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SDCC Shared Exclusives Final List

Will have placeholder links for certain exclusives in a separate posts.

- All exclusives will be coming out July 20, most will be in-stores and online. Unless stated otherwise. 

- Toys r us will have it online on the 20th and in-stores after the con.

- Barnes and noble will be online at July 20 3am est and in-store.

- Toy Tokyo will have them online after the con and only of those how gets an email.

- Free Funko Poster at B&N for any Pop purchase, between July 20 and 23.

- F.y.e will have a pop-up shop in the Horton Plaza Mall, Should have the exclusives.

- NBC store in New York might have the Mr. robot pop.

- HBO store in New York might have the Game of thrones stuff.

- Try and sign up for email notifications for the exclusives.

Will be posting when the links goes live on my facebook page & group, twitter and instagram.  I’ll try to do it here too. It might be just links no pictures, so just pay attention.


Aries: King Neptune

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Taurus: Patrick Star

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Gemini: Gary 

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Cancer: Spongebob Squarepants

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Leo: Larry the Lobster

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Virgo: Squidward Tentacles

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Libra: Pearl Krabs

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Scorpio: Plankton

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Sagittarius: Sandy Cheeks

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Capricorn: Mr. Krabs

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Aquarius: Karen Plankton

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Pisces: Mrs. Puff

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