mr la bouff

We Deliver || (Theo & Lottie)


The house in front of Theo was a large one- a very large one. Which made sense, really, because the order that he was delivering was also a large one. It could easily feed four to seven people if some of those people were kids, and judging by the grandeur, Theo figured that there were probably at least a couple kids here. He hoped that there were at least a couple kids here- a house this huge without kids was a waste.

He unloaded the boxes from the back of his truck, making a couple trips back and forth to set them on the doorstep before finally stopping for long enough to ring the doorbell. The door swung open as he was wiping the sweat from his brow- not the best first impression, but he smiled. 

“I have a delivery for a Mrs… La Bouff?”