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I just want to put this out there...

I love Steven Universe.

I love how it’s teaching children all these great lessons about how to treat others.

I love how it focuses on the importance of communication and on bringing people together instead of just fighting them.

I love how it deals with really adult emotions in simple ways.

I love it’s humor.

I love that it doesn’t talk down to its audience.

I love how representative it is in terms of diversity (gender, race, sexuality, body types, family dynamics, lifestyles…).

I love how it looks.

I love its characters and how they are all explored and made to feel important (even when they’re just side characters).

I love its music.

I love its storytelling.

I love that it never goes the way cartoon shows typically go.

I just love everything about this show.

I love Steven Universe.

“It’s Over, Isn’t It” Is the most eloquent and breath-taking scene in Steven Universe in so many ways!

The Song

The first thing spectacular about the scene is obviously the song! It has no defined tempo, like pearl is rambling to herself through rhyme and melody. The lyrics fluent and clear in reference to her past experiences (Ones we’ve both seen and have yet to see) Especially in that break down where she blurts out phrases referring to concepts circulating her love for Rose Quartz. When that second round of the chorus kicks in and Pearl throws that damn rose in the air I almost teared up while watching the episode in a public place.

The emotion is real and infectious.

On further analysis of the song, It is revealed (Or at least solidified) that Rose has been with Plenty of Men, but they weren’t impactful enough to deter Pearl’s affections. Actually, the fact that pearl specifically said “Men” and not people in general could lead you to believe Rose had a preference for male humans and Pearl was in denial about it the whole time. Making her tale even more tragic and probably pretty relatable to quite few people. Pearl may have never had a chance with Rose… now I’m sad…

The Storyboarding and Animation

the shots and key frames are so dynamic and compliment this masterpiece of a scene. The show has it’s moments of fantastic animation but there are legit moments where there is only motion, like when pearl has that slow pan around her.

^ This part, watch it again, there is no still frame. and that’s not where the fantastic animation stops. It’s throughout the whole scene. The animation is fluid, clean, polished, who knows if there are even any errors in it.

Tell me this isn’t oozing with elegance and fluid motion!?!? Compared to the rest of the episode, the animation is the most consistent with how amazing it looks.

Ahh it was boarded by Joe and Jeff, no wonder pearl is so cute!

This is some inspiring stuff, I’m not even exaggerating saying this is the scene that has the best flow of the entire show, and it being a musical number makes that 10x better. 

The colors are also super pretty, shades of purple, pinks, blues, basically cool colors because, of course, it’s the evening.

Sorry to make such a long post, I just really wanted to gush about this scene, I’ve rewatched it so many times my friend @artsyjerk got pissed at me XD
Personally it’s my favorite song and favorite scene of the whole show, and It isn’t just hype, it’s lyrics are super important to pearl’s arch overall and the production value of the art and animation is so inspiring to me, someone who hopes to make things this beautiful in the future of Cartoon Programming.

Foreshadowing 11/10

I bet a lot of us where wondering about the choice of color scheme during this part of “Mr. Greg”. In this Episode Pearl and Greg are both sining (along with Steven) about the devastating loss of Rose Quartz.

But after the latest Steven bomb, this scene began to remind me about two other yellow and blue gems/people morning over the loss of a coincidentally pink figure

FMA:brotherhood 30 days challenge for Inktober

day 4: least favourite female character
None of them this time

I love all of the female characters to be honest x’“
(I’d never imagine to draw them all wow)