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Day six: Favorite Inmate

So, this was a hard question. Because Edgar and Boyd are some of my favorite characters in the whole game. And Loboto is my solid second favorite to Raz…. but he’s a “Doctor” and one of the protagonists so it falls to my darling Sheegor and her King.

It’s amazing to me even after all this time how little she is in this game, she’s one of the last characters you meet and omg if I just don’t love her to bits.

My first play through (which will be discussed in much depth in a later prompt) I got to the “scaling the asylum” section where Sheegor sees you and squeaks in alarm at a point where I should have gone to sleep hours ago and my eyes were blurry with fatigue and she scared the ever living shit out of me EVERY DAMN TIME SHE POPPED UP. I was then extremely surprised by how adorably sweet she was when I finally met her. And she’s a package deal with Mr. Pokeylope who is the greatest.

I am so full of hope that she’s in the sequel as Sasha’s lab assistant (when he offered her the job I might have teared up) because I’d love to see their dynamic.



blease  asked:

Woops! Thanks for pointing that out in your tags, I meant benny! Benny is nowhere to be found when you have Mr. Pokeylope. Thanks!

yeah, that’s true! however, if you repeatedly go back to ford’s sanctuary, you can see some rebrained kids hanging out with the brainless kids, but this only works with some campers. benny will be in there doing his idle laughing animation. if you rebrain clem without crystal, he can sometimes appear in there, and if you rebrain chops without jt, he’ll sometimes appear in there. (though, they might be in awkwardly turned t-poses.) unfortunately, you still can’t show benny your awesome turtle since it’s assumed he ran off to join oleander.