mr mudd and mr gold

Man, I sure am glad I ran into you officer. See, somebody just stole my car.” The cop says, “Where was the car when you last saw it?” The guy says, “Right on the end of this key.” The cop looks at the key and says, “Well, go two blocks down to Station House #4 and report it to the desk sergeant.” The guy says, “Thanks, officer. You been a big help. I’m headed that way right now.” The cop looks down at the guys pants and says, “Hey buddy, before you go, you better zip up your fly.” The guy looks down at his pants and says, “Aw man, they got my girl too.
—  Townes Van Zandt
Mr Mudd & Mr Gold Pt.1 / Vintage

Stockholm’s Mr Mudd and Mr Gold is pretty much my dream store. It stocks so many of my favourite brands that I feel it’s mocking me a little, a whole raft of amazing goods that will never be mine. If I was ever offered the chance to be involved in a Supermarket Sweep situation I’d choose this place to ransack. As if to put the boot in they also do a pretty special line in vintage denim.


Mr Mudd and Mr Gold, Asogatan 174, Stockholm

image:Mr Mudd and Mr Gold