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What most people think a Disney game should be like:

No they don’t. All those movies were better without you.)

What a Disney game should actually be like:

Imagine a long weekend with Chris. (Part A)

A/N: Part 5A 😊 Sorry for the wait, I’ve been busy with stuff. Anyway, this one tugged at my heart strings a little bit…Well, I cried. 😅 I’m such a hopeless romantic, it’s ridiculous. You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’ and ‘Little Ways Away’ - Masterlist; 'She Said Yes: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4’)

You and Chris listened to Ed Sheeran’s album 'Divide’ in preparation for the concert tomorrow night as he drove the both of you back to his Boston apartment, or so you thought. You were actually going to yet another surprise that everyone, but you knew about. As it turned out, Chris Evans was as much of a futurist as you were. From the moment he bought that ring, he’d been planning, seeking out, and collecting everything else the two of you needed to reach the life you were both striving for. Things were definitely looking up for the both of you. You’d both found your perfect half; Infinity War and Chris’ Marvel contract were coming to an end which meant he would soon return home to you; your graduation was slowly, but surely arriving in a couple of years, and you were going to take your indescribable talent and join the big leagues; Chris would move out of Captain America’s limelight, continue being spectacular in his field of work, and hopefully get the recognition he deserved; then of course, your long engagement would end and the two of you would get married.

You’d both agreed that after getting married, you’d move out of the apartment you shared with Ava and move in with him. The only thing that hadn’t been decided on was location because location was a little tricky. You both agreed that Los Angeles was the smarter option as it was where work would have both of you the most. That was, of course, if you became a success in Hollywood- which Chris assured you you would. But there was also the thought of fulfilling what you wrote and moving back to Chris’ hometown because that was eventual; Chris had made it fairly clear that he wanted to raise his family in Boston. That eventually was something you were more than happy to comply to because the moment you married Chris, he would become your family and anywhere he went would become home. You told him that, which was why he did something big and amazing behind your back knowing you wouldn’t be upset with him.

“This isn’t your apartment block,” you furrowed your brows when his car pulled to a stop and you looked out the window. “Where are we?” You quizzed as you turned to him; he had a smile that worried you slightly. “Why are you smiling like that?” You asked with a soft chuckle. “Chris!” You laughed when his smile turned into a smirk. “What’s going on?”

“Oh nothing,” he feigned innocence as he reached over you and into the glove box to pull out two set of keys. “I just thought you’d want to see our future home.” Your lips parted in awe when he held up one for you that had a 'Mrs.’ Minnie Mouse keychain that said, whereas his was a 'Mr.’ Mickey Mouse one.

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Nope,” he shook his head, jiggling your keys in front of your face. “Take it, go open the door and see.” You chuckled in disbelief, taking the keys from his hand. “C'mon,” he chuckled as he got out of the car; you followed suit with wobbly legs. This had to be a dream, all of it from the moment you met Chris till this very second. There was no way you got this freaking lucky, no way you were basically living out one of your perfect stories.

“What do you think?” Chris asked, holding his arms wide open as he turned in a circle on the front yard. All you could do was laugh because you were still trying very hard to process everything that was happening. If you were being honest, your mind was still stuck on the fact that you were going to see Ed Sheeran live. “Was this the house you imagined when you wrote your mini series?”

It wasn’t, because it was even more perfect that you’d imagined it. The exterior was blue, which was something Chris gave himself a pat on the back for as you’d always babble on about how awesome a colored house would be; blue was your favorite color, after all. The front yard was gorgeous and the perfect size for your future children to run around with Dodger; the garden circling the house even had bushes of roses growing already. Chris held out a hand for you to take and you walked over, smiling as you did. He drew your hand up to his quirked lips and kissed your knuckles; from the look on both your faces, he knew he’d nailed it.

“Wait till you see the inside,” he told you and pulled you alongside him as he padded up the stairs to your front porch. Your front porch, you couldn’t believe you could say that. The house was yours, yours and Chris’. Chris released your hand and moved to open the front door with his key; a red front door because why not have your house look like your fiancé’s Marvel character. “You know how you said you like earthy tones and marble benches?” He quizzed as he glanced back at you; you nodded with a wide grin. “Well, you’re going to love, love, love this house.”

“I kind of have to considering you bought the place already,” you laughed and he nodded, chuckling. “Oh my God,” the air was knocked out of your lungs when Chris opened the door to reveal the inside of your future home. “I feel like I just entered my story dimension, Chris.”

“It feels like deja vu, doesn’t it?” He chuckled as he closed the front door behind the both of you. “When I first came to see this house with our moms, they both freaked out.” Of course they came with him because of course they knew and didn’t tell you; you wouldn’t be surprised if Ava knew too. “They swore this was the house they saw when they read your series and just- they agreed it was perfect and that I should get it because you’d love it. Do you?” He asked as you turned around; your lips were still parted in awe. “Do you love it?” He asked with a hopeful smile.

“Are you kidding?” You laughed. “This is fucking amazing! Right now- I want to call Ava and tell her I’m moving out of that apartment and out of California and into this house. I don’t even care if I have to transfer universities, I’ll go to your alma mater. I’ll- I’ll fucking fly to school if I have to!” You exclaimed and he laughed, wrapping an arm around you to steer you towards the kitchen. “This is so breathtakingly amazing and spectacular. Oh my God,” you breathed, “I can’t breathe.”

“Okay, calm down,” he chuckled. “This is our forever home, we’ll move in when we get married and start on that forever. Right now, you’re going to stay in that apartment and stay in LA and finish school.” You pouted, running your hand along the smooth walls you were passing. “This place isn’t even properly furnished yet, babe.”

“We can go to IKEA right now and furnish it.”

“No,” he chuckled. “I only brought you here so you can see the place. We’re not moving back to Boston just yet, we’ve got a lot keeping us in LA for now. We’re not even married, okay? I know it’s exciting, believe me. But this- it’s for later, okay?” He looked over at you, chuckling when you nodded with a sad pout. “Come on, let’s see the kitchen. That will cheer you up.”

“Will it if I don’t even get to use it for God only knows how long,” you mumbled and Chris laughed, squeezing you tightly against him. You cracked a smile, wrapping an arm around his waist. “Okay, fine,” you giggled. “I’ll be less of a bummer, I mean- it is officially ours. It doesn’t matter if we use it today, or tomorrow, or in a few years. It’s ours and that’s what’s amazing.”

“Exactly,” he nodded. “Look,” he gently took your by the shoulders and pushed you in front of him as you turned the corner. The two of you stood in the archway leading into the kitchen and you gasped. “Marble benches, earth tones, breakfast bar, open floor plan into the dining area and living area. We can put a TV and a big family couch over there, so when you cuddle up with our children- I can watch you and smile while doing the dishes.” He referenced your mini series, making you chuckle. “And look there, I even have a little fridge.” He pointed at the corner where a little beer fridge was stowed away in-between the kitchen cabinets. “I can keep my beers there, so they don’t take up space in the actual fridge and get in your way.” You chuckled with a shake of your head. “What do you think of it?” He asked, grinning. “Is this the dream kitchen?”

“This is the dream everything,” you corrected him.

“C'mon,” he chuckled. “Let’s go see upstairs. Unlike the house in your story, this one has three levels instead of two. Oh, hold up.” He grabbed your hand and stopped you before you headed for the stairs, pulling you towards the sliding doors that led to the backyard. “We’ve got an entertainment deck on the side that you can access through that door,” he pointed it out for you and you nodded. “Then these doors lead to the backyard, where we don’t have a pool but can install one because there is a lot of space out there. It’s also a good space to dance to Ed Sheeran’s 'Perfect’,” he teased another reference and you chuckled again. “The laundry’s behind us on the right, I think? Then there’s a back room which I’m thinking of turning into a den where I can watch football games and be a slob with my friends out of sight, so you don’t go into labor early.” He tried not to laugh as he referenced another moment in your mini series.

“Okay,” you laughed. “Quit referring back to my story, you weirdo.” You shoved him playfully and he laughed, wrapping an arm around you to steer you towards the stairs. “You keep saying you’re with me because you’re in-love with me,” you teased, “but I’m starting to think otherwise.”

“Drats,” Chris clicked his fingers together, wincing. “My plan has been revealed, my true colors are out.” You laughed, poking his side which made him laugh as he squirmed. “I’m sorry your stories are so freaking amazing that it sticks with me.”

“Just show me the upstairs, you dork.” You bit playfully and he smiled, taking your hand and the lead as he walked up the staircase. You found yourself admiring the hardwood floor as you walked up each step, it was a dark chocolate color which you loved; a very relaxing and calming color scheme throughout the whole house. “Ooooo.” You pulled your hand from his and walked into what seemed to be the master bedroom. “Is this our room?” You circled the room while Chris stood in the doorway; he nodded with a smile. “This is huge! Wait- what’s the wardrobe situation like?” You quizzed and Chris laughed because he’d expected that question from a fashionista like yourself. “Is it a walk-in?”

“You tell me.” He moved to open the double doors you didn’t notice and revealed a huge- like Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe from Sex and The City huge- walk-in wardrobe. Your jaw dropped for the fifth time that day and you let out a breathless chuckle. “One big and beautiful side each.”

“Christopher Robert Evans,” you turned around with a smile so wide that it was hurting your face. “You are- you are full of surprises, aren’t you?” You walked over to him as a smile appeared on his face; one as wide as yours. “This is- by far,” you emphasized, wrapping your arms around his neck, “the most amazing and shell shocking thing you’ve ever done for me. How am I meant to live up to all of this, Chris?”

“I don’t need you to live up to anything, sweetheart,” he chuckled, resting his hands on your waist. “Just having you in my life, Y/N, it’s enough.” You smiled, brushing his cheek with your thumb. “You chose me. I mean- you’re twenty years old, you had a whole world waiting for you- a whole life to live out and- somehow, you decided to settle with me.” You felt your eyes narrow as you tried to correct him, but he spoke again before you could. “I know,” he quickly said. “I know I’m Chris Evans and I’m amazing and you’re lucky to be with me, but- that’s not how I see it. I…” He trailed off, unable to explain what was running through his mind. “I never thought this would happen for me,” he told you and you felt your eyes well with tears. “I mean- I spent so many years trying to settle down and start a life with- a myriad of different girls. None of them worked out and- I don’t know why, but it just didn’t.”

“Chris,” you reached to brush the tears he had forming in the corner of his eyes.

“No no no,” he chuckled, gently pushing your hand away. “I’m not- those are happy tears because upon meeting you, I realized why they didn’t work. The universe was making me wait for you.” More tears welled in both your eyes as he said that. “I think it’s a little unfair that it decided to make me wait so long, I mean- sixteen years for you to even be born into this world? That’s a little cruel.” He said and you both chuckled. “But um-” his voice quivered as he smiled through his tears, “I realize now that- the wait was everything. If we were the same age and I’d met you early in life, we wouldn’t be together right now. I think I’d be too much of a hot mess for you to want to spend the rest of your life with me.”

“Chris,” you both started to weep, chuckling, “you’re wrong. I would’ve loved you through a thousand lifetimes,” you told him. “That’s why people call it soul mates, right? You fall in-love with someone’s soul, and nothing else. I think-” you placed a hand on his heart, “my heart would’ve known you were the soul waiting for me. So you’re wrong,” you told him and he chuckled, tilting his head back to stop himself from weeping, “I would’ve loved you.”

“Yeah,” he chuckled, shaking his head. “You don’t need to live up to anything. You’re fucking killing me with just your words,” he said and you chuckled as he brushed your tears away with his thumbs. “Just promise me you won’t ever leave me and- I promise you, we’re squared.”

“I promise,” you drew yourself closer to him and his arms wrapped around you, hands pressed against your lower back. “I am yours eternally. Even if we die and come back as-” you chuckled, “Barbara and George.” You both laughed at the randomness of those names. “I’m going to find you and live out whatever life we’ll create together. Because I love you, like- imagine my love is like Mount Everest, 'cause that is how much I love you.”

“You know what, Barbara,” he chuckled when you giggled, “I Mount Everest love you too.”

“Believe me,” you smiled, inching your lips closer to his, “that message has been well received.”

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Part 5B

Sheldon couldn’t believe that his mother was moving. How could she move? From his childhood home. And on top of that she was threatening to throw out all of his stuff. Apparently the new condo didn’t have space for all of his old toys and she was going to donate them to charity. To charity! This was unacceptable, and Sheldon found the first flight down to Texas to take care of this.

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Bob's Burgers Characters as Aesthetics and Whatnot pt 3

Calvin: Pastels, bloody fingernails, seafoam, the view from a ferris wheel at night.

Felix: Sleek modern design, low tide, hotel bars, the satisfaction of clothes-shopping.

Mickey: The parking lot of Waffle House, stick n pokes, out-of-focus carnival lights, your softest shirt.

Marshmallow: White patent leather, sunlight through a large window, 90s summer fashion, sweet potato pie.

Mr. Frond: Hello Kitty characters, soft knitted sweaters, fogged up glasses, the perfect hug.

Mr. Ambrose: Rejected library books, spotlights, the Zodiac page in a cheap magazine, screaming into the void- jk, a collection of ties.