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More string cup icons! This time, the Osomatsu bros! I loved doing this, even if it took longer than I wanted to finish them. Jyushimatsu’s is my favorite~ Feel free to use, just give credit when credit is due!

Yuri on Ice!!! string cup icons are next on my list! :3



I’ve never met Connie Maheswaran but I trust her

ooc. thinking about toshiro mifune for a real life faceclaim. been looking for sometime and i keep coming back to him. i’m at work so i can’t edit the pictures buuuuttt i like how he looks in most pictures ( some not so much l ol ) but i think i can get a decent amount of icons from him. 

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for stevetopsbuckysbottom | Bucky Barnes + personality types


don’t punch earrings


Mr. Robot Season 1 + Darlene Alderson

This isn’t about what we’ll do tomorrow. This is about what we did.