mr shovel


The moment of truth is almost here… Nintendo has started the ballot rush, every 3rd party character is anxiously awaiting the results, and all the Goku votes are being burned accordingly.

So I started first with the window scene (which took me about a week) full of characters that are most likely to win the ballot according to fan polls, and did the rest in just 2 nights which explains the quality difference since I REALLY wanted to get this out of the way as quickly as I could. Anyway, enjoy!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Thanks so much for the costume suggestions the other day, folks! Our heroes from the Terrain of Magical Expertise are dressing up as some of their favorite “classic” video game characters (it’s the year 2020 for them; they can be considered classic in that time-frame)!

-Kirbopher, with his toothpasty colors and dual-personalities issues, is Dust, from Dust: An Eylsian Tail!
-Alpha is REALLY FEELING IT as Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles! This is the Monado discus’ power!
-Flamey, with her ever-changing hair styles and sharpshootin’, flamethrowin’ skills is Bayonetta, from Bayonetta 2!
-Gamecrazed is crazed for retro handhelds in his super-flat Mr. Game & Watch costume!
-Nylocke steels his cold shovel as the mighty and memorable Shovel Knight from Shovel Knight!

Are any of you all dressing up for Halloween? Anyone got any TOME costumes? Either way, get lotsa candy, watch some scary movies and have a good time. Bring on November!

So I’m afraid to say that this one’s a bit rubbish. I started some new meds yesterday and my hands aren’t the steadiest right now, but I did my best. 

Mr Hat and the Bard seem to be the flavour of the week this week, and since no one’s drawn Bard serenading Mr Hat just yet, I figured I’d do that.

Oh, Bard. Surely you must know that he’s only interested in your swanky hat.

Terri Schwartz: I feel it’s important to remind that neither Mr. Gregg nor Mr. Loeb mentioned Ward’s Warriors. They were referring broadly to Ward defenders. (x)

Is that supposed to make it better? I don’t consider myself a member of Ward’s Warriors, actually, but the insult was broadly directed at every fan who defends the character and wants a redemption arc for him.

Put that shovel away, Mrs Schwartz, the hole is deep enough already.