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We’re all going to hell anyway, so… Here: have some sexual Seb!


“The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don’t alter their views to fit the facts. They alter the facts to fit their views. Which can be uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering.”

Doctor Who: Season 14.

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Hi! May I request a scenario where the matsus have their first kiss with their so ///

kiss kiss fall and drown - Mod Sin

First kiss with Osomatsu would be quick and he probably wouldn’t believed it happened. The two of you were out drinking that night and it was about time for you to be heading home. Osomatsu gladly walked you home with the two of you chatting happily on your way. Upon reaching your doorstep he lightly pecked your lips and left waving you goodbye. “Call me later, ya?” he says as he goes.

Oh boy first kiss with Karamatsu, the two of you are sitting on the Matsuno’s roof. Karamatsu is slightly strumming his guitar and humming a random tune while you’re enjoying the setting sun. You rest your head on his shoulder and then suddenly you get an idea.You lean up and peck him on the lips. Karamatsu is so surprised that he loses his balance and falls off the roof. Your next date is in an emergency room.((who left this child unattended?))

Choromatsu is such a blushing mess after your first kiss. The two of you were on a nice date. You guys went to the bookstore and browsed for a bit. You even went to a Nya-Chan concert and now the two of you were chatting at a cafe. Thing is though, you’ve been trying to kiss this boy all day. Finally you lean across the table pecking his lips leaving him speechless. You laugh a little while returning to your milkshake. “Hey uh…can we do that again?” he asks.

Your first kiss with Ichimatsu is nice. You guys were just hanging out at his place with his brothers out of the house. Overall it was pretty chillaxed. You guys popped some popcorn and had snuggled up on the couch watching your favorite movie. About halfway through the movie you look over and ask him if he’s enjoying it. He answers that it’s okay, but across the room you hear ESP Kitty go “I’d rather kiss you then watch this movie.” You laugh and Ichi blushes not saying anything. You then lean in a peck him on the lips.

First kiss with Jyushimatsu is really sweet. You guys are at his favorite place to play baseball. All throughout today you’ve been playing ball with a slit problem. You haven’t actually hit the ball yet. You swing the bat again completely missing the ball. “Don’t mind! Muscle Hustle!” Jyushi exclaims getting ready to throw another ball. This time you’re ready. You swing at the right time hitting the ball far off into the distance. “Oh damn, Jyushi sorry about the ball I’ll-” you were silenced by his lips on yours. “That was incredible _____-chan!”

The first kiss with Todomatsu is super cliche. Todomatsu had taken you on a nice date to the movies. You guys went and saw some really cheesy chick-flick and Todomatsu probably cried. On your way you guys stopped to get some ice cream and walk through the park. Enjoying your ice cream you guys talk and joked about many things. All of a sudden Todomatsu tells you to stop. He leans in and pecks your lips. “You had some left on your lips.”

Happy [belated] Birthday to the author of my favorite webcomic!:D

The Glass Scientists is a great comic with a nice fandom and it just means a lot to me in general, so I wanted to go above and beyond this time to show my appreciation. 

[Believe it or not, this was actually my first drawing of Jekyll or Hyde! I just lost a loooot of data while transferring the file, so I got discouraged and thus it sat in the ol’ WIP pile until a day or two ago!]

aaw, LOOK AT THEM <3 !
They’re @nerdgasrnz  fusion children (and fusion-fusion child, haha)
and holee shit, i really needed to draw them when i saw them. They are so gorgeous and… -wink wink-