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Auston Mattews - Part 16

Longest post yet, but definitely worth it. 


I awake with a start, covered in sweat and my thoughts swirl around the dream I just left, full of slow kisses and rough touches from a boy that I should not be dreaming about. A knock on my door startles me and I realize that was what woke me in the first place.

               “Y/N? Get your butt up, we have a lot of things to do today!” Alex yells from the other side and a moment later I can hear her yelling a similar thing to Auston.

               I groan and roll onto my back, the sun glaring into my room despite the curtains. I untangle myself from the sheets and stagger to my feet and make my way into the bathroom. I turn on the water faucet and splash my face with water, wiping away the last traces of makeup and sleep. Once I get dressed and ready for the day, I head downstairs to the kitchen where Mrs. Matthews is setting the table and Mr. Matthews is finishing up a massive breakfast.

               “Ah, good morning sleeping beauty!” Mr. Matthews says, catching sight of me entering the room and Auston’s head instantly swivels in my direction, I want to ignore him but after last night I can’t bring myself to.

               I give him a shy smile, along with Mr. Matthews and sit next to Auston. I tell myself it’s because it’s the only seat open.

               “Y/N, we are going sledding this morning! There’s a huge hill about a mile away that we can use,” Breyana exclaims, clapping her hands.

               “Oh, fun!” I say, grabbing my glass of orange juice and taking a sip.

               “Then lunch, after that ice skating and skiing for a few of us, and then-,“ Breyana is cut off by Alex shoving a piece of pancake in her face.

               “You don’t get to make the schedule, Breyana,” she says in her typical big sister tone and Breyana scowls at her.

               “What do you mean skiing for a few of us?” I ask as Mrs. Matthews shovels pancakes and eggs onto my plate.

               “Well, Auston isn’t allowed to because the possibility of getting hurt is high, and mom and dad also don’t ski,” Breyana explains, wiping her face with a napkin. “Do you ski?”

               “No,” I shake my head. “I only know how to snowboard. I’m sure they are similar but with my luck I’d break every bone in my body. So you can count me out for that one.”

               Auston shifts next to me, when I look at him I see a grin pulling at his mouth and I can tell he’s plotting something. Alex catches my eye and quirks an eyebrow at me and I’m quick to turn my focus on my pancakes. Does this family ever stop watching me?

               An hour later, Mrs. Matthews is double checking that everyone is warmly dressed, and is trying to put another scarf around Breyana.

               “Mom! I am fine!” Breyana is whining, swatting the scarf away, and earning a stern glare from Mrs. Matthews.

               “You’re not making Y/N wear fifteen layers!” Breyana argues and I roll my eyes.

               “That’s because Y/N is from Michigan, she’s used to the cold and she won’t complain,” Mrs. Matthews snaps right back and Breyana sends a scowl my way.

               “And Breyana doesn’t have me to keep her warm,” someone breathes in my ear and goosebumps erupt on my skin. Before I can even look at him, Auston has already made his way over to Alex, already in conversation with her. How does he do that?

               “Alright, there’s three snow mobiles in the barn, so you four decide who you’re riding with,” Mr. Matthews says, putting on his gloves and opening the slider door for everyone.

               I instantly grab Breyana’s hand and pull her to my side.

               “Hey!” She complains and tries to wiggle out of my grasp.

               “Nuh uh, you’re riding with me,” I say to her and drag her with me, past Auston and Alex who are watching us with amused grins.

               “But,” Breyana starts to complain and I silence her with a look.

               “You wanna ride with someone who hasn’t ever drove one before?” I ask her, this makes her put on a thoughtful expression.

               “No…” she says after a moment and the excitement comes back to her face.

               “Exactly, we will be the first ones there,” I whisper conspiratorially.

               “How do you know where to go?” A voice asks behind me and I glance back to see Auston right behind us.

               “I planned on following that sign right there that says sledding hill this way,” I reply sweetly, batting my eyelashes at him.

               “Smartass,” he scowls at me.

               I wink at him and turn my attention back to Breyana.

               When we throw open the doors to the barn, I quickly take stock of the snow mobiles and quickly drag Breyana to the fastest one.

               After making sure that Breyana has her helmet on properly so that Mrs. Matthews doesn’t have a heart attack, I make her hug me around the waist and pull the throttle, speeding out of the barn before the others have even gotten their helmets on.

               There’s a strange sense of freedom that comes with driving one, especially when there is nothing in your way. I can hear Breyana squealing and screaming with excitement as we rocket across the frozen ground and I soon find myself doing the same. We reach the hill, complete with a set of stairs that lead all the way to the top within a few minutes, so I take Breyana around in a few circles until we see the others in the distance.

               We pull to a stop and Breyana groans, complaining that she wants to keep going.

               “We will have plenty of time for it later, Bre,” I help her take off the helmet as we wait for the others, her pout firmly in place.

               I spot a shed at the bottom of the stairs and open the door to find several inner tubes to slide down the hill on. I drag out six and stack them by the stairs, by now the others have arrived. I wait patiently at the bottom but Breyana grabs her own and starts up the stairs.

               “My goodness, how fast did you get here?” Alex asks once she reaches me, her cheeks already pink from the cold.

               I just shrug and quickly grab my own tube, Mrs. Matthews within ear shot with a stern look already on her face.

               The next couple hours are a blur of laughing, snow and the occasional shy smile. After lunch, we head to a small frozen pond, ice skates in tow. I have been dreading this all day. I haven’t skated since I was fifteen years old when I fell in front of an entire junior team. Everyone sits on the snow covered benches and starts lacing their skates. I take the pair Mrs. Matthews hands me and take a seat next to Alex, trying to watch how she laces them.

               She finishes quickly and leaves me struggling on the bench alone, as she takes her sister by the hand and they head out onto the ice. I stare at my skates in confusion and I’m about to fake being sick when someone kneels in front of me.

               “Need some help?” Auston asks, smiling up at me.

               “Actually I was just about to fake being sick so I could get out of this,” I mutter, embarrassed.

               “Do you not skate?” He asks, reaching out and undoing the pathetic job I had been working so hard on.

               “Not at all. My dad tried to teach me so many times and the last time I tried I fell in front of an entire team of boys my age and wanted to die,” I reply, watching his fingers move effortlessly across my skates.

               “None of them offered to teach you?” He asks, sending a grin up at me.

               “No, why would they do that?” I ask, frowning at him.

               “I think any teenage, hormonal boy would look for any excuse to hold your hand,” he says, looking back down at my skates and getting back to work.

               “Aren’t you still a teenage boy?” I raise an eyebrow at him.

               “Exactly,” he says, smirking up at me and I blush.

               “Like I said last night, pervert!” I snap at him and then remember being in my room, crying and him comforting me through the wall and I instantly soften. I raise my eyes from his hands and study his face instead. Why would he put so much effort into comforting me, especially after the teasing last night in the hot tub?  And on top of that, why didn’t he mention it this morning?

               Auston seems to feel my gaze and glances up at me, not saying anything. We stare at each other in silence, forgetting the others who are zooming around on the ice giggling and making fun of each other. I want to thank him, but I can’t think of a single way to say it out loud. Instead I slowly reach out my hand, brushing his cheek gently with my bare fingers, wiping away a melted piece of snow and hope he understands. His head tilts into my hand slightly and I faintly smile.

               “All done,” he says quietly and I lower my hand from his face. I break our gaze and look down at my perfectly tied skates.

               “Fantastic,” I mutter, dreading the next hour.

               “Come on, I’ll help you,” Auston says and gets to his feet, holding his hand out to me. I eye it for a moment and then realizing I have no choice, take it, letting him help me down to the pond.

               Auston doesn’t let go of my hand once he takes his first step onto the ice and I hesitate before following. I cling to his hand with both of mine, my legs locking up like a baby colt.

               “Relax, Y/N,” Auston says, his other hand coming to my arm. “Just do what I do.”

               He pulls me with him, skating backwards, while I try to mimic his steps.

               “That’s better!” He says, laughing.

               “Are you laughing at me?” I demand.

               “Yes,” he says without hesitating and I scowl at him which makes him laugh harder. “You are doing better, just take longer strides and kind of widen your stance, here.” He stops us and puts his knee between mine, pushing them farther apart.

               I try to concentrate and do as he says, I take a stride and to my surprise, I don’t topple over.

               “There we go!” He exclaims and within ten minutes I don’t have to hold onto him anymore, but that doesn’t mean I let go.

               I spend the next hour going from person to person, refusing to skate on my own. I mostly find myself with either Alex or Auston, both of them patient enough to go my speed and it gives me an excuse to hold Auston’s hand. When Mrs. Matthews says she’s had enough, we all follow her off the ice.

               Breyana and Alex are set on going skiing a few miles away at a resort. They offer for me to come with and snowboard, but I shake my head.

               “No, I think I’ll go back to the hill and sled a bit more, or go back to the hot tub,” I tell them, sliding my boots back on.

               Alex and Breyana climb onto a snowmobile and take off towards the resort after saying goodbye and Mr. and Mrs. Matthews get onto theirs, heading back to the house. Which leaves Auston and I standing there awkwardly.

               “Well, I guess that means I’m going with you,” he says after a moment and climbs onto the remaining snow mobile, taking the driver’s seat.

               “If you’re going with me then you sit in back,” I snap at him, gesturing for him to move back.

               “What? Why?” He asks, a perplexed look on his face.

               “Because I’m driving,” I say, walking towards him and again gesturing for him to move.

               Auston raises his eyebrows at me and doesn’t move.

               “If you don’t move, I’ll find a way to make you,” I challenge, crossing my arms.

               “I highly doubt that,” Auston laughs and I bite my lip.

               I grab his helmet from the back seat and step up to him. He eyes the helmet warily and I gently put it on him, strapping it and adjusting his visor. Auston remains silent the whole time and while I can’t see his face because of the helmet, I know he’s watching me.

               I then place my own helmet on and take a breath. Putting my foot on the snow mobile, I slowly place my other leg on the opposite side, effectively straddling the seat but also placing me directly in front of Auston with very little room between us. I slowly lower myself onto the seat, or Auston’s lap, whatever way you want to look at it. Just like I imagined, I meet solid muscle and Auston doesn’t budge, so I’m wedged between him and the handle bars.

               Auston’s hands are still on the handle bars, so I reach out and pry his fingers off before grabbing his wrists and placing them around my waist. Now that he has no leverage besides his weight, I push my butt back, although I didn’t exactly plan on my butt being positioned right in front of his hips. I ignore all thoughts of that and slowly I make progress, he scoots back just enough that I can slide off his lap and onto the seat itself.

               Thoroughly pleased with myself, I turn the ignition on and shift into gear. Auston remains silent the whole time, but the fact that his arms are still tight around my waist is enough for me to know I didn’t overstep any boundaries and I rocket the sled forward.

               We reach the hill again and I quickly jump off, removing my helmet. Auston stays sitting and removes his helmet slowly, his eyes are on me and again are incredibly dark, but still he says nothing.

               “Well, you can stay down here if you want, I’ll be up there,” I say cheerfully, pointing at the stairs.

               I go to the shed and retrieve an inner tube, sending another smile back at Auston, who has at least finally gotten off the sled. I start up the stairs and once I get halfway I glance back to see Auston following behind me a ways back, his own tube in hand.

               I look forward again, hiding my smile. I reach the area where we all started out at and decide to at least wait for him. Once he reaches me he doesn’t look at me, instead his attention is caught by a bush at the end of the stairs. He nudges it with his foot and to my surprise, he reveals more stairs behind it.

               Auston finally meets my eyes and nods towards the stairs, silently asking me. I hesitate a moment and then decide to go for it. I step over the bush and start up the stairs, which I can now see leads to another landing much farther up the hill.

               When I reach the new landing, I’m completely out of breath. I try to hide it at first but when Auston joins me I can hear his breathing as well and don’t feel as bad.

               He still hasn’t said a word to me and it’s starting to make me anxious. I look at him and find him already looking at me, and again I can see him thinking.

               “What?” I ask after a moment, his gaze making my uneasy.

               Instead of answering me, he steps forward so he’s directly in front of me, inches from my face. He tilts his head towards mine and I don’t know what to think or what to do. He leans down and before I can do anything he pulls my inner tube out of my hand.

               “What are you doing?” I ask, looking down at his hand now around my ride down the hill.

               Again he ignores me and without stepping away from me, his face still inches from mine, he throws my inner tube down the hill.

               “Auston!” I yell, my mouth falling open. “What are you doing?”

               “Doing exactly what you are doing to me,” he finally responds.

               “And what’s that?” I snap, crossing my arms in front of my chest and glaring at him.

               “Driving you crazy,” he breathes at me and I am speechless. He doesn’t move from his position right in front of me and I refuse to move either. I continue glaring at him and he continues to give me his dark-eyed look.

               Unable to take the silence I speak first.

               “Well you did a fantastic job at it,” I snap, gesturing at my inner tube which has now made its way all the way down to the base of the hill.

               “Thank you,” Auston says and finally takes a step back and I can finally breathe again. “Now, let’s go,” he adds, setting his tube down and settling himself down on it.

               “Excuse me?” I ask, going to his side.

               “Let’s go,” he repeats and gestures his lap.

               I splutter, unable to find any words to throw at him.

               The seconds tick by and Auston glances at his pretend watch on his wrist. I scoff at him and roll my eyes.

               “Come on Y/N, I thought you wanted to go sledding,” Auston says, his tone teasing and I want to smack him.

               “You are a despicable human being,” I snap, and step closer, wondering how I’m supposed to do this gracefully.

               “Thank you,” Auston replies, and holds out his hand to help me. “Allow me.”

               I throw him a filthy look and ignore his hand, I take a deep breath and try not to think too much about the boy sitting beneath me as I lower myself down and sweep my leg across him, settling down onto his lap.

               “Ah, see how easy that was?” Auston asks, his mouth right by my ear.

               “Shut up,” I grumble at him and his body vibrates beneath me as he laughs.

               He somehow shimmies us to the edge of the landing.

               “Ready?” He asks, again his breath tickles the side of my face. Unable to speak I just nod.

               Auston pushes us off and we shoot down the hill, our combined weight making us go much faster than before. I can’t help but squeal in delight as we fly down the hill. However, our combined weight makes it much harder to maneuver the tube down the hill and we hit a snow drift halfway down. We go sideways for a moment before we roll off, both of us unable to hold on.

               We roll over each other several times before coming to a stop, me on top of him, our legs and arms a tangled mess. We breathe heavily for a moment, both of us unsure what happened until we bust out laughing. I realize I’m still hovering over him and quickly roll to my side but he follows me, me now on my back and him on his side right above me.

               “Plan worked better than I thought it would,” he mutters, staring down at me. The back of my head is cold and I realize my hat fell off somewhere, my hair is splayed around me but I don’t mind. I stare up at him, my eyes going from his eyes to his mouth and back again, my body completely frozen.

               Auston stares back, his eyes staying on mine. Something in the air changes and just like in his car a few nights back, there’s electricity around us, just waiting for that spark. My breathing picks up and I don’t even feel embarrassed, too focused on his mouth. With my heart pounding against my ribs I’m positive he can feel it.

               Very slowly he leans down, giving me plenty of time to pull away. I don’t. Auston’s lips touch mine and everything in my body comes to life, a deep warmth touching every nerve and cell of my entirety. He moves his lips gently against mine before pulling away slightly, my eyes flutter open and I can’t help but smile. Auston seemingly reassured by my smile, leans back down again, this time when his lips touch mine he doesn’t hesitate.

               His lips press against mine roughly, the tip of his tongue asking for permission. I willingly open to him and marvel at his taste, a mixture of honey and something sweet, like he just ate some type of fruit. It’s intoxicating, nothing like I expected and I instantly crave more. My hand moves behind his head, slipping his hat off so I can bring my hand to his hair.

               His free hand moves to my neck and then up to my face, cupping my cheek gently. I find myself responding more enthusiastically than I intended and when we finally break apart we are both gasping for breath.

               Auston is the first to speak, his face still inches from mine.

               “Remind me again, what was that setting on the hot tub?” He asks seriously and I laugh, putting my hand behind his head again and pulling his mouth back to mine, effectively ending all conversation.

               After a more thorough examination of each other’s mouths, Auston turns his attention to my jaw and neck. I arch my neck giving him better access and tangle my fingers in his hair, my breathing uncontrollable. My eyes flutter open again and instantly fall upon one of the few stars that have already appeared in the sky, only this time I don’t feel like running and my eyes close once again.

Drunk BTS


Repost because it looked weird when I typed it on my phone

Seokjin: Hungry Drunk

- eats before

- eats during

- eats after

- drinks with every meal which is the only reason why he’s drunk

- pizza sauce caked on his lip corners

- ketchup stain on his pants from that unneeded third cheeseburger

- usually he would be responsible for the other members but when he does drink, shit goes down

- prefers cocktails over beer

- “do you want more fries I think we need more fries MR BAR MAN”

- shovels down pretzels drizzled with warm cheese

- chokes on full sized hot wings

- eats all the peanuts at the bar and asks for refills more than once

- you’ll have to carry his drunk, stuffed ass home

- he’ll probably puke all over the curb

Yoongi: Emotional Drunk

- he’d be incredibly vulnerable

- wouldn’t cry or anything but would be in his feelings

- thinking about everything he’s ever did

- “I’m a fucking terrible person aren’t I?”

- like sulks in the corner

- or on the couch next to that weird couple making out

- cuddle him it will make him feel better

- when he asks for another drink bring him water

- he’d probably open up about things he never has before

- suddenly he’s telling secrets

- will tell random strangers about his exes

- chokes on his words because he’s such a saddie

- drag him away from that girl trying to take advantage of him

- let him sleep on your bed

- listen to him groan until you lay down with him

Hoseok: Horny Drunk

- he’d be trying to get laid all night

- definitely would

- becomes a total whore with one drink

- stumbles out of the bathroom after getting his dick sucked and immediately searches for another girl

- pants would never be buttoned or zipped

- his shirt would be hanging off of his shoulder

- he’ll always have a new drink whenever you see him

- his phone will be fucking exploding in his pocket because he had called literally everyone and asked if they wanted to fuck

- practice makes perfect

- the hips are too good

- will most definitely try to get at you too

- crowd you into the corner

- “c'mon babe, you know I can make you feel so fucking good”

- he’s got just enough conscious left to back off when anyone turns him down though, doesn’t push his luck

Namjoon: Romantic Drunk

- the slightest buzz and he’s confessing his love for you

- he’d be so in love the whole night omg

- clingy as hell

- wouldn’t let you leave his side

- would whine like a damn child if you tried

- stomps his feet, pouts, makes his eyes bigger like a puppys, everything

- “baby girl noooo”

- becomes instantly protective when a man approaches you

- tells everyone that you’re his and they better back the hell off

- you can roll your eyes but don’t tell him that you’re not unless you want a sobbing Namjoon on your shoulder

- will beg to stay at your place with you that night

- throws a fit when you leave him in your living room and demands to sleep with you in your bed

- you end up falling asleep on the couch in his arms

Jimin and Taehyung: Partying Drunks

- these two wouldn’t leave each others sides so they’re together

- honestly they disappear every time you turn around

- Jimin’s on the table thrusting at the air and Tae is only encouraging him by screaming and throwing money at him

- Jimin will hold Tae’s ankles up, while he’s tippy toeing bc short, while Tae chugs from the keg of beer’s tube

- they’ll have shot contests with everyone

- honestly, they’d probably do body shots off of each other

- could you see them drunk kissing each other you’d have to pull them back fast before something else goes down in the middle of the group of smokers, who are cheering them on btw

- the ones to take over the dance floor

- they’re professional dancers but not when they’re intoxicated

- they just flail and grind and think it looks good

- would never want to leave

- “We aren’t even that drunk!” “Yeah!”

- they’re literally hiccupping between every word and slurring so bad

- can’t walk

- Tae trips over his own two feet which sends Jimin into a cute fit of giggles before he also falls and face plants the side of a car

- have fun running with two drunk men while the alarm goes off and catches attention

- they’re behind you so far laughing and screaming out fruit names at anyone they see, plus the fire hydrant  that Tae pets bc it’s a kitty in his mind

- will continue to turn up at your place..

- Jimin ends up shirtless with a gallon of milk poured over his head

- Tae raids your fridge and cupboards and pukes up everything he eats into your sink

- they’ll both pass out on your fucked up kitchen floor, in a puddle of milk mixed with Tae’s vomit

- they’re like toddlers so just leave them be

- bang pots by their heads in the morning and blast music bc they’re asssholes for making you do that

Jungkook: Nervous/Horny Drunk

- I can see him switching it up

- one night,, he’ll be nervous as fuck and try to avoid anyone and everyone

- hides in a bedroom in the basement that reeks of weed and sends you to get all of his drinks

- screams and probs almost cries when he walks into the bathroom and sees two girls snorting cocaine off of a guys hard dick

- it’s probably Hoseok tbh

- “They.. they were.. they were..”

- keep him calm with back rubs and pills

- butttt the next week he’d so be like Hoseok

- chasing after every girl

- comes back after missing for two hours and you’re like wtf? where were you?

- but he won’t answer, just straighten his clothes out and ruffle his hair up

- then you’d realize and probs beat his ass, screaming and asking if he used protection bc he’s stupid

- he’d dodge your hits like a pro and go get more to drink

- probably the one to get into stupid fights

- wins sometimes

- loses others and you’ll be in the hospital at 2am with your bloody ass best friend waiting for a cast and sling for his arm

- smack him on the hand so he learns

- then take him home to the dorm at almost 6am, the sun comin up and shit

- watch Jin go into mom mode when he answers the door and yank Jungkook inside

- listen to his yelping for a few seconds before you go home to sleep

- wake up to awesome texts from him in the morning btw


The moment of truth is almost here… Nintendo has started the ballot rush, every 3rd party character is anxiously awaiting the results, and all the Goku votes are being burned accordingly.

So I started first with the window scene (which took me about a week) full of characters that are most likely to win the ballot according to fan polls, and did the rest in just 2 nights which explains the quality difference since I REALLY wanted to get this out of the way as quickly as I could. Anyway, enjoy!

So I’m afraid to say that this one’s a bit rubbish. I started some new meds yesterday and my hands aren’t the steadiest right now, but I did my best. 

Mr Hat and the Bard seem to be the flavour of the week this week, and since no one’s drawn Bard serenading Mr Hat just yet, I figured I’d do that.

Oh, Bard. Surely you must know that he’s only interested in your swanky hat.

Chatfic: In Which Sam Kane becomes business partners with one R. Wirtz and hates on TSegs

Somehow in chat, ninjaboots and I got started on the idea that Rocky Wirtz and Sammy Kane would make fine business partners. You see, Patrick broke the news that Sam doesn’t have money: his parents have money, and Sam’s gonna have to work on getting some of his own. Sam is appalled, but intrigued by this notion. (And at one point in the sequels, I’m gonna make Sammy Kane the new Joey the Jr. Reporter, leaving the Hawks dressing room dazed and Sammy Kaned, basically. But it’s a good source of revenue for him and he gets to ask questions about dogs sometimes, so it works out.)

I tried looking for how the idea originated, but we’re almost sure it came along, um, “organically”. 

Anyway! So this was the first bit of Mr. Wirtz and Sammy Kane, and here is uh, 9K more. Posting today because one of the snippets features Sammy Kane basically being ruined for Christmas forEVER. 

at one point, a rookie tells another team member about his scoring woes
Sam, overhearing, ponders this
then offers advice
have you tried being more like his daddy? he asks politely
his daddy wouldn’t miss the net.
*cracks up * yes.
watch his daddy.
then do the Same Things.
Sam pats his hand.
don’t fall down so much though.
Sam wanders away, content with a good deed well done
they should pay him
for his ‘sulting work
he brings this up to Mr. Wirtz.
his allowance is good.
he’s not saying otherwise.
does he offer this particular experience as an example of his qualifications?
but if he’s doing other things
then he’ll have more in his savings.
he explains seriously that he could have told the rookie to be like his mother
are you with me so far, Mr. Wirtz? Sam asks.
but his daddy says that his mom is ONCE IN A LIFETIME
and he’s already here in this lifetime.
*wheezes *
and coach always yells at guys
to stop trying to be like Kaner
none of you are Kaner!
don’t get CUTE, coach says
Sam’s mom is cute.
they’re not cute.

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