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Domitian’s life in Snapshots:

So, during Titus’ Funeral:

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What he was really doing when he locked himself in alone in a room from time to time:

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Domitian at the Games:

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Domitian Vs. the Citizens of Rome:

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Domitian and the Roman Troops:

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Oddly enough, they appreciated one another due to a pay raise and all was well, (not really) until he was assassinated. 

The end.


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Audrey Hepburn at Copenhagen airport (1956)

January 1, 1956: Audrey Hepburn at the Copenhagen Airport flying SAS to Rome.

Dear DREAMers,

I am sorry. America’s going down the toilet and the news is getting worse and worse. (After this post, I might ban myself from the news again.) I, myself am adopted and in 2016, I was nervous- even though I am a citizen. I can’t imagine what you are feeling right now and I am so sorry. I wish Mr. Cheeto (I’m sorry, yummy snack) wasn’t a racist and could see that America IS an nation of many different people and cultures.

Some people move here because they want a better life, some people move here because they love America- and some move here to escape dangerous situations. It doesn’t matter why you moved here- no one should force DREAMers to leave. Because they came here with a dream in their heart and so did everyone else who has ever come to America.

We were built on dreams.

Remember that.

Here is a non-partisan Petition- let’s take action!

And another that is petitioning Jeff Sessions! 

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@ask-the2pdanish-schoolteacher  as Mr. Anderson, a 6th-grade teacher(2p!Denmark)

@ask-viceprincipal-mrbeilschmidt as Mr. Beilschmidt, the vice principal(Germania)

@askschoolcounselor-mrbeilschmidt as Mr. Beilschmidt, counselor(Prussia)

@ask-gymteacher-mr-beilschmidt as Mr. Beilschmidt, the PE teacher(Germany)

@ask-dramatic-monsieur-francis as Mr. Bonnefoy, drama teacher(France)

@askelementaryteacher-mrbraginsky as Mr. Braginsky, a 2nd-grade teacher(Russia)

@ask-languageteacher-mrcarriedo as Mr. Carriedo, a foreign language teacher(Spain)

@askmusicteacher-mr-edelstein as Mr. Edelstein, the school music teacher(Austria)

@ask-elementaryteacher-misshansen as Miss. Hansen. a 4th-grade teacher(2p!Nyo!Norway)

@ask-elementaryteacher-mrhonda as Mr. Honda, 6th-grade teacher(Japan)

@ask-elementaryteacher-mrjones as Mr. Jones, a 3rd-grade teacher(America)

@ask-elementary-teacher-mr-allen as Mr. Jones, a 5th-grade teacher(2p!America)

@ask-schoollibrarian-mrkirkland  as Mr. Kirkland, the school librarian(England)

@ask-elementaryteachermrkirkland as Mr. Kirkland(2p!England)

@askmrberwald as Mr. Oxenstierna, a 1st-grade teacher(Sweden)

@ask-elementaryprincipalvargas as Mr. Vargas, the principal(Rome)

@ask-elementaryartteachermrvargas as Mr. Vargas, the art teacher(North Italy)

@ask-elementaryteacher-mrvargas as Mr. Vargas, a 3rd-grade teacher(S. Italy)

@asl-elementary-teach-2p-luci as Mr. Vargas, a 1st-grade teacher(2p!Italy)

@ask-elementaryteacher-mrwang as Mr. Wang, a  6th-grade teacher(China)

@ask-assistant-librarian-matt as Mr. Williams, the assistant librarian(2p!Canada)

@askmrwilliams as Mr. Williams, a 6th-grade teacher(Canadia????)