mr nam

Can we talk about how Mr. Bang laughs in episode 28 when they say they are daiting. Like his face is like “Finally, I knew it”. He is in my eyes one of the best characters from suspicious partner and I am really happy he survived the attack, because without him everyone is so sad, he is just a great character.

Reactions / observations - BTS performance on Golden Disk Awards

1 - Yoongi is back

2 - Hoseok looking into your soul

3 - Taehyung looks so happy … this beautiful smile

4 - Wait … Was that an attempt to imitate Nam, Mr. Kim Taehyung?

5 - Kim Namjoon sweating … I’m dead

6 - Okay, I was not dead … but, after that Jungkook blink I can say, yes, I’m dead



anonymous asked:

hey can you please recommend good dramas that have no/little romance?

Top trio:

  • Signal (time travel police triller)
  • Awl (labour union drama)
  • Bad Guys (criminal triller)


  • The Good Wife (legal drama)
  • Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim (medical drama with skippable romance)
  • Modern Farmer (countryside comedy)
  • Mrs Temper and Nam Jung-gi (workplace drama)
  • Spotlight (news reporting drama)
  • Squad 38 (robin hood con team drama)
  • Kimg of Baking Kim Tak-gu (bread baking makjang)
Devil Side

Chapter 1


Chapter 1
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A new city. A new job. A new life. That’s how most of these stories start, right? And yours was seemingly no different; a budding journalist leaving her small-town life behind for the big city. This was your break. Your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As cliché as it all sounds… you wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

You let out a sigh of relief as your last box of belongings thumps on the floor. You’re finally here and you can’t wait to start work on Monday; why did you have to move on the weekend? You decide to start unpacking your things. Grabbing a suitcase you move to your bedroom; you take in the minimalist design and whitewashed walls.

“Well, this won’t do…” You sigh as you reach for a different box, unveiling a plethora of knickknacks and fairy lights. “…Who said clutter was bad?” You chuckle as you pick out a variety of photo frames and ornaments. This was your first time living away from your parents and you were going to relish not having your mother nagging you about the condition of your bedroom. Y/N! You’re twenty years old… why do you need fairy lights? Your mother’s voice swims around your head.

“Because, mother…” You answer into the silence, “…they’re pretty.” You finish adjusting your belongings on your shelf before heading back to the main room. It was an open plan living and kitchen space with a sleek long sofa facing the glass wall and a shiny kitchen to match. As you stand near the window, looking down on the world below your high rise apartment, the silence finally hits you. No longer was there the familiar sound of your father humming to himself in the garden or the comforting clack, or smell, of your mother cooking something delicious. Instead, there was silence… well, apart from the background noise of the city. You run a hand through your hair with a sigh before moving over to the overtly complicated looking sound system sitting in the corner of the large space. After pressing a multitude of buttons, you find a decent radio station. You settle on the sofa with a glass of wine, already feeling the tension start to leave your body.

“Breaking news.”

The crackle of the radio snaps you back into reality; had you just dozed off? You check your phone; half an hour had passed. You tilt you head towards the sound system, resting your arm on the back of the sofa and supporting your chin.

“Notorious bachelors Woo Jiho and Song Minho, CEOs of Natas Corp., have just bought out leading rivals Samsung, leaving the ruthless business partners at the head of both the entertainment and technology industry in South Korea. After swallowing most of the industry sectors over the past two years; is there anything that this formidable duo can’t control?”

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My name is Sarah and I just reached 1K not a long time ago . I’m so asdfghjkl thank yoou so much and I just wanted to make a follow forever to just thank all of yoou lovely people who make my tumblr experience so much nicer  . I loove all of youu take care  ♡

I hope youu guys have a wonderful and beautiful day/night

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Day in the life of Black Dynamite :The Animated Series production

1) (L/R) :  Carl Jones (Executive Producer/Head Writer), MySelf (Producer/Supervising Director), Arsenio Hall (Tastey Freeze) & Michael Jai White( Producer/creator/writer/actor)

2) Production meeting w/ Carl jones, Monica Jones, Michael Jai White, Line Producer Vince and Roni. 

3) Color meeting with Monica Jones. Carl is showing me some designs in the middle of me snapping a pic

4) Post-Production Deadlines w/ the crew. 

5) Myself trying to ignore cameras.

6) (L/R) Ronald Wimberly (designs/layout/illustration) & Chase Conley (Character Design Supervisor)

7) Carl & Monica’s Cartoon Network Burbank office. I think they were recording someone this day.

8) JET magazine showing love.

9) (L/R) Myself and series animation director and Hyeong, Mr. Nam Jong-Sik at Dong Woo studios in Seoul.

10) JB Smoove making me laugh.

Good times. Can’t wait for you  guys to see Black Dynamite: Season 2 this year! :-)

Promiscuous {Baekhyun AU} Part 3

Genre : Teacher!AU, Angst and some fluff

Word Count : 1452

Warnings : This is so bad I’m sorry

It’s my fault for falling in love but it was her fault for making it seem so easy”

“Baekhyun, do you have a OH MY GOD!” You heard a female voice say and you two quickly pulled apart, eyes widened at the figure at the door.

It was your history teacher, Miss Kim.

The horrified look on her face and the sound of her footsteps rushing to the headmaster’s office was enough to convince both you and Baekhyun that you messed up bad.

“Jaemin, Jaemin wait!” Baekhyun ran after her, leaving you standing in the empty classroom, tears welling up in your eyes. One by one they started to fall and you placed your hand over your mouth as you fell to the ground, on your knees.

Outside, Baekhyun was chasing after Miss Kim. His hand grabbed her bicep, stopping her in her quick tracks to turn around and face him.

“Before you completely jeopardise my career, just let me explain” Baekhyun said, slowly letting go of the grip on her arm.

“There’s nothing to explain, Baekhyun. I walked in on you having an inappropriate connection with a student, I might say. What could you possibly have left to explain?” Miss Kim replied immediately, not allowing him to even explain the situation.

“Just don’t go to Mr.Nam, I can’t risk losing this job” Baekhyun begged.

“Well, you should’ve thought about that before getting involved with miss ______” She turned on her heel and storming off in the direction of the headmaster’s office. Baekhyun let out a huge huff and slammed his balled up fist into a locker, the sharp sound being echoed through the empty hallway.

After what felt like hours but only a few minutes of you sobbing. You quickly stood up, grabbed your bag and ran out of the classroom and out the main doors. It was pouring outside but you didn’t care. You just ran as fast as your legs could go back to your home, drenched.

Stepping in, you immediately went to your room, ignoring the worried and concerned calls of your name, from your mother. Sliding your back down the wooden door, your mind filled with thoughts and regrets.

If you had never stepped into his car that day..

If you had never agreed to stay at his house, for longer than you should..

If you had never kissed him…

None of this, would’ve happened but then you would’ve never found someone that actually wanted you. Who actually loved you. You were grateful that you managed to rid him of his promiscuousness.

Right now, you just wanted your phone to emit the sound of his customised ringtone, and his voice telling you that everything was okay and you had absolutely nothing to worry about. You wanted to etch in your mind,that love always wins but it was just to good to be true. As you sat there, the tears on your cheeks dried, everything seemed almost impossible. Everything felt unpredictable and the uncertainty was making you feel uncomfortable.

You wanted the whole world to open up and swallow you whole, letting you sink to the hot core, burning up into ashes. You would rather experience intense pain like that than go through the cringing embarrassment that was yet to come. It was only a matter of time. You started to blame yourself, thinking how you could be so selfish and careless without for once, thinking about the consequences of your negligent actions.

You picked up your phone and called the number you’ve gotten quite familiar with. Unfortunately, after several rings, you were sent to voicemail. A loud sigh escaped your lips that contained mixed emotions of frustration and fear.

You just needed a miracle right now. A miracle to erase and reset everything, back to the beginning where you’d just admire his features during class and blush every time you got caught. Back when you would fill with jealousy every time he had sex with a student, wishing that it was you. Back to the time where things weren’t as complicated as you thought it would be. But in your books, miracles didn’t exist.

It was like that time when you were a kid and accidentally pulled out all the tape from your father’s cassette. You tried to put it all back in but eventually you just gave up. Or like that time where you accidentally spilt coffee on the floor when you had guests and tried to put it all back into the mug with tears in your eyes. It was impossible, no doubt. Lessons can be learned, yes. But mistakes can’t be udone.

And that was exactly what you felt, sitting there so helpless and lost, knowing that whatever happened cannot be erased but there you were, still hoping and praying that maybe faith could take a turn just once. Just for you.


When you woke up the next morning, you had a splitting headache and you felt like your body was on fire. Your muscles ached and you couldn’t move. You cried out for your mother and she came rushing in,dressed in a white blouse and skirt - her regular work attire-and a towel wrapped around her damp hair.

“What’s wrong _______?” She asked and you groaned in response, unable to speak. She walked over to you and placed a hand on your forehead.

“You have to stop getting wet in the rain” she complained as she helped you sit up. “I’ll make you some soup before I leave and call the school” she said before leaving your room.

You managed to croak out a thank you as you wrapped the blankets tighter around your shivering body. You took your phone from the bedside table and checked it.

No new messages or missed calls.

You sighed. Baekhyun didn’t even make an effort to reach out to you.

Even in your sickly, almost dead state, you still thought about him despite him just ignoring you. A brief text would be suffix, so that at least you knew he was okay. But no, nothing.

You climbed out of bed and changed out of your tank and shorts to a hoodie and sweatpants, before going into the bathroom, to wash your face and brush your teeth.

Slowly sipping the now warm soup, your mother made, you tried calling Baekhyun again but there was still no answer.

The day droned on, you felt like calling your friend and asking her what happened in school but you doubted that you’d go to school the next day either. Plus, school only made you think of Baekhyun.

A few minutes into deep thought, you were brought back into reality by the ringing of your doorbell, echoing through the empty hours, making a quiet sound seem so loud. You reluctantly stood up and went to the door, still wrapped in blankets, sniffling. Opening the door, you came face to face with none other than Baekhyun, the man that you felt like you hadn’t seen for an eternity but was only just a number a day.

Dropping the blankets, you flung your arms around him, making him stumble slightly before hugging you back just as tight. Without exchanging of words, you knew that he wanted you just as much as you wanted him. He followed you back into your house and gave you another hug and then smiling at you with that look in his eyes that just made your heart melt.

“What happened?” You asked him,as he sat on the couch with you, placing you in his lap and wrapping the blanket around you.

“Mr. Nam couldn’t believe her because she had no proof” You let out a sigh of relief,placing your head on his chest. “But you’re not in my class anymore. I’ve been moved, “to avoid unwanted situations” “ he said mimicking Mr. Nam. I giggled and hit his chest lightly which made him grin.

“I’m just glad that you weren’t fired. I was worried sick about you and you didn’t answer my calls or text me….and I just…,” you stopped mid-sentence. Baekhyun placed his hands on your arms and guided them down to intertwine his fingers with yours.

“I wanted to call you but I thought you were mad at me” he said and you furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.

“Why would I be mad at you?”

He said nothing and hugged you. You smiled to yourself and sunk into his arms. You knew that you and Baekhyun were going to have to face, whatever may come hurling towards you but you two were just going to have to fight through.

You believed, and for once were convinced that love always wins.

No matter how bizarre and unacceptable, it may be derived.

Love will find a way, and that’s perfect for now.