mr numbers

What do you mean it’s not “canon” that the kids bought Mr transport and numbers mugs as a joke but the dads secretly love it and it’s not “canon” that transport doesn’t wear a shirt to bed or when he gets up and that it isn’t “canon” that Mr numbers gripes but actually doesn’t want him to stop and they don’t “canonically” have soft morning conversations that mostly are constituted of them making moony eyes at each other

idk why but simon having raphael’s number feels so intimate to me like How and when did he get it? do they text when they’re apart? whats raph’s name saved as and is there a pic? did he just go ahead and add himself just in case or


the meme scene dream team


So I was watching LazyTown and I know that’s not a good starting sentence but please

Just a casual character that vaguely looks familiar…wait what

Guys, this guy looks has the same color eyes, same lines, same nose shape, and same jawline as Mr. Tin Foil

I’m not sure whats more depressing the fact that I recognized him, that I’m watching LazyTown, or that his life has gone so down hill since the filming of this

The same maker of this iconic video in Pyros channel was in LazyTown (or at least a doppelganger of him)

I don’t know for a fact if it is him but my god. He sure does look like him

Please tell me what you guys think after watching it

Also if you need a refresh on who the hell Mr. Tin Foil is to the Pyrocynical Community here ya go