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6 reasons to why Pokemon is inferior compared to Medabots.

Like most kids back in the late 90s and early 00s, I was obsessed with Pokemon. Everyone at school collected the cards, we all watched the cartoon, and most of us had at least ONE version of the game. We even bought the merchandises.

Like those shitty rulers with Pikachu on them. God we were so stupid…

But my passion for Pokemon was nothing compared to my next great love: Medabots!

Now this was the shit! I was mesmerized by the cartoon about a nearby future where kids had advanced toy robots that they battled with. And since this is Manga-Mania May, I want to tell you my top six reasons to why Medabots is better than Pokemon.

Number 6: The legacy.

Despite the fact that there have been seven generations of Pokemon games, the only MC who is brought up in later games is Red from generation one. But Medabots actually makes a bigger deal out of it’s history. Henry (the guy who works at the convenience store, sells Ikki his Metabee, and dons the mask of Phantom Renegade) is the original protagonist of the Medabots games who used a Metabee himself. In later games, Ikki takes Henry’s role, both as Phantom Renegade and as a the one who sells a Metabee to the next protagonist named Azuma.

Number 5: The Medabots anime actually has a plot besides “be the best.”

The Pokemon anime doesn’t really have a plot beside Ash wanting to be a Pokemon master. He walks around in woods a lot, fights other trainers, compete in the tournament in whatever region he is in and then give up his Pokemon so he an get a new team to train. And it will go on like that… FOREVER.

But Medabot actually have on-going plots. Such as the mystery of the medals, the Rubberrobo Gang evolving from slapstick villains to a force to be reckoned with, the story of Rokusho, the corrupting of the world championship and so on. I do like that most of the Pokemon episodes are self contained, and it was fortunate for 10 year old me if I missed one.

But I just enjoy longer story-lines with buildup.

Number 4: The protagonist of the Medabots anime actually knows what the HECK he is doing!

I get that Ash is suppose to be the guy who works his way from inexperienced newbie to a Pokemon veteran… but the fact that Ash gets most of his badges without actually winning kinda kills it and he is just some guy who doesn’t know what he is doing and only got so far by being lucky. We don’t get to see him evolve.

Also, he is an idiot. I mean, he has a bedroom filed up with Pokemon stuff,he has dreamed about nothing but to become a trainer, seen countless battles on TV… And he uses a Pikachu against an Onix?

But Ikki? Ikki actually knows what he is doing. He has been obsessed with Medabots the same way Ash has with Pokemon, but HE actually learns something from observing. In fact, he is more or less a living Medabots wikipedia, which gives him an edge as he can deduct his opponents’ strategy. Also, he is a tactical genius, so even though he can only afford an outdated Medabot he can make up battle plans based on his surroundings.

Number3: Eight badges? Bitch please!

In Pokemon, you have to win eight badges to enter the Pokemon League. Which in theory is easy as long as you know what kind of type the leader of the gums are.

In the Medabots anime? There, the Robattle Association are watching all Medafighters all over the globe in order to select the top three Medafighters of each country! Hundreds of referees has been hired to be present at all the Medabot fights to make sure that the rules have been kept and to give the Medafighters points based on how well they did. Then, every fourth year, the top three Medafighters of each country will become a team to represent their nation in the world championship! Now THAT is how you find out who is the very best!

Number 2: The Medabots video game requires way more battle planing.

I could make a whole list of reasons to why the Medabots game is better then the Pokemon games (except for Infinity…) but the main reason to why it rules is that it’s way harder to win a Medabot fight. It takes way more battle planing, speed plays an even more important factor, and grinding in the game can only get you so far. If you ever get the chance to try the gameboy advance Medabots games(Metabee or Rokusho version) then give it a try.

Number 1: Mr Referee.

Mr Referee is what made people remember the show, and why shouldn’t he? He is AWESOME! The unofficial star of the show!

Despite his age, he manages to be wherever the main characters are to officiate a robattle. He also can show his mandatory power of respect as an authority figure (a referee in this case) to medafighters who may be doing anything against the rules of the Robattle Association.

Burning buildings, secret underground HQs, you name it. Mr Referee WILL show up to officiate your Robattle, even if it means riding a giant kite to a battle taking place on top of a burning building.

And don’t you DARE go and break the rules in Medabot fights, cause this guy has a satellite in space that will take you out it you try!

Bottom line: Medabots rocks!

I’m Waezi2, and thanks for wasting time with me.