[ Anon asked:  “Since you’ve asked for ideas/prompts: Larry helping Freddy tie his tie just before the heist. Or maybe an AU where Freddy is visiting Larry in prison? Your art is so lovely btw, thanks!!!” ]

I’m still taking more ideas if anyone has them, just feel free to send them my way! Can’t promise I’ll draw all of them of course or how fast I will, but I really love ResDogs/creamsicle and drawing them is incredibly fun ♥

Mrs Kirk {Part 8}

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Fandom: Star Trek

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader  (She/Her identifying)

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/request: You and Jim get married. Accidentally. On a new federation planet. Without knowing about it. Turns out its legally binding. Fuck.

Part 1 X, Part 2 X, Part 3 X, Part 4 X, Part 5 X, Part 6 X, Part 7 X

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can I get uhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mrs.Lucitor headcanons?

• she’s literally the nicest sweetest demon ever like mom of the year right here
• she loves Tom so much, he’s her pride and joy and she adores him
• listen…Tom’s dad adores her, he’s also like “that’s my wife!! Isn’t she beautiful 💖”
• she lifts Tom and his dad up and they smooch her and tell her they love her so much and she’s just so glad she has such a nice family
• when Tom and Star breakup his mom just holds him in her hand is like “Tommy, it’s ok, mamas here don’t cry”
• umm if she knew what a shit life coach Brian is she’d kick his ass
• she’s so fucking strong man….like she’s a fucking powerhouse man and Tom thinks his mom is the coolest
• tom is totally that “ughhh mom you’re embarrassing me!!!” but absolutely adores her
• when Tom is born she’s so afraid because he’s so little and small and fragile but she cradled him in her big hands and just sobs because he’s absolutely perfect
• she’s the one who taught Tom how to play ping pong
• fucking hates Love Sentence but she loves Tom too much to tell him the truth
• very very calm, like nothing really rattles her?? she’s easily able to calm down Tom and his dad
• when she meets Marco she just….Knows™