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The moment of truth is almost here… Nintendo has started the ballot rush, every 3rd party character is anxiously awaiting the results, and all the Goku votes are being burned accordingly.

So I started first with the window scene (which took me about a week) full of characters that are most likely to win the ballot according to fan polls, and did the rest in just 2 nights which explains the quality difference since I REALLY wanted to get this out of the way as quickly as I could. Anyway, enjoy!

Drunk BTS


Repost because it looked weird when I typed it on my phone

Seokjin: Hungry Drunk

- eats before

- eats during

- eats after

- drinks with every meal which is the only reason why he’s drunk

- pizza sauce caked on his lip corners

- ketchup stain on his pants from that unneeded third cheeseburger

- usually he would be responsible for the other members but when he does drink, shit goes down

- prefers cocktails over beer

- “do you want more fries I think we need more fries MR BAR MAN”

- shovels down pretzels drizzled with warm cheese

- chokes on full sized hot wings

- eats all the peanuts at the bar and asks for refills more than once

- you’ll have to carry his drunk, stuffed ass home

- he’ll probably puke all over the curb

Yoongi: Emotional Drunk

- he’d be incredibly vulnerable

- wouldn’t cry or anything but would be in his feelings

- thinking about everything he’s ever did

- “I’m a fucking terrible person aren’t I?”

- like sulks in the corner

- or on the couch next to that weird couple making out

- cuddle him it will make him feel better

- when he asks for another drink bring him water

- he’d probably open up about things he never has before

- suddenly he’s telling secrets

- will tell random strangers about his exes

- chokes on his words because he’s such a saddie

- drag him away from that girl trying to take advantage of him

- let him sleep on your bed

- listen to him groan until you lay down with him

Hoseok: Horny Drunk

- he’d be trying to get laid all night

- definitely would

- becomes a total whore with one drink

- stumbles out of the bathroom after getting his dick sucked and immediately searches for another girl

- pants would never be buttoned or zipped

- his shirt would be hanging off of his shoulder

- he’ll always have a new drink whenever you see him

- his phone will be fucking exploding in his pocket because he had called literally everyone and asked if they wanted to fuck

- practice makes perfect

- the hips are too good

- will most definitely try to get at you too

- crowd you into the corner

- “c'mon babe, you know I can make you feel so fucking good”

- he’s got just enough conscious left to back off when anyone turns him down though, doesn’t push his luck

Namjoon: Romantic Drunk

- the slightest buzz and he’s confessing his love for you

- he’d be so in love the whole night omg

- clingy as hell

- wouldn’t let you leave his side

- would whine like a damn child if you tried

- stomps his feet, pouts, makes his eyes bigger like a puppys, everything

- “baby girl noooo”

- becomes instantly protective when a man approaches you

- tells everyone that you’re his and they better back the hell off

- you can roll your eyes but don’t tell him that you’re not unless you want a sobbing Namjoon on your shoulder

- will beg to stay at your place with you that night

- throws a fit when you leave him in your living room and demands to sleep with you in your bed

- you end up falling asleep on the couch in his arms

Jimin and Taehyung: Partying Drunks

- these two wouldn’t leave each others sides so they’re together

- honestly they disappear every time you turn around

- Jimin’s on the table thrusting at the air and Tae is only encouraging him by screaming and throwing money at him

- Jimin will hold Tae’s ankles up, while he’s tippy toeing bc short, while Tae chugs from the keg of beer’s tube

- they’ll have shot contests with everyone

- honestly, they’d probably do body shots off of each other

- could you see them drunk kissing each other you’d have to pull them back fast before something else goes down in the middle of the group of smokers, who are cheering them on btw

- the ones to take over the dance floor

- they’re professional dancers but not when they’re intoxicated

- they just flail and grind and think it looks good

- would never want to leave

- “We aren’t even that drunk!” “Yeah!”

- they’re literally hiccupping between every word and slurring so bad

- can’t walk

- Tae trips over his own two feet which sends Jimin into a cute fit of giggles before he also falls and face plants the side of a car

- have fun running with two drunk men while the alarm goes off and catches attention

- they’re behind you so far laughing and screaming out fruit names at anyone they see, plus the fire hydrant  that Tae pets bc it’s a kitty in his mind

- will continue to turn up at your place..

- Jimin ends up shirtless with a gallon of milk poured over his head

- Tae raids your fridge and cupboards and pukes up everything he eats into your sink

- they’ll both pass out on your fucked up kitchen floor, in a puddle of milk mixed with Tae’s vomit

- they’re like toddlers so just leave them be

- bang pots by their heads in the morning and blast music bc they’re asssholes for making you do that

Jungkook: Nervous/Horny Drunk

- I can see him switching it up

- one night,, he’ll be nervous as fuck and try to avoid anyone and everyone

- hides in a bedroom in the basement that reeks of weed and sends you to get all of his drinks

- screams and probs almost cries when he walks into the bathroom and sees two girls snorting cocaine off of a guys hard dick

- it’s probably Hoseok tbh

- “They.. they were.. they were..”

- keep him calm with back rubs and pills

- butttt the next week he’d so be like Hoseok

- chasing after every girl

- comes back after missing for two hours and you’re like wtf? where were you?

- but he won’t answer, just straighten his clothes out and ruffle his hair up

- then you’d realize and probs beat his ass, screaming and asking if he used protection bc he’s stupid

- he’d dodge your hits like a pro and go get more to drink

- probably the one to get into stupid fights

- wins sometimes

- loses others and you’ll be in the hospital at 2am with your bloody ass best friend waiting for a cast and sling for his arm

- smack him on the hand so he learns

- then take him home to the dorm at almost 6am, the sun comin up and shit

- watch Jin go into mom mode when he answers the door and yank Jungkook inside

- listen to his yelping for a few seconds before you go home to sleep

- wake up to awesome texts from him in the morning btw


This strange idea formed in my head weeks ago while thinking about buying Shovel Knight… I’m so glad I finally got around to drawing it!  Shitty would totally only wear half the armor, allowing the boys to breath, and of course the armor properly displays his sweet flow.  Please use your imagination to decide what that brown stuff on Mr. Crappy’s shovel might be ^____^

i’m really hoping to squeak by at the last moment in @hasels-aesthetics’ “muse” photo contest with this one D:  if not, oh well, it was a lot of fun to set up!

charlie is my muse, as much as i’d like to think that my style is more completely that of reid, or jelly, or you know, anyone with dignity

chuck in his element:  shovel, mr. bear, body bits, small weird companions, and slimy snails.  in this situation he is ready for anything!  to charlie the height of accomplishment is to be tall, strong, and able to do things.

also to finally get that gd neighbor’s cat to like him goddammit

Terri Schwartz: I feel it’s important to remind that neither Mr. Gregg nor Mr. Loeb mentioned Ward’s Warriors. They were referring broadly to Ward defenders. (x)

Is that supposed to make it better? I don’t consider myself a member of Ward’s Warriors, actually, but the insult was broadly directed at every fan who defends the character and wants a redemption arc for him.

Put that shovel away, Mrs Schwartz, the hole is deep enough already.