plug, (3/9)

“so greedy Buck, fucking our girl first and making sure you’re ready for my cock” he purred kissing the back of his neck. You arched your back at feeling Bucky’s cock twitch inside you. Steve kissed and nipped down Bucky’s neck and shoulder as he began pushing and slowly pulling the plug in and out of Bucky. You heard the velcro come undone and the clink from Steve’s belt hit the floor, curling your toes you kissed Bucky, tasting that damn mint gum he always seemed to chew. (4/9)

Bucky moaned as Steve finally pulled out the impressive plug and dropped it on the floor, teasing Bucky’s hole with his cock head. His breath caught in his throat as Steve slowly pushed his cock head into him, mouth hanging open as he felt Steve stretch him out. “Sweetheart, Buck’s gonna catch flies. Give his mouth something to do.” Steve’s voice lower than before, his pupils blown as he sunk into Bucky. Happily, you straightened out your back and brought his chin down to your (5/9)

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Classes and work hit you hard, you sighed as you leaned back against Bucky's chest. It was the last bus running and you barely made it in time to board the empty bus with Bucky and Steve. This was your routine- you and Bucky sat sideways on one bench, you usually slept until your stop while Steve sat across the aisle, nose buried into his art history textbook with his earbuds in. You were starting to nod off to Bucky's fingers tapping out the beat of the song he was listening to, his thumb (1/6)

resting just under your breast, when you felt his thumb brush along the curve of flesh and across your bra clad nipple. Smirking, Bucky began kissing along your neck and up to your earlobe, whispering into your ear “how long do you it’ll take for Stevie to notice?” Your eyes fluttered open, Steve turned the page in the textbook and curled back into himself as he read. “My stop is coming up Buck,” you arched your back as one hand kneaded your breast and the other folded your skirt up,(2/6)

his thumb circling over your panty covered clit. “Don’t worry darlin’, guess I’ll have to make it quick then.” You bit your lip to hold back a moan as he slipped his fingers under your panties and into your slick folds. Bucking your hips up as two of his fingers entered you, slowly pumping and curling them as Bucky continued to whisper and nip into your ear. “God look at you darlin’. Legs wide open, begging me to play with your wet cunt. (3/6)

What'cha think Stevie would do if he saw us right now? Maybe he isnt really reading, maybe he turned his hearing aid up real loud to hear how wet you are.” You grinded against Bucky’s hand, desperately trying not to make a noise as you clenched around his thick fingers, his thumb flicking across your clit. “He’s small enough to kneel right here between the seats and bury his face into you, shit sometimes I wish he’d come in after I’m done fucking you into my bed to clean you up real good.”(4/6)

Your hand flew out to grip the seat as your toes curled, your chest tightening as your orgasm came crashing in. Clamping your legs together, trapping Bucky’s hand between your legs as you felt your cunt throb. Bucky turned your head and crashed your lips together, gently biting your lower lip as he pressed the ‘stop requested’ button on the bus. Bucky slipped his hand away as the bus started to slow down, “you did so good for me darlin’, I can’t wait for this weekend.”(5/6)

You barely had time to collect yourself and sling your bag over your shoulder when the bus stopped, “bring Steve this weekend.” Bucky laughed and kissed you one more time before you walked out onto the sidewalk on weak knees. When you turned to wave at Steve and Bucky, Steve sat smiling and waved goodbye, while Bucky winked at you before taking the fingers that were in you into his mouth and sucked them clean.(6/6)

holy shit….. I wish my bus trips were like that - Gen

Sinful Sunday™

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You began to scissor two fingers into Steve, a blush spreading across his cheeks as he nuzzled his nose into your neck. “Y-you’re sure Buck said he wanted to sweetheart?” you curled your fingers hitting his prostate, causing for Steve to cry out. “Stevie baby, I know for a fact he wants to fuck you. Want me to call him down?” you kissed his sweat covered brow as he nodded. Sending a quick text to Bucky you laid down next to Steve, (1/11)

wiping your fingers clean of lube on a hand towel as he slid his hand under the shirt you borrowed from Bucky and rubbed circles on your back, “Act all innocent, not hard for a blushing virgin to do. Oh! He likes being called Sir, just in case you were wondering.” You and Steve gave each other slow, lazy kisses, your finger running up and down the length of his cock while he snaked his hand down to squeeze your ass. Bucky busted through the bedroom door, (2/11)

Steve sat up immediately as he watched a blushing Bucky looking at you two and readjusted the obvious tent in his jeans. Slowly, Bucky walked towards the bed, the clink of his belt hitting the ground, followed by him almost popping the buttons off the button up he was wearing. As soon as the last of his clothes hit the floor, Bucky pounced on the bed and settled between Steve’s legs, pushing Steve onto his back with a bruising kiss. You reached behind you and grabbed the bottle of lube, (3/11)

smirking you propped yourself up and brushed Bucky’s cheek. Bucky licked his lips, looking at you with hooded eyes as he took the bottle and kisses you, tongues exploring each other’s mouths as you heard a low rumble from Bucky’s throat. “Y-you’ll be careful with me…” Steve’s voice, barely above a whisper, “…right, Sir?” Steve bit his lip, looking away sheepishly as Bucky’s eyes widened. Shifting back over, Bucky leaned down and kissed Steve, slowly and gently. (4/11)

“Of course, Stevie, I’ll take real good care of ya” his voice hoarse as he slicked his fingers and spread Steve’s legs. Laying on your side you whispered in Steve’s ear, “told you he’d like it.” Bucky’s fingers slowly traced around Steve’s hole, blushing darker Steve moaned out and bit his lip as Bucky pushed in two fingers to the knuckle. “God look at you, getting nice and ready for my cock. Did she help you or did you play with yourself thinking about me?” (5/11)

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Your back arched off the bed beneath you, knotting your fingers into Chris' chocolate curls between your legs. The slick sounds of his tongue darting between your folds filled your ears as you began to grind your hips into his face. "oh f-fuck" you groaned as you felt yourself begin to tense, you had just started to feel the oh so familiar feeling of your orgasm approaching when Chris pulled away from you. Looking up into your eyes mumbling, "A-am I doing it r-right?" (1/4)

You looked down at him and gritted through your teeth, “yes s-sweetheart just keep going.” Chris gave a small nod before going back down, nuzzling his nose against your clit before sliding a finger into your cunt. Gasping at the feeling of his tongue flicking across your sensitive clit. You reached behind you and gripped the headboard until your knuckles turned white, that feeling building back up again and your breathing quickened. Your whine became a (2/4)

groan of frustration when Chris pulled away again. Blushing red with his chin wet from your slick, “I j-just wanna make sure you- uh- you know… orgasm” You sighed and ran your fingers through his hair, “if you stop stopping, then I will.” Chris smiled and buried his face back into your core, your hands clutching at the bed sheets as you felt your body tense once again. You cried out as Chris gently nipped at your clit, curling two fingers inside of you, (¾)

teasing at your g-spot. Chris began to pull away once again, groaning you knotted your fingers into his hair and clamped your thighs together, keeping Chris in place. Your back arching, toe curling, eye rolling, full body shuddering orgasm finally crashing through your body. You collapsed back onto the bed, your legs falling to Chris’ sides as you caught your breath. Chris smirked, his lips and chin wet, as he kissed his way up your body, nuzzling his nose against your neck.(4/4)


Sinful Sunday™

Anime I’ve Been Thinking About Watching


Little Witch Academia

The Ancient Magus’s Bride

March Comes In Like a Lion (sangatsu no lion)



Can anyone tell me if they’re worth the time? Is there one on here that’s absolute garbage? Or recommend any more anime for me to check out? Or even some manga?

I generally dislike things that are too slow paced to catch my attention at the beginning, so please keep that in mind.

To honor the recent passing of John Dunsworth(Mr. Lahey of Trailer Park Boys) I decided to throw together a compilation of my favorite quotes and read them as Tarantulas. Lunarchitect(Jay Curtin) returned to provide the voice of Prowl and Martin Lis provided the Dialogue Editing! Enjoy!

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