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I really appreciate this blog. Your posts are similar in how they make me feel to the Discworld novels. Thank you so much.

I am sincerely flattered (Gnu Terry Pratchett) and extremely puzzled as Mr. Pratchett wrote things that, as I read them, fills me with a longing for a better and more just and more beautiful world.

I am no Terry Pratchett.

But I can, and will, try every day.


Hi everyone! Spoilers for the book ahead!

Admittedly I’m not great at puzzles without a hint first, so it was thanks to a hint from a user on the mr. robot subreddit about counting letters and words that I was able to solve both the card and the prayer pamphlet puzzle.

Darlene’s card says “P.S. I hope you got my first two letters. I sent them on the 6th.” This means we look at the first two letter of every sixth word. When you do this, you get the secret message: “Headquarters now established. More info once you get home. The time is close.”

The prayer pamphlet is similar: you use book number to find the line and the verse number to find the word you’re looking for. For example, “Proverbs 1:7″ means you are looking for the seventh word in the first line of the bible quote. You get the secret message, “The dark army is implementing a time table to arrange your release. We are very close to final target day. Information to follow. Next message is in note in mail.”

All signs point to Darlene communicating with Elliot in prison, or what she assumes to be Elliot but is actually Mr. Robot, because from what Elliot writes, he seems completely unaware that there are secret messages in the inserts.

Now, I’m pretty sure all of the other inserts have puzzles in them. The QR code leads to various websites, you can visit the website on the cigarette carton, there’s a bunch of tic tac toe games on the book page and there’s a word search on the back of the Tyrell Sightings newspaper clipping. Plus, there’s the multiplication table on the inside cover & the imprinted numbers on the last page, and the code Elliot writes when he’s on Adderall. I have no idea where to start with those, so I guess I’m gonna be trawling the internet for the answers.

“No One Can Stop Mr. Domino!”

  • Official PlayStation Magazine, January 1999 
  • via The Internet Archive
  • Deliver thine self to Mr. Domino. Embrace yourself in his smooth, rounded-rectangle exterior. His four-dotted pants. His ‘Hardcore Kirby’ face. Kneel before his numerical majesty. There is no stopping him, for he is all powerful. He is your passion. Your lord. He is Elvis. He is God. Mr. Domino is love; Mr. Domino is life.
You can solve Crossword Puzzles in Mr. Sakura’s Coffeeshop

They raise - you guessed it - Knowledge.

If you solve a crossword puzzle you will also get some trivia about the solution of the puzzle. 

Solving the “Coffee and Café” crossword puzzle, for example, gets you some trivia about “Blue Mountain” Coffee.