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Sam Palladio is a English actor and musician from Kent, England. He was brought up by his artist parents in Cornwall, England. He studied Actor Musicianship at Rose Bruford College in Sidcup, Kent, graduating in 2008.

He stars as Gunnar Scott in the ABC musical drama series Nashville. He also guest starred on Little Crackers, Doctors, The Hour, and Cardinal Burns, an Episodes. His film credits include 7 Lives, and Runner Runner. He was the lead singer in a band called Salt Water Thief.

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do you have headcannons about Josh?


-big fan of gothic and industrial music. loves NiN and Portishead. also an unironic Manson listener

-was the second in the group to come out (and the first to come out as gay - Jess came out as bi). Typically doesn’t make a big deal out of it but doesn’t hide it either, and cranks it up to 11 around Mike because it amuses him to watch Mr. Manly Man try to deal with being hit on the way he’s constantly hitting on girls.

-runs a half-horror, half-comedy blog on tumblr (it’s an odd combination but he makes it work)

-Jessica is the only person in the friend group who shares his weird sense of humor so when she’s around she’s a complete and total enabler for his ridiculous antics

-figured out you can stop an escalator by jamming your foot so the steps don’t collapse at the bottom. now stops every escalator and is banned from seven malls in the Los Angeles area.

-whenever the other kids are with him on an escalator and he says “hey, watch this” they all immediately start talking at once and beg him not to do it

-he does it anyway

-now the whole group is banned from a few malls

-likes to re-enact popular videos/gifs/vines. Somewhere on his computer there’s a video entitled “When Beth’s Not Home” that has Hannah playing the trombone in the kitchen while Josh rhythmically slams the oven door

-tries Jackass stunts at home

-purposely gets the names of all the My Little Ponies wrong to piss Chris off

-freakishly good at DDR

-tries to fit as many people into a vehicle as he can during road trips, not because he really needs to (his family could easily afford a larger vehicle or even just a rental for the day), but because he views it as a challenge.

-His current high score is 10 people in a four-door sedan - himself in the drivers’s seat, Hannah and Sam sharing the passenger seat, Beth jammed between the front seats with the shifter knob between her legs, Matt, Mike and Chris in the back with Jess and Emily lying across them. Ashley had to ride in the trunk (she was the only one small enough to fit in there). The car could barely hit 25mph because of all the weight holding it down

-once shot a nerf dart into the window of another moving vehicle while he was driving. considers this one of his greatest achievements

-discovered that if you hit traffic barrels on the highway every other driver within a mile radius will stay away from you. now makes a point of hitting barrels and cones during high traffic so everyone will assume he’s drunk and get out of his way

-thinks ordering a Big Mac at Burger King is the pinnacle of comedy

-went through a phase with Jess where they would buy 5-10 balloons at a time then spend the next few hours inhaling helium and making prank phone calls. Emily and Chris would stand by in embarrassment as their best friends dissolved into fits of hysterical, squeaky laughter

-part of the youtube prank fandom

-once went on zazzle, bought a bunch of weird specific shirt designs for events the dawn squad wasn’t a part of that say things like “Kristin’s baby shower, March 15th 2013” and “Smith Family Reunion 2010” and gave them to everyone as Christmas gifts


The Advantages To Never Skipping Leg Day

1. You Look Great In A Pair Of Tight Trousers.

2. Your Legs Look Sexy In A Skin-Tight Square Cut.

3. You Balance Well On A Slippery Surface, Whilst Looking Alluring In Budgy Smugglers.

4. Legs Are The Key To Endurance, Speed, And Stamina On The Rugby Pitch.

Never Skip Leg Day!

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He Cuddles With You

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“C'mere, munchkin.” Dean called from the bed as he saw you walk into the room. You had just finished cleaning up and tending to your small wounds from today’s case and you were completely exhausted.

You crawled under the convers and into his open arms, nestling yourself in his warmth. He held you close to him, pressing your body to his chest.

“How are you such a warm bastard in the winter time?” You mumbled, your lips tickling his neck. You looked up to see him sporting his signature smirk.

“I’d like to think it’s because of my rock & roll soul.” He shrugged.

“What does that even mean?” You rolled your eyes, nestling back into your previous snuggle.

You smirked to yourself as you pressed your cold toes to his legs. He jerked back immediately.

“Woah there!” He exclaimed, moving his legs practically to the other side of the bed. “Get those ice cubes you call toes away from my existence.”

You laughed, throwing a leg over his waist, being sure not to let your feet touch him. You kissed his cheek, squeezing him closer to you.

“This will always be my favorite part of the day.” You muttered.


“Cuddling with you.”

“Hey! Dean Winchester doesn’t cuddle.” He grumbled. “That’s too chick-flicky for me.”

“Okay, Mr. Manly-Man.”

You both laid in comfortable silence for a while, Dean rubbing your back gently. Occasionally, he’d run his hand up and down your leg that was thrown over him, humming some old song to himself.

“Don’t tell anybody, but this is my favorite part of the day, too.” He mumbled, squeezing you to him once more. You smiled to yourself before allowing sleep to take over.

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“Come on, Sammyyyyyy.” You groaned, swatting him with your hand carelessly.

He chuckled. “Almost done, I promise.”

“You’ve been researching for two hours straight! Give it a rest!” You grumbled, closing his laptop despite his protests.

“Y/N! I was just getting to the-”

“Shut up, take off the lights, and shut your eyes.”

He rolled his eyes, reaching over to the nightstand and shutting off the lamp. He turned to face you, looking at your irritated face in the moonlight.

“I’m sorry.” He said softly, cupping your face with his hand.

You smiled. “Just shut up and hold me.”

He chuckled, pulling you into his arms. He pressed his lips to your forehead, peppering it in kisses. You sighed contently, snuggling deeper into his arms.

“Goodnight, Sam.” You whispered to his chest.

“Goodnight, my love.” He whispered back

I’m sorry, but some of the confession pictures in FE13 make me laugh so hard like

External image

Freaking bishounen Mr. manly man here with his sparkles and bubbles

External image


External image

“hello my name is Jean Kirstchein”

External image


External image

and then theres Aversa’s where she’s LITERALLY SHOVING YOUR FACE INTO HER BOOBS

Fluffidy Fluff Fluff

“Your turn.”

Those words would haunt her for the rest of her life. She was sure of it. Two. Motherfucking. A. M. 

“Actually I took your turn last night because you were on Kol duty so its your turn.” Caroline mumbled into her pillow, shifting slightly away from him. 

“That was out of the goodness of your heart. This is not a negotiation, its your turn.”

“Klaus its 2 in the morning." 

"Yes I’m aware.” She was gonna rip his voice box out, she swore to god she would do it. 

“Good. Then you know I need to sleep. So you do it Mr. Manly Man.” She grinned into her pillow, still not able to peel her eyes open. 

“Mmmm, but you’re the one that wanted the little rascal in the first place, so darling,” Her eyes flung open when she felt the weight of him roll onto her, his mouth right next to her ear as his hand squeezed her hit. “Its your turn.” With that he rolled back over, pulling the blankets over his bare torso.

“Fuck you.” Caroline spat, swinging her legs off the bed and marching out of their room down the hall, shoving the other door open and walking into the dark room. “Hello little buggy,” She said with a wide smile, reaching into the crib where her son was crying–Did she say crying? Because it was more like one of those bomb sirens. “What’s got you all bothered huh?” She raised him up a little and sniffed his diaper, finding it clean and sighing before positioning him in her arms and moving to sit back in the rocking chair. 

“You know you should have done this tomorrow, its your dad’s job to get you quiet tomorrow. Although I think he compels you to only act up when I’m on duty.” Castro let out a small little blubbery laugh as his fists grabbed Caroline’s curls and she smiled. “But daddy knows that if he compels you then I get to chop off some very useful parts of his anatomy.” Another giggle. “Yes he does.” Caroline kissed her son’s forehead and held him close to her chest. 

“Da,” She smiled at the boy’s attempt at talking as she pulled him closer. 


When Klaus woke up there was a sheer second of panic when he didn’t find Caroline next to him and immediately he shot out of bed and across the hall, throwing the door open and causing his son’s eyes to open wide at him before raising his little fists and waving excitedly. 

Caroline was passed out in the chair, her arms still tight around little Castro and Klaus smiled as their son pulled on a strand of her hair, trying to wake her. Caroline only groaned in response and Klaus stepped forward, picking the boy up and feeling his hands go immediately to the necklaces his father wore. 

“How should we wake up mama? Hm?” Klaus whispered, bouncing Castro slightly as they both looked at Caroline, “Or should we just let her sleep.”

“Shut up.” Her tired voice spoke up as Caroline’s eyes fluttered open. “How long was I out?”

“How would I know? I was asleep in our nice warm bed.” He grinned at her and Caroline let out a long breath. 

“I hate you.”

“You love me.” Klaus turned towards the little boy in his arms, “She loves me,” He said with a grin as Caroline stood up, whacking the back of her husband’s head as she stomped out of the room, grumbling something about going back to bed. Once she was out of earshot and Castro was back to blubbering out his little nonsense words Klaus grinned at him. “She loves me. Don’t you worry mate.” He said with a grin, moving out of the room to go and make his beautiful wife a mouthwatering breakfast. 


Go Your Own Way!

How Come Dylan Thomas Does Not Work Out At My Gym?

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Manly Monday

Time To Hit The Gym!

Carrot And Stick, Baby!

Nota Bene: The Music To This Clip Is NSFW!


The Boys Of Summer

The Beaches Abound With Such Sights In Summer.

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Gym Inspiration

Nice Arse, Nice Slab, Nice Package…

Nice Everything, Stud!


Baby Got Back!

And A Backside, Too!

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Pull Up To My Bumper, Baby!

In Your Long Black Limousine
Pull Up To My Bumper Baby
And Drive It In Between

For Some Reason, I Could only Think Of Grace Jones, When I Saw Tom Trbojevic getDacked.

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Men In Tight Uniforms

Spanish Men In Uniform Are Truly Beautiful. The Uniform Of The Guardia Real Highlights That Beauty. 

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 Oscar In The Middle Has Hundreds Of Photos Of Such Handsome Men In Uniform, Many Participating In Desfile de las Fuerzas Armadas…Armed Forces Day In Spain. Take A Look!


Hot Bear In Hibernating Weather At Lambeau!

Jacob Schum Keeps It Hot On The Grid Iron In Green Bay.

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