mr mcgregors garden

I took my pencil and drew boundary lines,
More than just suggestions,
Strict orders meant to keep you safe from me,
I’ve been a line crosser since the day I entered this world,
Testing limits while the doctors scrubbed my skin pink,
And you are Mr. McGregor’s Garden,
An Eden with the tree of knowledge in the dead center,
I have never resisted the fruit of temptation,
I broach the walls around what’s forbidden like they are coal creations,
And I hold the only eraser, I move over my own fortresses and make it look easy,
But inside of this city was something I’d never seen before–
And I’ve seen worlds inside walls that I made it my mission to scale,
I’ve seen beauty and elegance and sophistication,
I’ve seen stars and written prose to serve as odes to them,
I’ve never seen softness ripple like silk across the night sky above me,
I’ve never seen light emanate from a persons face before,
My mind has always been my encourager–
Go on then, take it- you deserve this!
Only this time my mind set off alarm bells,
Telling me not to rush into the shimmering aura that surrounded you,
With my wild red fire of recklessness,
Don’t disturb the peace that makes its home here.
She will call out to you in the middle of the night,
And I knew then that I’d prayed to the celestial bodies but,
Never had one made it’s way down from the wisps of heaven,
To cloak me in safety and strength,
A settling in my soul let’s me know that this is special,
And I’ve always plundered the depths of everything I’ve known,
Looking for its riches,
But you wear yours like crowns of queens,
And I see no need to do anything but to explore and be happy,
And draw a new map for myself where the X that marks the spot,
Is standing right in front of me.