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The Ghost and Mrs. Muir 1968-70

How the hell I’ve taken so long to finally sit down and watch this series is beyond me. Seeing as the movie is one of my absolute favs, maybe I was worried it could be ruined if the show wasn’t up to scratch. 

So glad I was wrong! Dead wrong (pun intended). Talk about the underlying tension between these two, especially first season. I didn’t think I’d see anyone else play the roles of Lucy Muir (named Carolyn Muir in the show) and the Captain as well as Gene and Rex in the 1947 movie. Again, wrong!

If you like seeing a story between a very beautiful widow and a very handsome (but dead) seaman than this is for you. The whole show is on youtube in HD.

anonymous asked:

Scenario: Izuku and Ochako meet each others' parents

(I preface this by apologizing for taking so long to answer this because I only noticed the ask when I was at work and I couldn’t exactly answer then so…)

Oh my gosh that would so sweet. Mostly because both of these kids come from homes that raised them with love and affection and emotional support so they would get along with each others’ parents without a hitch.

Though I think Ochako’s parents would throw Izuku for a bit of a loop with how…energetic they could be. One Uraraka was pretty hard to keep track of at first, having to deal with three would be quite the ordeal at first. Also if he lets slip that he was raised by a single mom, her dad might try to take him under his wing…well, unless All Might gets figured into the picture (then again, you can never have to many dads!)

Bonus if he gets introduced to them as her boyfriend: Ochako tells them ahead of time, and Mr. Uraraka gets ready to put the fear of God into whatever hopped up punk who thinks he can lay his hands on his little girl, and as he opens the door with his best death-glare and standing up to his full muscular, construction worker height…he meets Izuku. 

Short, nervous, inoffensive, polite and nice and clearly scared out of his wits and really bad about hiding it Izuku. And he doesn’t quite know what do with himself as Izuku stands in the doorway shaking in his over sized red shoes. 

He tries to make himself as small and non-threatening as possible as he invites the boy in. Ochako tries her best not to look embarrassed and/or angry with her dad. She fails. 

They get along just fine after though, and her parents waste no time in asking them when they should start planning the wedding, meanwhile Ochako buries herself in the couch and Izuku’s face catches fire.

Also consider: At some point Izuku wonders around town on his running route and he stumbles across a construction site. He sees a few people struggling to lift up a huge piece of wood, one of the workers slips and closes his eyes for the impact…that never comes, because Izuku used a burst of OFA to catch the wood before anybody got hurt.

“Are you okay!?”

Mr. Uraraka can only blink up at this scrawny kid holding up a piece of wood three times his weight with only minimal effort and stutter, “Uh…yeah kid, thanks…”

 The boy leaves and Mr. Uraraka can’t wrap his head around the fact that he managed to catch that beam of wood so easily…until his daughter brings a friend home to study for a test at UA and he laughs as Izuku gapes at him in recognition,

“Y-you’re the worker who-!”

“Ah, a hero-school student, that explains it.” 

As for the other way around, I remember a post about Inko meeting Ochako and them getting along and bonding over their quirks, but I also think Ochako would really admire Inko for the fact that she raised Izuku all on her own. She remembers how hard it was for her parents to raise her and keep a household as she grew up, even when they tried to hide it from her, and there were two of them, so meeting someone who carried the weight of raising a child with seemingly no help would be a bit humbling and awe inspiring for her.

But the both of them would get along swimmingly though. they could talk at length about a bunch of stuff, mostly about their quirks because they are pretty similar, but also about how Ochako is doing at school and some such.

But if Inko catches wind of Ochako’s money saving tactic of not eating ohhhh boy. She would make sure that Izuku would invite her over as many times as possible to make damn sure that she gets a proper meal come hell or high water. 

And she packs her lunches along with Izuku and gives her her number so she can call her to make sure everything is okay and Ochako, self sufficient Ochako who has made of point of not being a beggar and making it on her own so people won’t have to carry her and wouldn’t have to worry about her, is a bit overwhelmed by the fact that this sweet woman, who already has so much on her plate, is taking so much time out of her day to help some kid she barely knows. 

She actually asks Inko why she would want to burden herself like this so easily one day when they’re alone and the older woman just looks a bit confused before asking, “What makes you think you’re a burden Uraraka-chan?”

Izuku walks in on Ochako hugging his very flabbergasted mother and all he can figure to do is smile..and than worry when Ochako starts crying a little…

And Inko would be so happy if they started dating, she would just start gushing about it to anyone who cares to listen and she’d spoil Ochako any chance she gets like she’s the daughter she never had, and Izuku is very happy they get along so well.

…he’s significantly less happy when his mom shows off his baby pictures, especially that one of him in an All-might onsie.

This was so much fun to write and I want this to happen in cannon so much please Horikoshi