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expectations from war of jokes and riddles:

  • edward screaming “I WON’T HESITATE BITCH” at joker at least once
  • poison “i’m too gay for this” ivy deciding to remain neutral
  • joker getting his ass beat by literally any of the rogues (or all of them, all at once)
  • harvey with a machine gun (he must have at least one in every canon)
  • batman not picking a side, instead knocking all of their heads together and throwing them in arkham
  • selina watching on from a gargoyle as a big battle rages like that one squidward meme
  • the “war” just being joker and edward trying to spread the worst rumours about each other around the rogues gallery 
  • waylon giving everybody the middle finger as he walks backwards into the sewers bcos fuck this white nonsense


so, because hs ruined my sense of right and wrong, i decided i was going to write some blackrom prinxiety. for the unitiated, blackrom is essentially when you love to hate someone and also kinda want to make out with them. so, there is going to be harsh language, a bit of violence, that kinda stuff. if any of that makes you uncomfortable, don’t read this. 

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Best Friend Bucky Part 2

Summary: You’re best friends with Bucky but you struggle with being around him due to the fact that you have feelings for him and boy does he love to flirt. You talk to Steve all the time about your liking towards Bucky and how you think he may like you back but then you start to notice how close he’s gotten with Natasha and that thread of hope flies out the window.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

*Warnings: angst (maybe), definitely fluff this time, swearing*

A/N: I didn’t expect people to like the first part lol but anyways here’s the 2nd :)

Bucky stood there not knowing what to do, not even knowing what just happened or why Y/N lashed out like that. He stared at Steve then Natasha then back at Steve again before Steve rolled his eyes.

“Go talk to her you idiot.” he says but Bucky doesn’t move. Sure he wants to know why you had basically thrown him against the wall but he didn’t want to bother you at the moment. I mean sure you’ve messed with his left arm before, pulling it out from under him or making it swing around like crazy but not once had you thrown him to the wall.

“I don’t want to bother her right now.” he speaks softly and Natasha scoffs.

“Don’t be a dumbass and go talk to her. Your plan obviously failed.” she speaks, causing Steve to look at her with a confused look. Great Nat, thanks for opening your mouth, he thought to himself.

“What plan?” he questions and Bucky clears his throat.

“I’ll tell him frosty, you go talk to your girl.” Natasha says as she shooed him away. Bucky grunts, a smile growing on his lips. His girl. he liked the sound of that.

Without another word he sprints off to your room, knocking three times but gets no answer.

“I’m sorry Mr. Barnes but Ms. Y/L/N does not want to speak to anyone at the moment.” FRIDAY’s voice startles Bucky and he sighs.

“Please open the door FRIDAY I need to speak with her.” Bucky insists, leaning his head on her door.

“Go away.” Y/N’s voice could be heard on the other side of the door.

“Not till you talk to me, Doll.” Bucky replies, wanting nothing more than to see her beautiful face.

“There’s nothing to talk about.” she responds and Bucky sighs yet again at the stubborn girls response.

“Please Y/N?” he nearly whimpers and with a blink of an eye Y/N teleports outside of her room, standing behind Bucky who still had his forehead pressed against the door.

“What do you want?” she speaks and Bucky turns around, embracing her. As much as she wanted to hate it, she couldn’t so, she hugged back. After a while he refused to let go of her so she started pushing at him to get him away. “Shouldn’t you be with Nat?” the question wasn’t even a question.

He pulls away from you finally, the crease between his eyebrows prominent.

“Why would I be with her?” he inquired, tilting his head like a cute puppy. Damn you Barnes for being so goddamn cute.

“Well I mean it’s obvious you two have a thing for each other. You guys are always talking and laughing and having a grand ol’ fucking time together.” you spit, crossing your arms over your chest. Yup, you were jealous and there was no point in hiding it now.

“Wait what? Nat and I-” you don’t let him finish

“Are dating. I get it.” you speak for him. “I get that ever since you got your memory back that you want to live a normal life and date and all that shit but don’t rub it in my face, James.”

He smiles at the use of his first name. He loves when you address him by his first name. He finds it quite sexy actually.

“I think it’s hot when you call me by my first name.” he speaks out loud and Y/N’s cheeks flush red. Is he really?

“Are you serious Buck? Nat would fucking kill you if she heard you say that.” you say. Natasha is very possessive when it comes to things that belong to her and by the looks of it, Bucky belongs to her.

“Why would she kill me?” he questions. “Not like she hasn’t tried before.”

“Because she’s your girlfriend, Bucky. Stop acting stupid.” you reply, rolling your eyes at the brunette that was standing in front of you.

He nearly chokes on his own spit at your words before remembering that that’s what he wanted you to think. A smirk spreads across his lips, knowing he had you right where he wanted you.

“Natasha isn’t my girlfriend.” he shakes his head as he steps closer to you, causing you to take a step back. Your eyebrows furrow in confusion as he says this.

“What? But I - You - Shit.” you breathe, becoming flustered. You hold your left hand up to your forehead as you breathed in and out. Bucky’s hand lays on your shoulder and you look up at him.

“Nat and I pretended to be into each other because I wanted to make you jealous.” he confessed and you groan.

“Well it worked.” you grumble and Bucky laughs. You fight the smile that wants to come forth, still trying to be angry at Bucky but as you look at his face, you sigh.

Bucky takes hold of both your hands, lacing them with his as he looked into your eyes. Bucky smiled. He absolutely loves your eyes.

“I love you.” he blurts. “I have for three years now.”

Your eyes widen at his confession and you pull your hands from his, teleporting back into your room. You lean against  your door with your hands covering your mouth as you processed what just happened. Bucky likes you back - he loves you. A smile forms on your lips from under your hands and you hear Bucky sigh on the other end of the door.

“If you don’t feel the same way, that’s fine but I’ve kept that in for three years.” he speaks. “I hope we can still be friends.”

He sighs again before you can hear his footsteps getting farther and farther. Go after him. What are you doing Y/N?

“FRIDAY where’d Bucky go?” you sigh. You fucked up by not telling him you felt the same way but you were shocked. You didn’t expect him to reciprocate your feelings.

“Back to the lounge with Mr. Rogers and Ms. Romanoff.” the A.I. speaks and you thank the voice before teleporting to the living room area.

“She doesn’t feel the same way, I should have known-”

“Hey soldier,” you speak. Bucky turns around to face you with sadness in his eyes. “You gonna come over here and kiss me or what?”

His eyes widen at your words while you only smirk at the handsome man in front of you.

“Looks like she feels the same way after all.” Natasha smirks and Steve nods

“We’ll leave ya to it.” Steve pats his friend on the shoulder before exiting the living room with Natasha.

“So,” you start off, slowly making your way over to Bucky, “you gonna kiss me?”

“I - I don’t understand. I thought you didn’t feel the same way?” he says as you wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him close to you.

“I never said that.” you reply. “I just didn’t say anything because I never thought you’d feel the same way.”

The super soldier chuckles, arms wrapping around your waist as he inches his face closer to yours.

“Well I do.” he smirks right back at you. “Can I kiss you now?”

With a single nod he dips down slightly, connecting your lips in a much needed kiss. You’ve waited for this moment for a long time and it’s even better than you thought it would be. You both pull away breathlessly, Bucky tucking your hair behind your ear as he looked into those eyes of yours.

“I love you.” he breathes, cupping your face in his hand.

“I love you too, James.” you reply and Bucky groans, kissing you once more.

“I love when you call me James.” he growls against your lips, causing you laugh.

A/N: Welp I hope ya liked it! I’ll be back with some more unless you have an idea for me to use because in that case send ‘em in! :)

this is my first entry for @shippingwithstiles‘s whole week of Stiles-centric fics!! starting off with some Sterek to ease myself into it (promise i’ve got another ship or two coming soon)

April 1st prompt: Fool For Love



(also on AO3)

Stiles waited until the bell rang for lunch before he made his move. He had determined that to be the optimal time, the moment of maximum exposure and emphasis. Everybody would be flooding out of their classrooms and moving toward the cafeteria in one giant horde, and Lydia would be the last one out of her AP Calculus class like she always was because she stayed back to argue with the teacher.

Stiles had been preparing for this for weeks, building himself up to it and memorizing the pièce de résistance. He glanced over his reference sheet one more time just as the bell rang, mouthing the words to himself before folding it up and stuffing it in his pocket. He might’ve been sweaty with nerves, but unless this went far, far better than he was expecting, Lydia wasn’t likely to be close enough to tell so that was fine. Besides, he was allowed to be nervous; he was taking the final leap.

If this didn’t win him Lydia’s favor, nothing ever would.

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Drunks and pizza, what could go wrong?

Request: Can I request #14 with Clint Barton x reader where he’s been trying to ask her out?

Prompt: “would you like to order some pizza and get really drunk with me?“

‘Come on (Y/N), one more round’ Clint said; bouncing rings round you like a child before raising his gloved hands up towards his face in a protective stance. “As much as I’d love to beat your ass again Barton I’m done. I can practically hear my bed calling to me” you reply, sliding past the now disappointed archer to grab your bottle, taking a long needed drink. “(Y/N) the night is young! Don’t be a spoil sport” Clint whined, putting on his ‘moody teenager’ voice that always managed to make you grin. You bumped your hip against his side playfully and he took the opportunity to put his arm around your neck; heat prickling where your skin made contact with his. It have been just over a year since you’d moved into the tower. A somewhat simple SHIELD mission had left you with a target on your back and had left Fury no choice but to put you under the Avengers protection. While the price was on your head you had only two rules to live by in the tower; don’t talk to Tony until you know he’s had his morning coffee (this rule was told to you by Bruce and from his tone you decided to take it as gospel) and never leave the tower alone. Clint had volunteered to be your chaperone when leaving the tower and with you refusing to stop your daily activities because you ruined some supervillans plans you and Clint had become quite close from your many outings. Soon enough you’d caught feelings for the archer and not wanting to complicate the friendship at the time you’d kept it to yourself. That was over six months ago; back where you thought you’d be going back to your crumby apartment and not becoming a permanent member of the Avengers team. Now you did your best to hide the raising heat in your cheeks with a playful punch to his chest. “I’m taking a shower then I’m gonna kick back with a drink and a movie. You can stay here if you like” you said, shimmying out of Clint’s loose grasp before walking towards the training room exit. “(Y/N) wait!” Clint shouts, jogging up to meet you at the gyms double doors. “Yeah?” You ask, confused to the sudden conflict evident in your friends eyes. He cleared his throat, bringing his hand up to rub his neck as he spoke. “Listen (Y/N), I was wondering maybe-” ‘Miss (Y/L/N) Mr Barton, you’re needed in the lounge area. Mr Stark and Miss Romanoff have found the Wii remotes again’ JARVIS boomed You and Clint groan in unison before hurrying to the lounge. Since you’d moved in, you’d created an unlikely close bond with Tony, it all starting when you brought him coffee to his lab one morning (that particular morning you found him sleeping standing up, leaning over dummy for support) and with this friendship came the job of ref. Nat and Tony had an unhealthy obsession of competing with each other; so much so that you’d resorted to hiding the Wii remotes after they spent two days trying to beat each other score (and nearly physically beating each other in the process) and with Clint and Nat being as close as siblings, the team had left it to you two to deal with their little spats. Rounding the corner together, you both nearly skidded into Steve, who seemed to be tiptoeing away from the lounge as if a dangerous predator hid inside. “How bad is it?” Clint asked hands on his hips. “It bad; Nat found the Russian Vodka Bucky had stashed” you felt your stomach drop, drunk Nat and Tony were ten time worse than the usual pair. “Thanks Steve, wish us luck” you said, striding towards the door with Clint not far behind. Before reaching the doors, Clint stopped you, his hand lightly encircled your wrist causing you to shiver. “Hey, after would you like to order some pizza and get drunk with me?” There was a loud clang and a muffled yelp from the other side of the doors, to glanced at the door before replying

“ Sure, I think we’re gonna need it after this anyway”

“Tonyyyyy, give me the b-bottle before I drop you on your asss” Natasha slurred, swiping drunkenly at Tony, who had one of his suit hands aimed at Nat’s head while his real hands cradled the vodka bottle and both Wii remotes. “No! If I give it back you’ll steal the remotes and beat me again!” Tony whined. You glanced at Clint giving him a small not before moving into action. “Come on you two, time for bed!” You chimed, coming further into the room while Clint guarded the only exit (they had a tendency to run off when drunk) “(Y/N)! You’re here!” Tony hiccuped, throwing his hands up and nearly hitting himself with the vodka bottle. The momentary distraction giving Nat time to swipe the bottle from his grip. “Hello Tony, I think you two should give me the bottle and we can see to getting you to bed yeah” you say, stretching your hand out to where Natasha sat causing the drunk assassin to clutch the bottle closer to her chest. “Hey-hey! Here’s a better idea! Let’s play Truth or dare!” Natasha squealed “No no, you guys are going to bed” Clint chimes in, moving from the doors to Nat’s blind spot and swiping the bottle. “But come on Clint! (Y/N)! Just one truth and one dare and we promise to go straight to bed” Tony pleaded; going to salute and catching himself in the eye. You give a heavy sigh before looking to Clint who shrugged as if to say ‘what could go wrong?’ “Fine! But only one each then bed!” You order, pointing your finger accusingly at the two drunk avengers. After they agreed with varied amounts of enthusiasm you and Clint sat down on the floor; careful not to sit on the take out meal Tony and Natasha must of ordered. “Right who’s going?” Clint asked, his voice bored; “I dare you Clint!” Natasha practically screamed, dramatically pointing at him as if you were in a 'who done it’ scenario “And my dare is..?” Clint asked, his face contorting into a expectant frown. The two seemed to deliberate for a moment before speaking, the pair giggling as they revealed Clint’s verdict “We dare you to kiss (Y/N)!” All colour left you in a nanosecond, your hands suddenly becoming clammy as you stared between the drunk pair and your long term crush “Uh..” Clint stammered, his hand jumping up to rub his neck. “Y-you don’t have to, guys give him another dar-” you were cut off as a hand came up to cup your face and a pair of soft lips crashed into yours. This kiss was soft, delicate yet full of barely restrained passion, your lips moving together in perfect sync. All to soon the kiss ended and you were left breathless as he pulled away, his face seeming as flushed as yours was. “And now (Y/N)! You get truth” Tony’s words broke you from your daze, reality suddenly coming down on you with the full force of a planet. You willed you’re voice to remain normal as you spoke; “Hit me with your best shot” you said, your eyes never leaving Clint’s “Do you have feeling for our bashful Hawkeye over here?” Natasha hiccuped then giggled. Without any real thought you spoke; your heart leading before your mind had chance to compute the question “Yes” “I knew it! Told you Tony! You owe me ten bucks!” Natasha exclaimed, all drowsiness leaving her immediately. It took you a moment to realised what was going on. “Hey you set us up!” You seethed, anger bubbling up as you realised you’d been tricked. “Well you weren’t going to tell each other any other way” Tony commented, picking up a pizza take out menu and dropping it in Clint’s lap before sauntering towards the exit, Nat not far behind. “Now talk to each other damn it” Nat said as she walked out the door; you both looked confused and dazed all at once and you knew that pizza and getting drunk was definitely the way to go; it seemed they had a hell of a lot to talk about.

A/N: hey! This is my first fic/prompt so it may be terrible. I don’t like how I ended it but it was the only way I could go. Overall I think I did okay ish? Don’t hesitate to request something and I do all character (no smut tho, sorry) hope you enjoyed!

Requested by: @purplekitten30

anonymous asked:

do you have/want any pets?

I have two cats.

Helga, my girl.

And Sasha, my boy.

Named long before I had my incubus character Sasha, actually, by a friend of mine who had him first.

They are both 9, and both love to lounge on Mr. Crimson, as you can see.

I like dogs too, but I’m allergic, so being around them more than a few hours makes me need my inhaler.

However, I cannot LIVE without cats in my life, and will likely always have two at any given time. They are my babies.

Cashing Out

Originally posted by thatfunnyweirdindiechick

Pairing: Carl x reader, Negan x daughter!Reader
Word count: 1,403

Part 16 of Gonna Marry That Boy

It seemed like an eternity passed before anyone walked out of your room. It was your doctor, and Carl shook his head, a fresh bout of tears burning his eyes. He clung to Rick, afraid for the worst. His shaggy brown hair hung down down as he started to fall, his father holding him up. Negan didn’t even tried to hide his emotions.

The doctor took a breath before speaking. “It was a close call.” He said sadly. “She’s resting right now, and the baby is being brought to the nursery. They both have matching bands, with identification numbers, as does Mr. Grimes here. That allows him into the nursery, but not to bring him out. Hospital policy.” He explained.

Carl had been staring at the doctor, trying to process that you and the baby were both okay. “When can we see her?” Negan asked.

“Being her father, you can stay with her. As for Mr. Grimes, he’ll have to come back during visiting hours. We’ll keep an eye on her for the next couple days, and go from there.”

“What happened?!” Rick asked, annoyed that he didn’t say.

The doctor sighed, putting his hands in his pockets. “There was a lot of bleeding. We can’t figure out why. She’s a healthy young woman. So, for future pregnancies, she’ll be considered high risk, Mr. Grimes.” He told Carl gently before walking away.

The three men stood in silence, none of them really seeing anything that they were staring at. Negan sighed. “I’m going to sit with my daughter. Go see…have you two thought have a name yet?” He asked Carl, who shook his head. “Go see your boy.”

Carl nodded, starting to walk away with Rick before stopping and turning. “Negan? She’s alive because she’s your daughter. Stubborn as fuck.” He told him before walking towards the nursery.

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Noel Fielding on Richard Ayoade’s Travel Man


All you did was deliveries and most of them were miscellaneous parcels for Tony Stark, yes the Tony Stark. There was a 95% chance that you would be the one at the door to deliver whatever item the billionare had ordered. It would range from one small parcel to multiple large ones.

Tony would often offer you help if the items were heavy, but you were strong enough, so naturally you would decline his offer. For the first few deliveries Tony would just follow you from the truck to the desired room not saying anything, just observe making sure your being gentle with the parcels. But eventually he would open up with simple conversation starters. He was surprised at how open you were to answer his questions.

It eventually came to a point where Tony can simply chatting away about his day, his inventions even his events with the Avengers. You basically knew each other on a personal level. Heck even the Avengers felt like they knew you because of how much Tony talked about you. But they thought you were a myth as they’ve never seen you.

Although that was soon dismissed when they noticed how happy Tony was when he talked about you, laughed at the jokes you seemed to of shared, the way his eyes seemed to shine and the way his cheeks seem to dust red at some of the more intimate moments.

Tony was is love. In love with you.

They constantly teased him about how he was in love with a ‘postman/postwoman’ also the way he would be defensive of you.

“Just tell them how you feel!” Clint shouted in aggrivation as he played with the santa hat in his hands.
“Confess what?” The Avengers stopped what they were doing to glare at Tony with an 'Are you kidding me?’ look. Steve was the one to speak up. “Tony, you are obviously in love with (y/n) and we think it’s time you confess to them.”
“They don’t feel the same.” Tony took a swig of his scotch eyes becoming dull at the thought. He knew he loved you, he loved the idea of being with you, being with you for the rest of his life. But his doubt out weighed his dreams.

Later that evening everyone started to settle down from their Christmas high and lounged about.
“Mr Stark (y/n) (l/n) is here with a parcel for you.”
“Could you send them here?”
“Right away sir.”
“Looks like todays the day Stark.” Steve smiled at him while Tony quickly patted himself over making sure his appearence wasn’t a mess.

The ding of the elevator signalled your arrival and Tony was in panic. His heart stopped when the door opened and your face was in amazement at how beatiful the recreation room was with all the decorations that were perfectly placed. Tony made his way over to you quickly while stiff.
“Hey (y/n), what’re you doing here? Shouldn’t work be off for the day?”
“Oh I was delivering christmas gifts that didn’t get delivered yesterday. Also I had something for you.” You lifted up a long thin bag towards Tony with a soft blush, it was his favourite whiskey brand. “I noticed that you always had one open somewhere in your tower so I thought I’d get you one,” You looked down at the floor scratching the back of your neck. “But now it’s probably stupid considering you could have as many of these as you want.”
“Thank you very much.” Tony’s smile was soft, loving and genuine. He was amazed at how you noticed a small detail, that you spent the time and money to get this gift for him. It was an expensive brand at that as well, it was definatly out of your price range.

“OI MISTLETOE!” Clint shouted in annoyance of the stalling. The two of you looked up to see a bit of mistletoe hanging from the ceiling from an arrow. You titled your head in confusion while Tony sighed heavily trying to calm his heart.
“Rules are rules.” Tony muttered to himself before wrapping his arm around the dip of your back to bring him close as he dipped to capture you lips.

The kiss was quick but it was very sweet, his lips may off been slightly chapped but they were still soft.
“I love you (y/n).” Was the first thing Tony said when he parted. When he realized what he had said he’d completely let go of you and took a few steps back. “Well it’s okay if you don’t, I mean it’s completely understandable why you wouldn’t want to be with someone like-” “I love you too.” You said in the middle of Tony’s ramblings. He looked up surprised stars in his eyes.

“Tony stop being rude and invite them.” Natasha suggested while watching the scene with interest.
“Oh, sorry… um would you?” Tony moved to the side for you gesturing to the couch that the rest of the Avengers were sat. “I would love to.”

Love in Between - Chapter 6

Here’s the latest chapter of my fanfic, “Love in Between,” a story about Jamie and Claire traveling through the stones together and ending up in 1845, in the era of Queen Victoria.  You can also find this story at AO3.  I hope you enjoy it!

Special Order

Several weeks had gone by since the print shop had officially opened for business.  Claire had also opened her clinic around the same time.  After some initial skepticism from the public, she had proven herself to be a competent doctor, and people began to seek out her services.

Jamie had been working very hard to get the shop up and running and had spent many long hours filling orders on his own.  Before long, Jamie’s hard work had paid off, bringing more substantial orders from more influential people.

One evening, after Claire had closed up the clinic, she joined Jamie in the print shop, hoping she could convince him to stop work for the day.  He would often work late into the night fulfilling orders, then would stumble into bed, bone tired, and immediately fall asleep.  Tonight, she wanted to have some quality time with him.  She needed to *be* with him.

“Jamie,” she said, watching him from the doorway.

“Uh?” he grunted.  He was bent over the printing press, tinkering.  Claire couldn’t help but admire his rather enticing posterior.

“Jamie - you need to stop, love.  You’ve been working too hard.”

He turned around to face her.  “Och, I’m sorry, Sassenach.  I’ve been neglecting ye.  I dinna mean to, but ye ken it’s been tough getting the business up and running.  It will all be worth it in the end, I promise.”

Seeing her expectant look, he put down the tool he had been using and went to her, wrapping his arms around her.  He kissed the top of her head, then rested his chin on it as he slowly swayed with her.

After a moment, Claire said softly, “Jamie…let’s go to bed.”  

He could see the longing in her eyes.  A sweet smile crossed his face.  “Aye, Sassenach, let’s go to bed.”  

He took her hand and led her upstairs to their tiny room.  They had secured a normal-sized bed a few weeks ago to replace the narrow cot that originally occupied the room.  That gave them a bit more comfort at least, even though it was still less than ideal.  

As they undressed, Jamie admired Claire’s form, particularly the round, plumpness of her arse and the curve of her burgeoning belly.  Her pregnancy had progressed in the last weeks, and while it wasn’t apparent in her normal clothes, she had a definite bump, and Jamie couldn’t think of anything more beautiful than the sight of his lovely Claire, round with his child.

Jamie undressed quickly and helped Claire into bed, sliding in beside her.  She lay on her back and he smoothed his hand over the round belly over and over, cherishing the precious gift contained within.

He leaned down, bringing his lips close to her belly, and said, “I canna wait to meet ye, my wee bairn.  I’m yer Da.”  He kissed the bump and looked lovingly at Claire.

She smiled tenderly at him, so thankful to have such a gentle, loving husband.  She knew that he would be a wonderful father to their child.

“Have you thought of any names, Jamie?”

“For the bairn?  Aye.”

“Tell me.”

“Well, if it’s a boy, I’d like to name him Brian, after my Da.”

“That’s lovely, Jamie…and if it’s a girl?”

“Hmmmm.  I dinna ken.  I hadna thought of girls’ names yet.”

They talked for a few more minutes about baby names, but then decided that subject could wait.  Just then, they needed each other, needed to be one.  

Jamie’s hand smoothed once more over her belly, then continued down to cup her between her legs.  He sighed softly as he relished the feel of her warm, soft flesh.  Her breath caught as he touched her, and she let out a moan as his fingers caressed her softly.

“Jamie,” she sighed.

Jamie continued to fondle her, feeling her become slick and ready for him.  She knew that he was ready too.  His hard flesh pressed against her thigh as he let out a groan.

“Claire, I need ye,” he whimpered as she reached down to stroke him.

“Come to me, my love.  Come to me.”  

He moved into her embrace, as her arms and legs wrapped around him.  He took her then, easing slowly into her to savor the close caress of her flesh.  She whimpered and her hips moved with him, urging him to take her over and over. 

It wasn’t long before Claire began trembling, a powerful force coming from deep within.  

“Jamie!” she cried, her trembling turning into violent shudders traveling along her entire body.  Her cry of pleasure spurred him on and he thrust deeply, spilling into her.  His own cry mingled with hers as he lost himself.

“Claire!  Oh God, Claire!”

When it was over, they finally settled, relaxing into each other’s arms.  

Claire looked into his fathomless eyes, seeming to see into his soul.  “I love you, Jamie, and I’ve really missed you.”

He grinned back.  “Aye, I gathered that.  It didna take ye long.”

She quirked an eyebrow at him.  “It didn’t take YOU long either.”  

He chuckled, then caressed her cheek.  “I missed ye too, Sassenach.  I’m sorry I’ve been so caught up in the shop.  It’s just…”  He paused for a moment.

“What is it, Jamie?”

“Weel, it’s just that…I want to make enough money to give ye a real home, Claire.  A place where we can raise our bairn and live as a family.”

Her eyes misted with emotion, so touched by his words.

“And I think with a few more orders, I would have enough money to do that, Claire.  That’s why I’ve been working so hard.”

“Oh Jamie.”  She kissed him softly, running her hand over his cheek.  “A real home.”  She sighed.  That sounds like heaven.”

“Aye, it does.  Soon, my love, I will get you out of this tiny room and give you the home you deserve.”

“Jamie, you know my home is wherever you are.”  

He smiled and pulled her closer, kissing her again before they relaxed into sleep.

The following afternoon, Jamie went to find Claire in her clinic.  He stood in the doorway watching her tend to a little girl.  She was so loving and tender with the child, just as he knew she would be with their own.  His heart warmed at the thought of their own bairn, cradled in her arms as she sung a sweet lullaby.  

Once the little girl had left the clinic with her mother, Jamie went to Claire and picked her up, twirling her around in the air.  

After he finally set her down again, she said, “I take it you have good news?” 

“Aye, Sassenach.  It’s time to celebrate!”  He locked the clinic door, turning the sign from “Open” to “Closed,” then led her by the hand into the print shop.  He closed up the shop and pulled her along, out the front door and onto the street.

“Jamie, where are you taking me?  I haven’t even had time to take off my apron!”

“Ah, ye look very bonny, Sassenach.”  He continued down the street with her in tow.

“Jamie!  Stop this instant and tell me where we’re going!”

He stopped, a huge grin spread across his face.  “Like I said, Sassenach, we’re going to celebrate.”  

He would say no more, but soon they were down in the main square, heading toward the grand hotel.

“Jamie, I can’t go in there.  Not looking like this!”  She began tidying up her hair as best she could.  

“We’re to meet Mr. Morrison in the lounge, Sassenach.  And dinna fash, ye look bonny.”

Skeptical, Claire finished her hasty primping, removed her soiled apron, and stepped into the lobby of the hotel, clinging to Jamie’s arm.

They sat down at a small table with Mr. Morrison, and after ordering drinks, they got down to business.

“Did you tell your lovely wife the news, James?” Mr. Morrison asked.

“Not yet, I wanted to surprise her.  Do you want to tell it?”

“Alright.”  Mr. Morrison turned to look at Claire.  “My dear, it seems that your husband has brought in a very prestigious client.”  He smiled excitedly.

“Really?  Who is it?” she asked, curious.

“Oh, my dear Mrs. Fraser…we have been commissioned to print a substantial number of invitations and other such items for a certain Royal personage - not just any Royal, mind you, but Queen Victoria, herself!”

Claire’s eyes went wide as saucers and her mouth dropped open.  

Jamie took her hand, smiling at her.  “Aye, Sassenach.  We have been contacted by the Queen’s own staff to provide invitations to a ball she is having at Edinburgh Castle in two months’ time.”

“Oh my God, Jamie.  Queen Victoria?”

“Tell her the best part,” Mr. Morrison suggested, still smiling.

“Sassenach, the money we will get from this order will be enough for a down payment on a house.  A place of our very own!”  

“Jamie!  Oh, Jamie!”  Claire launched herself into his arms.  “That is marvelous!”

He hugged her tightly, sharing in her excitement.  “Let’s drink to our good fortune!”  He held up his glass and the three clinked glasses.  “Slainte!” Jamie exclaimed quite loudly, oblivious to the stares of the other patrons, then he downed his whiskey in one gulp .

Later, back at the shop, Claire and Jamie made their way up to their room, tired from all the excitement of the day.

“I still can’t believe it, Jamie.  Queen Victoria!  I grew up reading about her in my history books, and now she’s going to be here.  Amazing.”

He smiled again, helping her out of her bodice.  “Aye, it is quite exciting, isn’t it?  But ye ken, Sassenach, that we may not actually get to meet her.”

“Yeah, but still, it’s such an honor to be chosen for service to the Queen, in whatever capacity.”

“Indeed,” he said, pulling her shift off over her head.  “And the best part is that we can put down roots now, finally have a home of our own.  We can stop running, stop hiding.  We can be free now, Claire.”  

His eyes misted with emotion as he thought of all the trials they had endured, all the nights that they slept on hard ground, ever wandering through the countryside, adrift and afraid.  Now he could breathe, a free man, and they would finally have somewhere to belong.

She smiled warmly, sensing his thoughts, and put her arms around him, her own eyes wet with unshed tears.  “Jamie, we are finally free.  Free to live the life we always wanted - together.”

He bent down to kiss her, all the emotion of the last minutes deepening the kiss.  His hands went around her waist, before moving down to cup her ample bottom.  Then he lifted her in his arms and carried her to bed.  That night, they would sleep contented, knowing that tomorrow would be filled with wonderful possibility.