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In ‘Falsettos,’ an Affecting Echo of AIDS Anxiety
This revival features a scene that can take away the breath of anyone who was touched by an illness that started claiming mainly gay men.
By Charles Isherwood

“The scene, acted with beautiful simplicity by Mr. Rannells and Mr. Borle, whose Marvin rushes to Whizzer’s aid, affected me as no other in the theater this year — as did the concluding, devastating scenes of the show — because it was like being thrust in a time capsule and brought back to the terrible years when the AIDS epidemic was at full force. I was living in Los Angeles in the late 1980s, in my 20s, and, as a gay man with many gay friends, existed in what can only be called a constant state of mortal anxiety: anxiety for my health but also that of so many people I knew, and many more that I didn’t.”

If you haven’t already, PLEASE read Charles Isherwoods beautiful article about Falsettos for NYT. This musical is special for people in ways some of us (me included) will never really comprehend. Respect it.

Christmas With The Hamiltons (Philip x Reader)

TW: Nothing???

Request: Hey I have a idea for a Christmas prompt. I was thinking that the reader is going over to the Hamilton’s for Christmas for the first time with her boyfriend. She’s extremely nervous until she meets them.


You tightly grip your boyfriend’s hand as he leads you up the steps to his front door. “Are you sure about this?”

Philip smiles at you. “Of course, baby. They’ll love you.”

“But what if-”

“They’ll love you. I’m certain of it.” He rings the doorbell. It’s not long before one of his younger siblings answers the door.

“Ma, Philip is here. And he brought a girl,” the little boy calls.

Mrs. Hamilton rushes down the stairs. “Thank you for getting the door, Will. Philip, it’s so great to see you again.” She gives him a quick hug before turning to you. “You’re Philip’s girlfriend, I presume?”

You blush. “Yes, ma’am.”

She smiles and leads you into the living room, where Mr. Hamilton is sitting, typing at a laptop. He stands up when he sees his son. “Philip! How’s college going?”

“Great! This is (Y/N),” he introduces.

Mr. Hamilton turns his attention to you. “Pleasure to meet the woman that Philip keeps talking about.”

“Pop,” Philip warns, causing you to giggle.

“He thinks very fondly of you.” He sits down again and tells Philip to show you to your room so you can set your stuff down. When you walk up the stairs, one of Philip’s sisters greets you. “Philip!” she screeches.

He chuckles and bends down to her level. “Lizzy!” He picks her up and listens to her talk about everything that has happened since he left. He sets her on the bed, while you watch from the doorway.

“Who’s that?” she asks, pointing to you.

“That’s (Y/N),” he answers.

“She’s pretty.”

He stares at you lovingly. “Yeah, she really is.”

You blush and look down.

Angelica, Philip’s other sister emerges from her room. “Big brother!” she exclaims, rushing over to hug him.

“I never thought you would be happy to see me,” he teases.

She punches his chest. “With you gone all the time, I have to watch the urchins.”

He laughs. “I’ll take what I can get.”

She turns to face you. “Ooh! Is this your girlfriend?”

You nod. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Philip won’t shut up about you! (Y/N) this. (Y/N) that. (Y/N) is so pretty. Her hair smells like strawberries. I wonder if (Y/N) likes… I feel like I’ve already met you.”

You laugh. “What else has he told you about me?”

“Well,” she says dramatically, but she’s cut off by Philip putting his hand over her mouth. “That’s quite enough, Angie. Don’t you have some band to obsess over?”

Once she leaves, he falls face first onto his bed. “I’m sorry. My family can be a bit… well, them.”

“I like them.”

He looks up at you. “Really?”

“Really. And I like that you talk about me.”

He blushes.

“Just one question. Does my hair really smell like strawberries?”

He laughs and walks over to you. “Well, if you really wanted to know. It-”

“Dinner’s ready!” Mrs. Hamilton calls.

Philip looks a bit defeated as he leads you down to the dining room. You’re surprised that everyone is able to fit around the table.You sit between Philip and Angie. The other six of his siblings file in around the table. Mr. Hamilton takes his seat at the head, his wife on his right and his sister-in-law, Angelica, on his left.

Conversation flows easily with the family. With as many different ages as there are at the table, someone is always talking. After dinner, Mrs. Hamilton calls everyone into the living room, where the Christmas tree is. She lets each of her children pick one of their gifts to open now. Lizzy gets a small, stuffed turtle that she names Alyssa. William gets a lego set as does John. James and Alex Jr. get sets of pajamas. Angie gets a new laptop cover. You and Philip are about to leave, but Mrs. Hamilton grabs you before you can get upstairs. She hands Philip a small box that contains a new pen set, something he’s been begging for forever. She hands you your own box. When you open it, you gasp. Inside is a beautiful ring, something that you could tell was old, but it hasn’t lost any of its charm. “It’s beautiful.”

Mrs. Hamilton smiles. “It was my mother’s. Since it’s obvious that you’ve stolen my son’s heart, you deserve it.”

“I-It’s” you stammer. “Thank you.”

When you reach Philip’s room, you change into one of his sweatshirts and a pair of leggings. You crawl into bed and snuggle into his arms. “Did you have a good time?” he asks.

You nod. “Your family is wonderful.”

“I’m glad you like them.”

“Merry Christmas, Philip.”

“Merry Christmas, (Y/N).”

The Daily Lives of Jumin’s Bodyguards

Once again, inspired by @mysticmessengershenanigans original  post! 

That post is gold and should be continued!! I can’t stop thinking of what Jumin’s guards have to go through hahaha

So yeah, I had to write a short story on his guard walking into Jumin’s and MC’s sexytimes *wink wink* Hope you guys enjoy~

It was a typical Wednesday afternoon - the worse day of the week. The week seemed to drag on forever and the weekends seem so far away. You trudged your way to the entrance of Mr. Han’s office, positioning yourself in front of it and preparing to stand there for the next few hours. 


The sound of things falling to the ground jerked you to attention. All your senses were immediately heightened and you rushed into Mr. Han’s office, ready to attack. Little did you know, what you would see next would haunt you. Forever. 

Mr. Han was standing in front of MC who was perched up on his desk and had her long legs wrapped around his waist, back facing you. Their clothes strewn everywhere. His bare body thankfully covering MC’s. His face was buried in MC’s neck and her eyes were closed, whimpering softly as she clearly enjoyed what Mr. Han was doing. 

Mr. Han’s actions halted the moment he heard you enter the room. MC’s eyes flew open in shock and her face immediately flushed a bright, crimson red. 

Oh. Dear. God. 

You apologised profusely and awkwardly shuffled out of the room, not waiting for either of them to say anything. 

You returned to your position outside the room, palms sweaty, knees weak, arms spaghetti. (Someone please understand this reference or it’s gonna be awkward lolol) This time, you made the decision NOT to enter the room, no matter what you heard. 

The image of Mr. Han and MC burned into the back of your mind. This was one position you definitely should not be seeing your boss in! You shook your head furiously, trying to shake that image out of your mind. You definitely need a pay raise after this.

Things I want/don't want in season 5 of OITNB


- Lolly to get out of psych, she did not deserve that at all ;(

- Low key don’t want Deya to shoot/do?? Idk, it’s just she has a daughter and everything and there’s no way she’ll be getting out any time soon if she murders a CO. On the contrary, I hate this CO…

- Piper and Alex to sort their shit out. I mean c'mon. They’re on and off all the time it’s getting boring. Anyone could easily predict they’ll probably split up then get back together again in season 5.

- Okay so, the CO who raped Doggett. He needs to go. Nothing more to say about this.

- Enough with Healy’s backstory already. I get we’re supposed to feel sorry for him, and I do. I just don’t understand where we stand with his character? His story has dragged for so long and nothing ever positive really happens for him? It’s getting to the point where I really sympathise with him but I just don’t really care for his character, if you get me? I feel bad for saying it but..

- I don’t want Soso to be depressed ;( I really don’t. Something mega positive better happen for her this season.

- On a side note, I want something mega positive to happen for Taystee this season too.

- All the old COs to come back and sort this shit out. I don’t know how, just make it happen. I never realised how much I’d miss those guys…

- You all know what I’m gonna say about Piscatella.

- Okay, Stella can come back but I don’t want her to intervene with any close relationships at all. By that I mean Piper/Alex and Nicky/Lorna. I don’t how and for what good reason she could come back, I know she probably will but what I’m saying is I appreciate Ruby Rose and would not mind at all seeing her on the screen, I just don’t want ANOTHER reason to hate this character…

- I don’t care about Linda and Caputo’s relationship, I’m sorry I just don’t.

- Side note from that, it’s getting obvious to me that Linda is one of the bad guys. I suspect she’ll do something to fuck the prison over.

- Lorna to get help for her mental instability, y'know, actual help that’s gonna be useful, aside from all the comfort and that.

- She states to Nicky “He’s gonna leave me cause of it, then what’ll it do?” I’m saying this now, if any of these fucked up COs throw her into psych I’LL BAWL MY FUCKING EYES OUT.

- Nicky needs help with her drug problem. I love Nicky, she’s my favourite character but in season 4 she was really out of character. As much as it’s great to have her back, it looks like she’s falling into a spiral of depression and self-hatred ;( she deserves something/someone that’ll make her happy.

- If she overdoses and dies I will scream and cry as much as I did when Poussay died.

- More scenes of Nicky and Lorna, not arguing, just happy as their usual selves pretty please ;/

- Those white supremacy racist bitches. I hate them. The only way I’ll get back to truly liking Piper again is if she finds the courage to break it up before it expands. We know Piper did not initially intent to create a group of white racists, but it’s her responsibility, at the end of the day…


- Please, no more inmate deaths this season.. Unless it’s like, a character we’re supposed to hate then by all means, go ahead. But otherwise, my heart can’t take it.

- A little less of Judy King this season please.


(This is all I thought of so far, I’ll probably think of more when I rewatch the season and update this. I really enjoyed season 4 and I hate faith season 5 will be great. There’s just a few things I don’t want to see in that season…)


Meet the proud new owner of the Rickenbacker 331 Light Show guitar that once lived here at Elderly…….Mr Geddy Lee of RUSH!
Much thanks to Geddy for shopping with Elderly Instruments, and for sending us this great photo and giving us permission to use it.

Thanks Geddy!!

Thread with mrs-belle-gold

Unable to keep on living in the house he shared with Gloria, Rush moves in a flat near the university of Berkeley. He can’t stand his neighbour who keeps trying to intrude in his hours of work - his last place of relative happiness.

As for Belle, everything was going good in her life : a job she doesn’t like but makes money, great studies, a boyfriend, friends, until she has a new neighbour who makes her life hell.

AKA Rushbelle neighbours AU - But also Teacher/Student AU. 

You can read the thread in chronological order here

Okay but apart from the line that everyone likes to focus on, the second to last episode of Hannibal has another interesting line which is repeated twice in the episode, and in my experience that usually serves to drive home a point.

‘You play, you pay’. In the above conversation, Will is displeased with the fact that Bedelia has not paid for playing, and he has.

Frederick Chilton is obviously one who has played and paid, in full - but although his is the obvious and referenced example, he is not the only one who gives the devil his due in these final two episodes. In order to allude to the fact that Chilton’s example will not be singular, the above conversation is immediately followed by Bedelia’s apparently unrelated remark that they are all making their way through the inferno:

At this point, both Will and Bedelia know they will have to pay for their respective sins - but Bedelia is content to let the chips fall where they may, even if she has to spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder, while Will, forced by both circumstance and a greater courage, decides to speed things up to their logical conclusion. Bedelia’s rage in WOTL is thus explained, when Will tells her of his plan, she sees clearly that her time to pay has come, and he blames Will for his righteousness and recklessness in bringing it about, not just for himself, but also for her.

According to the rules of Contrapasso, Bedelia gets her punishment by having a limb cut off. Her punishment for falsely assuming Miriam’s fate to have been her own, in order to escape the law. So she is punishment to really Become Miriam, as she is drugged and her leg offered up. Having paid in this way, I’d venture to say her subsequent death would be redundant. She may yet survive, and live with the knowledge that she has paid, like Miriam did. 

There are two people in this story who are innocents and undeserving of punishment: Molly and Reba, who share undeniable similarities. They are both in love with men with ‘freaks on their backs’,  they have both ‘shared’ with them, but just enough so they could live to tell the tale. Their reward is that they are freed from the men they love and so they escape the limbo in which all the other characters are trapped, either serving or awaiting their punishment. For Alana and Margot, the punishment is ‘a promise in waiting’. For Jack, as well, it is looming.
The story is not concerned (for now) with showing more than the fact that they are still trapped and in expectation.

On to our two tragic anti-heroes…

Having convinced himself that he’s as much of a sinner as Dolarhyde, Will Graham affords the two of them the same poetic fate - their Becoming, followed by Death. He acts as both sinner and executioner. His final act as much a sacrifice, or a liberation as it is a punishment for himself. He manages to both fulfill and thwart Hannibal’s endgame for Will - because Will’s Becoming is also his sacrifice. Their zero-sum game is not won by either but suspended indefinitely. Even if Hannibal survives the fall, he still cannot be counted as winner in the game, because Will accepted him and denied him in the same breath, one action cancelling the other out. Indeed, if Will dies in the fall, it may be argued that victory sways in his favour, just on account of the fact that he prevents Hannibal from continuing their game. And as to his intensely romantic relationship with Hannibal, it’s a culmination of all his desires. He finally gets to kill Hannibal, with his hands, and gain redemption. He gives the devil his due - in that Hannibal gets what he  quote: ‘has always wanted’ ‘unquote’, but takes away his ability to enjoy it.

OKay so where’s the ‘contrapasso’ when it comes to Will and Hannibal’s fates?

WELL. Surely you’ve seen this brilliant post:

By the way, coincidentally (?) in S01E05 Sorbet, there’s a shot of the sky that mirrors the iconic last shot of the sea in WOTL (it appears during Will’s vision of himself and Abigail, which Hannibal intrudes on):

Going down…..

All the way down, to the 9th circle of hell, which is fittingly reserved for the Treacherous and Satan himself. Remember Hannibal’s speech to the Studiolo in Antipasto? Yep. And all this time, what is Will’s greatest sin, in Hannibal’s eyes? And, fittingly, what is Hannibal’s greatest sin, in Will’s eyes? The one which they can’t quite seem to forgive each other for? That’s right, betrayal. The ninth circle of hell in Dante’s poem is for those who betrayed a special relationship of some sort, not merely frauds and petty liars. And the importance of these two betraying each other is highlighted by the fact that these events (or rather, one finding out that the other has betrayed them) are turning points in the story: Season 1 finale: Will learns of Hannibal’s betrayal. Season 2 finale: Hannibal leanrs of Will’s betrayal.
So, logically: Season 3 finale: Fitting punishment for both. Just think how icy cold the waters of the Atlantic must be at that time of year. Appropriately 9thcircle-hellish.

(Honestly, the genius of this thing is that both Will and Hannibal get what they want, but without the ability to enjoy it, that’s the beauty of contrapasso. I know everyone gets their rocks off at the idea that they’re murder husbands in season 4, but imo that’s a cheap thrill compared to how deliciously dark this ending is). 

So… yeah. Good night!

Thread with @mrs-belle-gold

Nicholas Rush, scholar of Lord Maurice’s court, has taught Belle since she was a baby. As she grows, so does the love between them. However, their love is forbidden and endangers them. Can they make it work despite the social conventions, her future arranged wedding, and their status difference ?

You can read the thread in chronological order here

sorta-fic about Kent’s time spent in the hospital waiting room before Jack’s parents arrive, based on my own experiences in hospital waiting rooms:

  • No one is allowed to tell Kent anything because he isn’t family and he’s never wanted anything in his life more than he wants to be on the short list of Jack’s relatives.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Zimmermann are rushing in on a red-eye but even the fastest plane won’t get them there until well into the next morning and so he’s utterly alone, one slumped figure in a sea of empty pleather chairs that smell uncomfortably like hospital antiseptic. The fern in the corner isn’t even convincingly fake. There’s a light in the same corner that keeps flickering, and as much as Kent finds it annoying, he refuses to move to another seat because then he couldn’t even sort of see the door to Jack’s room like he can now.
  • There are long periods of utter quiet save for the distant beeping of monitoring equipment down the hall (he’ll get lulled into a false sense of security because the beeping is consistent, slow, normal), interspersed with short bursts of activity that have him at the edge of his seat, heart pounding, watching as the nurses all converge on - oh god, no, not that room.
  • Some of the hospital staff will avoid making eye contact when they pass him, others won’t stop meeting his eyes, as though that’s somehow more reassuring than those trying not to give anything away – as though he doesn’t already know it’s really, really bad.
  • He’s there long enough to run out of pocket change for the vending machine at the end of the hall (he has to pass Jack’s room to get to it, and he eats more Welch’s fruit snacks that night than he’s ever had reason to before, and for years after this he won’t be able to look at them without feeling queasy and panicked), and so he asks someone where the cafeteria is and is told that it’s closed for the night but there’s a mcdonalds down the street and the hospital has his number if anything changes.
  • Kent will make a run to the mcdonalds like the hounds of hell are on his heels, and when he gets back to the waiting room, everything is exactly the same as when he left except now he smells like rehydrated onions
  • His phone dies at dawn, battery worn down from constantly checking the time/calling the Zimmermanns/playing Snake in a futile effort to distract him self (he loses every game because he keeps looking up when anyone walks too close, thinking maybe they’ve decided to tell him something after all – they never do)
  • Kent is pretty sure that nothing inside Jack’s room could be worse than what his mind is throwing at him – a constant montage of Jack covered in tubes and wires, Jack choking on his own vomit, Jack’s chest bare but for the marks left by the defibrillator the paramedics had used in the bathroom, Jack pale and sweaty with his hair sticking to the side of his face because no one is there to brush it back (why isn’t Kent there to brush it back?), Jack unconscious, Jack dying, Jack, Jack, Jack.
  • When Jack’s parents finally arrive, there’s another flurry of activity and this time Kent is permitted to follow them to the room. He peers over Alicia’s hunched shoulders to see Jack lying on the bed and, oh –
  • he was wrong.
  • It is so much worse than he’d imagined.

Okay but AU where Percy is a cop and Mrs. O’Leary is his police dog