mr quackers


“Oh, Mr. Quackers.. Am I the only one who HATES those miserable, little humans?..” *squeak* “You hate them too? Oh I knew I could count on you! But how can I possibly beat them with ALL THAT LOVE SURROUNDING THEM??


Teach How to Learn Not How to Test

I tried my hand at graffiti and came up with this (with some helping hands upon execution). 

It’s a commentary on the modern, American education system.

Schooling has lost all sense of wonder and curiosity about the world. Instead we have scan trons that have us filling in bubbles to no end.

I admire the teachers that strive to bring about learning in such a restricted system; the ones that bring joy and inspiration into classrooms every year.

Education needs to be more about providing students with the tools of how to learn from the universe around them and not necessarily how to memorize facts of said universe.

If anyone has anymore insight into the topic I would love to hear about it.